Who Fixes a Burn Mark on Quartz Countertop?

Quartz countertops are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their durability, scratch-resistance, and aesthetic appeal. However, like any countertop material, quartz can become damaged over time, including getting burn marks from hot pots and pans. Thankfully, there are ways to fix burn marks on quartz countertops and restore their original beauty.

What Causes Burn Marks on Quartz Countertops?

Burn marks on quartz countertops are usually caused by placing hot cookware directly on the surface. Quartz is very heat resistant, but extremely high temperatures over a prolonged period can damage the resin that binds the quartz particles together. This can lead to discoloration and marks on the surface.

Some common causes of burn marks on quartz include:

  • Putting hot pans, pots, irons, or other tools directly on the countertop
  • Allowing hot bakeware to sit on the surface after removing it from the oven
  • Exposing the countertop to high heat from appliances like electric griddles or crockpots
  • Letting a burning cigarette rest on the quartz

Dark brown, black, or white discoloration indicates a burn mark. The mark may look minor at first but can darken and expand over time without treatment.

How to Repair Burn Marks on Quartz Countertops

Depending on the severity of the burn, it is possible to fix it yourself or have a professional restore the countertop’s appearance. Here are some tips:

Try a heat repair kit – Specialized kits contain compounds designed to fill in and repair damaged areas on quartz countertops. Follow kit instructions carefully. This may camouflage minor burns.

Sand down the mark – For more visibility, gently sand the affected area with medium-grit sandpaper until level with the surrounding countertop. Apply a stone restoration compound to fill in pores and match the original finish.

Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda – Mix together to form a paste and apply to the mark. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit for several hours before scrubbing clean. Repeat as needed.

Repolish the surface – If the burn is superficial, repolishing and buffing the quartz may remove the mark. Use a powdered quartz cleaner and microfiber cloth to vigorously buff the area.

Spot treat with bleach – Dilute some bleach and apply sparingly to the mark. Rinse thoroughly. Do not allow bleach to remain on quartz for long periods.

Professional resurfacing – For deep burns or large areas of damage, seek professional help. Quartz technicians have the tools and expertise to sand, polish, and resurface the damaged section to look like new again.

How to Prevent Burn Damage on Quartz

Preventing burns and other damage will keep your quartz countertops pristine for years. Here are some preventative measures:

  • Always use trivets or hot pads when placing hot items on quartz surfaces
  • Avoid exposing quartz to direct high heat like oven racks or electric griddles
  • Clean spills immediately to prevent staining and etching of the surface
  • Use cutting boards for food preparation to prevent knife scratches and nicks
  • Lifting heavy pots, appliances, and other objects when moving them across the quartz
  • Applying a sealant made for quartz countertops every 1-2 years
  • Avoid using cleaners containing acids, alkalis, or abrasives

FAQ About Repairing Burns on Quartz Countertops

Can I fix the burn mark myself or do I need a professional?

Minor burns can often be repaired with DIY methods like sanding and polishing. But deep burns or extensive damage will require professional help to properly resurface the quartz.

How do I match the finish or color after fixing a burn?

It can be tricky matching the exact finish unless you have leftover scraps of the quartz from the original install. A pro has access to color-matching tools and compounds to blend repairs.

Should I replace the whole countertop if there is a large burn?

Replacement may be the best option for severely burned or cracked areas. But an experienced quartz technician can often resurface just the damaged section, blending it with the undamaged areas.

Can I remove a burn mark by sanding the whole quartz countertop?

Sanding the entire surface is not advised as it will create thin spots and change the overall look. It’s best to only sand the affected area. Always seek professional advice first.

How do I prevent burns on my new quartz countertop?

Always use hot pads and trivets when setting hot items down. Never expose quartz to direct high heat.Clean spills right away to avoid staining. Apply sealant every 1-2 years for protection.


Burn marks on prized quartz countertops can be alarming but are usually fixable. Acting quickly using DIY methods or calling in a professional refinisher can often remove signs of damage and restore your countertop’s original beauty. With some preventative care, you can also keep your quartz countertop looking like new for many years. Handle any accidents promptly, and your quartz surface can last a lifetime in your kitchen.