Who Has the Cheapest Quartz Countertops?

Low-Cost Quartz Brands

Some quartz manufacturers specialize in budget-friendly options. These brands allow you to get the look of quartz at a more affordable price point:

  • Silestone Neo Series – This line from Silestone offers a smaller collection of popular quartz colors and patterns at a lower cost. They retail for $40-50 per square foot.
  • Cambria Brio – The Brio collection from Cambria features simple solid color quartz slabs with fewer veining details. Prices start around $55 per square foot.
  • Caesarstone Intro Series – Caesarstone’s Intro series provides a cost-effective option for basic quartz countertops, with prices ranging from $45-65 per square foot.
  • Viatera Alpha Quartz – The Alpha collection from Viatera offers streamlined quartz surfaces at competitive prices starting at $55-65 per square foot.

Factory Direct/Clearance Slabs

Shopping factory direct or purchasing clearance slabs is an effective way to save on quartz. These options allow you to avoid the markups from middlemen. Expect to pay 35-60% less than retail prices.

Some places to find direct quartz suppliers include:

  • Manufacturer warehouses – Check their websites for factory-direct or warehouse pricing.
  • Quartz liquidators – Specialty retailers that acquire surplus slabs at discounts.
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStores – May have donated quartz remnants or samples for resale.

DIY vs Pro Install

Installing quartz yourself rather than hiring a professional can lead to significant cost savings. Expect to pay $40-75 per hour for professional installation. The DIY route requires careful measurement, slab handling, and seam placement skills.

Consider a DIY install only if you:

  • Have home improvement experience
  • Own or can rent necessary tools
  • Have helpers for lifting slabs
  • Are willing to take extra time/care for proper seams

Strategies to Save on Quartz

Aside from choosing an affordable brand and supplier, other savings tips include:

  • Select a neutral, uniform color for the most cost-effective slab price.
  • Minimize seams through optimal layout planning. Seams add to material costs.
  • Purchase remnants/cutoffs for use as backsplashes or small projects.
  • Avoid thick edges which increase material requirements. Standard 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ is ideal.
  • Install smaller countertops (under 25 sq ft) yourself to avoid excessive labor fees.

Who Really Has the Lowest Prices?

While the brands and sources above can help you get affordable quartz, exact prices vary by region. To find the cheapest quartz slabs in your area:

  • Get quotes from multiple local suppliers.
  • Negotiate pricing – be open to less popular colors/patterns.
  • Find out which companies offer contractor discounts.
  • Calculate total installed cost, not just material price per sq ft.

The lowest quartz prices typically come directly from manufacturers or suppliers with surplus inventory to liquidate. With some savvy shopping and flexibility, scoring budget-friendly quartz countertops is achievable. Prioritize quality installers, regardless of material source.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cheap Quartz Countertops

What are the cheapest quartz brands?

Some of the most affordable quartz brands include Silestone’s Neo series, Cambria Brio, Caesarstone Intro, and Viatera Alpha. These offer prices often starting around $40-65 per square foot.

Is Lowe’s or Home Depot cheaper for quartz?

It depends. Check prices of their house brands (Allen + Roth for Lowe’s, Silestone for Home Depot) and any promotions being offered. Get quotes from local countertop retailers too.

Where can I buy inexpensive quartz slabs?

Your best bet for cheap slabs are quartz manufacturer clearance warehouses, liquidators, salvage/reuse stores, and factory-direct suppliers. Avoid showrooms.

Is DIY quartz installation cheaper?

Yes, doing it yourself can save $40-75 per hour in labor costs. But improper DIY installs risk needing repairs later, so weigh cost vs. experience. Hire help just for slab moving/cutting.

Should I buy quartz remnant pieces?

Absolutely, remnants and cutoffs are perfect for use as backsplashes, walls, fireplace surrounds etc. You can find great deals on remnant quartz.


While not the least expensive countertop material, quartz can be an affordable option with savvy sourcing. Focus your search on direct suppliers like manufacturer warehouses, liquidators, and clearance outlets. Compare total installed prices across multiple vendors. With flexibility on colors and patterns, creativity in layout, and sweat equity on DIY installation, you can find quartz countertops that fit your budget beautifully.