Which Quartz Countertops Go with Briarwood Cabinets

Adding new countertops can make a dramatic difference in the look and feel of your kitchen. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which material and style will pair best with your existing cabinetry. If you have rich, warm briarwood cabinets, quartz countertops are an excellent choice to complement their beauty. Here’s an in-depth look at why quartz makes a perfect match for briarwood cabinets and some of the best quartz styles to consider.

An Overview of Briarwood Cabinets

Briarwood is a classic cabinet wood known for its deep reddish-brown color and rich grain patterns. It has a timeless rustic appeal that fits well in traditional, farmhouse, and transitional style kitchens. Briarwood stains nicely, allowing the wood’s natural swirls and knots to show through. The cabinets usually feature visible wood frames and recessed panel doors.

Some key features of briarwood cabinets include:

  • Deep reddish-brown coloring with golden undertones
  • Distinctive grain patterns and visual texture
  • Knots, swirls, and natural imperfections visible in the wood
  • Traditional recessed panel doors
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Stains well while allowing the natural wood grain to show through

The warm, earthy aesthetics of briarwood cabinets pair well with countertops in creamy off-whites, light grays, warm beiges, or other natural tones. The reddish hues in the wood provide a perfect complement to these lighter countertop colors.

Why Quartz is an Ideal Pairing

With its versatility and durability, quartz has become one of the most popular countertop materials on the market today. Here are some of the reasons quartz makes an excellent match for briarwood cabinets:

Aesthetic Appeal

Quartz comes in a wide array of colors and patterns that work beautifully with briarwood’s rustic style. Sleek, solid quartz or quartz made to mimic natural stone like marble or granite have an upscale look that complements the cabinets. Subtle cream, gray, or beige quartz patterns tie in nicely with briarwood’s color palette.


Quartz is extremely strong and scratch-resistant, making it ideal for heavy-use kitchen areas. Its non-porous surface resists stains, won’t harbor bacteria, and simplifies cleaning. Durability is especially important for busy kitchens.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, quartz requires very little maintenance other than occasional cleaning. No sealing or polishing is needed. The hassle-free care is a bonus for homeowners.

Customization Options

Quartz manufacturers offer hundreds of color, pattern and finishing options. Homeowners can select the perfect quartz style and color to coordinate with their briarwood cabinets. Custom quartz fabricators can create one-of-a-kind options as well.

Best Quartz Options for Briarwood Cabinets

To help narrow down the choices, here are some of the best quartz countertop styles for pairing with rich briarwood cabinets:

White or Creamy Quartz

A crisp white or creamy quartz provides contrast against the deeper briarwood cabinets. Whites like Windermere Quartz or Vanderwaal Quartz add a fresh, airy feel. Soft cream colors like Almond Rocca Quartz keep the palette soothing.

Light Grays

Cool, neutral light gray quartz blends nicely with the reddish brown cabinetry. Choices like London Gray Quartz, Thunder Storm Quartz, or Cirrus Quartz maintain a clean, contemporary vibe perfect for modern kitchens.

Beiges and Browns

Warm, natural quartz in beige, tan, brown and similar earth tones blend seamlessly with briarwood’s rustic nature. Options like Beachwood Quartz, Organic White Quartz, or Brown Fantasy Quartz maintain the cozy aesthetic.

Neutral Speckled Quartz

Speckled quartz slabs with light brown, gray, white, and cream specks or veining help marry the cabinets and countertops. Choices like Taj Mahal Quartz, Crystal White Quartz, or Dolce Vita Quartz harmonize beautifully.

Marble-look Quartz

For a glamorous yet homey aesthetic, marble-look quartz options like Regent Gray Quartz, Calacatta Nuvo Quartz, or Carrara Marble Quartz emulate the visual depth and interest of natural stone. The gray veins pop against the briarwood.

Tips for a Cohesive Look

  • Take cabinet door and drawer front colors into account. Lighter quartz often pairs best with lighter cabinet finishes in the same room.
  • Bring cabinet finishes into the backsplash and other kitchen elements. Metal accents in brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, or copper work well.
  • Repeat browns, beiges or grays from the quartz into the backsplash tile. Use natural stone mosaic for an organic look.
  • Incorporate room accents that pick up colors from both the cabinets and countertops, like cream or beige walls.
  • Use lighting to highlight and enhance the richness of the briarwood and the style of the quartz pattern. Pendant lights work well over islands.

The Takeaway

With briarwood’s strong natural beauty, the right quartz countertop choice can take your kitchen’s style to the next level. Clean, contemporary whites and grays or warm, earthy beiges and browns create a harmonious look. Durable and low-maintenance, quartz also handles the rigors of daily kitchen use. Taking some time to view quartz design options will reveal many gorgeous counters that perfectly suit the rustic warmth of briarwood cabinets. With a style and color that speaks to you, you’ll love enjoying your beautiful new kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color cabinets go with quartz countertops?

Quartz countertops pair beautifully with many cabinet colors due to quartz’s neutral hues and variety of patterns. Popular cabinet colors include white, gray, navy, black, beeswax and different wood tones. Matte finished cabinets help accentuate the quartz.

Does quartz add value to a home?

Yes, quartz countertops typically increase a home’s resale value. Quartz is desirable for its durability, low maintenance, and customization options. Home buyers appreciate updated kitchens with stylish quartz tops. It adds an average ROI of 65% compared to lower cost options.

Is quartz worth the extra cost over granite?

Many homeowners feel the extra cost of quartz over granite pays off long-term. The stronger material resists damage, requires no sealing and little care. Quartz offers more consistent colors/patterns with less maintenance. Its customized look and feel make it a worthwhile investment.

Does quartz come in wood look?

Yes, wood-look quartz countertops are available from leading brands like Cambria, Caesarstone and Silestone. Natural wood-grain patterns are imprinted on the quartz for the visual look of wood with the durability of quartz. Colors aim to mimic oak, walnut and other wood tones.

Is quartz outdated?

No, quartz remains one of the most popular and stylish countertop options. As manufacturers add new patterns annually, quartz continues looking fresh and contemporary. Durability and low maintenance also keep quartz timeless. Its range of styles fit both modern and traditional kitchens.


Briarwood cabinets offer a classic, rustic elegance that looks at home in many kitchen settings. With the right quartz countertop, you can enhance the cabinets’ rich beauty while adding functionality and easy care. Crisp whites, cool grays, warm beiges and natural stone-inspired patterns all complement briarwood’s organic style. Taking the time to view different quartz options in person allows you to see details like color clarity, pattern dimensions and finishes. With an ideal quartz match, your briarwood cabinets will maintain their timeless appeal while your kitchen gains a fresh, sophisticated update. The result is a cohesive, eye-catching kitchen design you’ll enjoy for years to come.