Who Makes Menards Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have become an increasingly popular option for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects in recent years. Known for their durability, easy maintenance, and wide range of colors and patterns, quartz countertops offer homeowners an attractive and practical alternative to natural stone or laminate. One of the leading retailers providing quartz countertop options is Menards. But who actually makes the quartz countertops sold by Menards? Here is an in-depth look at who supplies quartz countertops for Menards.

Overview of Quartz Countertops

Before diving into the specific manufacturers who make Menards quartz countertops, it helps to understand what exactly quartz countertops are and what makes them a good option.

Quartz countertops, sometimes called engineered stone countertops, are made from ground natural quartz crystals combined with resins, pigments, and other compounds. The quartz provides strength and hardness, while the resins bind the material together. Here are some key advantages of quartz countertops:

  • Durability – Quartz is resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. It stands up well to heavy usage in kitchens.
  • Low Maintenance – Unlike natural stone, quartz does not need regular sealing. Simple cleaning with soap and water is often all that is required.
  • Color/Pattern Options – Manufacturers can add pigments and other materials to create unique colors and patterns not found in natural stone.
  • Consistent Appearance – The manufacturing process creates a very consistent look throughout the slab. Natural stone has more variation.
  • Non-Porous – With very low porosity, quartz does not harbor bacteria and resists moisture.

While more expensive than laminate, quartz counters are competitive price-wise with granite or marble while offering extra durability and consistency. Overall, quartz has proven to be a popular surface material for today’s homeowners.

Quartz Countertop Brands Available at Menards

Menards offers a selection of quartz countertops from some of the top brands and manufacturers. The specific brands available can vary by location, but commonly found options include:


MSI is one of the largest manufacturers of quartz surfaces in the United States. Their Q Premium Natural Quartz surfaces come with a 15-year warranty. MSI offers Menards quartz in popular colors like white, gray, and black, along with unique options like emerald green.


Another leading brand, Caesarstone has patented technology to enhance the durability and scratch resistance of their quartz surfaces. Their wide range of colors and patterns are well-suited to both modern and traditional home styles.


Made in the USA, Cambria quartz is unique in that it is the only major brand that does not contain any resins. This makes their quartz surfaces 100% natural. Cambria offers a lifetime limited warranty.


Silestone introduced quartz surfaces to the US market over two decades ago and remains a popular brand. They use recycled and renewable materials in their manufacturing process to be eco-friendly.


Viatera is the quartz brand sold exclusively through Home Depot. Available at select Menards locations, Viatera offers bold quartz designs perfect for making a statement.

Stone Italiana

Providing affordable luxury, Stone Italiana combines Italian craftsmanship with today’s quartz technology. Their wide selection gives plenty of design options.

How Quartz Countertops Are Made

Understanding how quartz countertops are manufactured gives insight into why certain brands are represented at Menards. Here is a brief overview of how quartz goes from raw materials to a finished kitchen surface:

1. Raw Natural Materials

It all starts with gathering the basic natural and engineered materials:

  • Quartz Crystals – Mined quartz provides hardness and strength.
  • Polyester Resins – Binds the material together for form and function.
  • Pigments – Added to achieve different colors and patterns.
  • Recycled Glass/Mirror – For sparkle and shine.

2. Mixing the Ingredients

The ingredients are precisely measured and mixed together in large mixing machines to achieve the desired color patterns.

3. Molding & Compressing

The mixture is poured into molds and compressed under intense vibration and vacuum pressure to remove air pockets and solidify each slab.

4. Curing & Polishing

Once hardened, the slabs are cured in ovens and then polished on both sides using diamond-tipped blades to achieve the desired finish.

5. Inspection & Quality Control

Each slab is inspected to ensure proper color consistency, edge finish, and overall quality. Sub-par slabs are rejected.

6. Fabrication & Installation

The finished slabs are cut, shaped, and installed into countertops using specialized tools, adhesives, and techniques. Professional fabricators turn the slabs into completed counters.

