Who Makes Allen and Roth Quartz Countertops

Allen + Roth is a house brand created and sold exclusively by Lowe’s Home Improvement. While Lowe’s contracts with various manufacturers to produce Allen + Roth products, Cambria is the exclusive quartz countertop provider for the Allen + Roth quartz line.

An Overview of Cambria Quartz

Cambria is a leading producer of natural quartz surfaces in the United States. The company has its own quartz mining and manufacturing operations located in Le Sueur, Minnesota.

Some key facts about Cambria quartz:

  • Made from 93% pure natural quartz stone. Provides high durability and stain resistance.
  • Contains 7% high-quality polyester resins for binding and flexural strength.
  • Offers a wide variety of designs from marbles, concretes, stones, and abstracts.
  • Provides a non-porous surface resistant to stains, scratches, and heat. Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Can be used for countertops, flooring, walls, and more.
  • Quartz surfaces are NSF certified safe for food contact and ideal for kitchens.

How Allen + Roth Quartz is Made

Allen + Roth quartz involves a collaboration between Lowe’s and Cambria:

  • Quartz Sourcing: Cambria handles procuring quartz crystals and stones from various ethical mining operations. They evaluate purity, color, and quality.
  • Manufacturing: At the Cambria plant in Minnesota, the quartz undergoes processing into slabs using Bretonstone technology. Resin binding happens in a vacuum chamber.
  • Fabrication: Cambria fabricates the engineered quartz slabs into finished countertops of various dimensions per each order. Precision cutting and edging takes place.
  • Quality Control: Cambria has a comprehensive quality control system during production and fabrication. They ensure uniformly high standards.
  • Distribution: Cambria ships the pre-fabricated quartz countertops to Lowe’s stores for exclusive sale under the Allen + Roth brand.
  • Installation: Lowe’s provides in-house installation services for all Allen + Roth quartz countertops. Professional installers handle all on-site work.

Benefits of Choosing Allen + Roth Quartz

Opting for Allen + Roth quartz countertops comes with many advantages that set it apart from other options like granite or marble:

Durability – Made from 93% pure hard quartz, it is virtually indestructible in the kitchen. Resists scratching, staining, and heat damage.

Low Maintenance – Requires no sealing. Easily cleaned with soap and water. Never needs polishing or special cleaners.

Stylish Designs – Available in a diverse array of patterns and colors ranging from stone, marble, concrete, and more. Great for any kitchen décor.

Hygienic – Non-porous and NSF certified safe. Never harbors bacteria or microbes. Perfect for food prep areas.

Affordable Pricing – Costs significantly lesser than natural stone countertops while offering greater durability. Provides value.

Seamless Installation – Lowe’s manages professional measuring, fabrication, and hassle-free installation.

Warranty – Backed by Cambria’s limited lifetime warranty. Peace of mind guaranteed.

FAQs About Allen + Roth Quartz

Q: What are the different patterns available in Allen + Roth quartz?

A: Allen + Roth currently offers around 20 unique quartz patterns ranging from Carrara marble looks, concrete styles, fractured stones, veined quartz, etc. Popular choices are Calacatta Nuvo, Windsor Park, Langdon Avalon, and Brittanicca Gold.

Q: Does Allen + Roth quartz require any maintenance?

A: Allen + Roth quartz requires virtually zero maintenance since quartz is non-porous. Simple cleaning with a soft cloth and mild soap occasionally is all that is needed. No sealing or polishing required.

Q: Is Allen + Roth quartz resistant to scratches and stains?

A: Yes, Allen + Roth quartz is highly scratch resistant and stain proof. The sturdy quartz crystals and polymer resins create an extremely durable material perfect for kitchen use.

Q: Does Cambria offer any warranty on Allen + Roth quartz?

A: Cambria provides a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects in manufacturing and fabrication. It guarantees Allen + Roth quartz to stay free of defects for life under normal use.

Q: Does Allen + Roth quartz contain any recycled content?

A: Yes, around 20% of polymers used in manufacturing Allen + Roth quartz are recycled plastic content. This makes it an eco-friendly green product.

Q: Can Allen + Roth quartz crack or chip easily?

A: No. Allen + Roth quartz is made to be extra tough and crack/chip-resistant. However, excessive force or impact could damage it. Proper care should be taken during use.


Allen + Roth quartz available exclusively through Lowe’s provides homeowners with high-end Cambria quartz countertops at an affordable price point. Made from premium natural quartz in Minnesota, it delivers the perfect balance of performance, durability, and style. Lowe’s partnership with Cambria ensures customers get quality quartz countertops seamlessly fabricated and installed for their space. With the many patterns and design options available, Allen + Roth quartz makes an excellent choice for kitchen surfaces.