Who Installs Quartz Countertops Near Me: The Complete Guide

Hiring Professional Installers

The best option for installing quartz countertops is to hire professional installers. Look for these traits when choosing quartz installers near you:

Specialized Experience

Choose an installer who has significant experience specifically with quartz countertop installation. Quartz is not the same as other countertop materials like granite or marble, so specialized skills and knowledge are needed for a successful quartz installation. Ask prospective installers how many quartz jobs they have completed.

Proper Tools and Training

Quartz countertop installation requires special tools like wet saws to cut the material. Well-trained installers will have access to the proper equipment. They should also be able to show certification from quartz manufacturers like Caesarstone that proves they know how to work with these products.

Strong References

A hallmark of good quartz installers is happy customers. Ask for references from recent quartz installation jobs to learn about the quality of their customer service and finished product. Read reviews and check ratings as well.

Warranty on Installation

Any professional quartz installer should back up their work with a warranty. This protects you if any issues arise later with the installation itself. Typical warranties range from 2-5 years.

Licensed and Insured

Reputable quartz installers should have up-to-date licenses and liability insurance. This protects you from any risks during installation, like property damage. Always verify current credentials.

DIY Quartz Installation

Some homeowners consider DIY quartz installation to save on costs. This route is only recommended for experienced DIYers, as quartz can be tricky to install. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Have the right tools, like a wet saw, router, and suckers for lifting slabs. DIY rental costs can add up.
  • Take precautions when cutting and handling quartz, which is very heavy. Get help moving slabs.
  • Check that your countertop support and cabinet base are in good shape first.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly for measurement, cutting, and installation.
  • Expect the project to be time-consuming, taking several days to complete.

Unless you are an accomplished DIYer with quartz experience, hiring professionals is typically worth the cost.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Quartz Installers

When vetting quartz installers near you, come prepared with questions:

How long have you been specializing in quartz installations?

Look for 5+ years of focused quartz experience. Newer installers may lack the expertise.

Are you certified by any quartz brands?

Manufacturers like Caesarstone have installer certification programs. This validates their expertise.

What tools do you use for quartz installation?

A wet saw is essential, along with adhesives and sealants made for quartz. Beware of manual or improper tools.

What is your warranty coverage on installation?

Opt for installers who guarantee their own workmanship for 2 or more years.

Can you share referrals from recent quartz installation jobs?

Speaking with past clients gives insight into their quality and service.

Do you handle plumbing, electrical, and other modifications?

Some installers coordinate all the associated work for a complete remodel.

Signs You Should NOT Install Quartz Yourself

Quartz can seem easy to install yourself, but some signs indicate it may be wise to hire professionals instead:

  • You don’t have the right power tools like a wet saw.
  • Moving heavy quartz slabs seems unsafe or impossible.
  • Your countertops have complicated seams, corners, or edges.
  • Your counters require electrical or plumbing modifications.
  • You’ve never installed quartz or worked with engineered stone before.
  • Your schedule doesn’t allow several days for installation.
  • You don’t have helpers for lifting, measuring, and cutting.
  • You aren’t prepared to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • You want an experienced warranty on the installation work.

Don’t risk damage, injury, or a poor end product—hire quartz installation pros when in doubt.

Finding the Best Quartz Installers Near Me

Now that you know what to look for, here are tips for finding top quartz installers in your area:

  • Search for “quartz fabricators/installers near me” online – Your local results will include specialists.
  • Check home remodeling sites like Angie’s List – Read reviews and see quartz installer ratings.
  • Look for Caesarstone certified installers – This signals excellent quartz training.
  • Ask friends for referrals – Neighbors who had quartz installed can recommend installers.
  • Visit home showrooms – Staff can advise experienced quartz installers they trust.
  • Compare a few bids – Meet 2-3 installers in person for estimates before deciding.

With these tips, you can confidently hire the best team for your quartz countertop installation and get quality results. Professional quartz fabrication and installation may cost more than DIY, but the added convenience, safety, and peace of mind are well worth it. Trust your next quartz project to capable installers who have the skills and experience to get it right.

Frequently Asked Questions About Installing Quartz Countertops

Who is best for installing quartz countertops?

Look for professional installers who specialize in quartz. Avoid general contractors or DIY attempts unless you are very experienced with quartz.

How do I know if a quartz installer is reputable?

Check for certifications from manufacturers, strong reviews and references, insurance/licensing, and a solid warranty on their work.

What questions should I ask potential quartz installers?

Key questions include how long they’ve worked with quartz, what tools they use, whether they have manufacturer certifications, warranty terms, referrals, and if they handle modifications.

Should I buy quartz from a fabricator or retailer?

Buying directly through a fabricator means they will do the installation. But retailers can recommend their preferred local installers.

Does quartz need to be sealed after installation?

No, quartz does not require sealing due to its nonporous nature. Proper installation provides a waterproof joint.

How soon can I use new quartz countertops after installation?

It’s best to avoid direct use for 24-48 hours after quartz installation to allow all adhesives and sealants to fully cure first.


Installing new quartz countertops can take your kitchen or bath design to the next level. By choosing experienced quartz installers near you, you ensure a smooth installation process and top-quality finished product. Be sure to verify their expertise with quartz specifically, along with proper certifications and positive reviews. With the right team handling your quartz project, you will love the beautiful, durable results.