Why These Brands for Menards?

Menards has built strong relationships with the major quartz suppliers over the years. Here are some likely reasons why Menards chooses to partner with these brand names for their quartz offering:

  • National Brand Recognition – Brands like Silestone, Caesarstone, and Cambria are recognized as leaders in the quartz industry. This draws customers.
  • Proven Durability – Through extensive testing and years of use, these brands have demonstrated the durability Menards customers expect.
  • High-Volume Production – Large suppliers like MSI and Caesarstone can meet the production volumes needed for Menards’ hundreds of locations.
  • Competitive Pricing – The major brands likely provide Menards with attractive wholesale pricing due to the high sales volume Menards can guarantee.
  • Trendy Styles – Brands like Viatera stay on top of the latest quartz trends and styles, keeping Menards selection fresh and exciting.
  • Manufacturer Warranties – Long warranties from the manufacturer assure customers the product will perform as advertised.

By partnering with the biggest names in quartz, Menards is able to provide their customers great options that are guaranteed to please.

Frequently Asked Questions About Menards Quartz Countertops

Who makes the quartz for Menards?

Menards offers quartz countertops primarily from the major brands like MSI, Caesarstone, Silestone, Cambria, and Viatera. These leading manufacturers have the capabilities to produce quartz slabs on the scale required by Menards.

What colors of quartz does Menards have?

Popular neutral tones like white, black, gray and beige are available, along with bolder colors in blue, green, brown and red. Unique patterns with veining, speckles and mflecks create distinctive looks.

Is Menards quartz good quality?

Yes, the top brands supplied to Menards are held to high quality control standards and tested extensively for durability under heavy use. These companies stand behind their products with long warranties.

Does Menards fabricate the quartz counters?

In most cases, no. Menards has installers on staff, but quartz fabrication is a specialized skill. Menards partners with local fabricators who are trained to precisely cut and install quartz.

Is quartz from Menards inexpensive?

While not the absolute cheapest option, Menards quartz delivers great value. Their prices are very competitive with big box stores and local stone suppliers for similar designer-quality quartz materials.

Can you repair quartz counters from Menards?

Minor damage can often be sanded and polished out of quartz by a pro. But deep scratches or cracks require total replacement. The manufacturer warranties provide some protection against major defects.

Are there issues with Menards quartz countertops?

When installed correctly by an experienced fabricator, Menards quartz provides years of trouble-free use for most homeowners. Quality issues are very uncommon with the major brands they sell.

Benefits of Choosing Menards for Quartz Countertops

There are many advantages to purchasing quartz counters through Menards compared to small local suppliers.

Convenience – Get everything in one place, from sinks & faucets to quartz slabs & installation.

Efficiency – Menards managing the process from start to finish ensures your project stays on schedule.

Affordability – Large bulk orders of quartz enables Menards to offer significant cost savings versus small suppliers.

Reliability – An established company like Menards delivers peace of mind that you won’t get from a fly-by-night quartz shop.

Selection – Menards has relationships with the top brands to provide you plenty of color and pattern options to fit your unique style.

No Middleman – Ordering quartz directly through Menards means no dealer markup as with some local suppliers.

One Warranty – Menards provides a single source for product warranty claims versus dealing with third-party vendors.

Home Improvement Expertise – With decades of experience, Menards offers helpful guidance to ensure your quartz countertop project goes smoothly from start to finish.

The Right Choice for Quality and Value

When it comes time replace your outdated or damaged countertops, look no further than quartz from Menards. Thanks to Menards’ connections with the top quartz brands and fabricators, you get beautiful, durable counters installed by professionals at very competitive prices.

Menards eliminates the hassle and uncertainty of dealing with multiple suppliers by managing your entire countertop replacement process seamlessly. Feel confident choosing Menards quartz countertops to renew your kitchen or bath into a space you will enjoy for years to come.