Where to Get Cheap Quartz Countertops

Finding affordable yet stylish countertops for your kitchen or bathroom remodel can be a challenge. Quartz countertops offer an attractive and durable option that can work with nearly any budget. With some research and shopping around, you can find high-quality quartz countertops for an affordable price. Here are some tips on where to look for cheap quartz countertops for your next remodeling project.

Check Big-Box Retailers

Large home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer an extensive selection of countertop materials, including quartz, at competitive prices. They buy direct from manufacturers in bulk, allowing them to pass the savings on to customers. You can often find great deals on popular quartz brands like Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone, and Viatera. Be sure to ask about any current sales, specials, or coupons that could discount the price further.

Look for Remnant Pieces

Stone and tile suppliers frequently have leftover remnants from larger jobs that they are willing to sell at a steep discount. These prefabricated quartz slabs come in smaller sizes but can work well for small countertop surfaces like bathroom vanities or laundry room counters. Check local stone yards and tile showrooms for remnant pieces that could potentially finish your project on the cheap.

Shop Discount Warehouse Stores

Discount building supply stores like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore receive donations of new, used, and surplus building materials, including quartz slabs and tiles for countertops. While selection is limited, the deeply discounted prices make it worth stopping by to see what they have in stock. Be sure to inspect any used slabs for damage prior to purchase.

Buy Direct From Fabricators

Purchasing direct from the fabricator who cuts and polishes the quartz can help save on costs by cutting out distributor and retail markups. Search for local quartz fabricators online or through trade groups and let them know you are interested in remnant pieces or smaller jobs they may want to fill in. This option requires some flexibility in dimensions and edge profiles but can offer huge cost savings.

Consider Quartz Alternatives

While not 100% quartz, engineered stone products like LG Viatera or DuPont Zodiaq offer a budget-friendly alternative with a similar aesthetic. The use of natural materials like shells and glass mixed with resin help lower costs while still providing the look of true quartz. These options perform comparably but cost 20% to 30% less on average.

Buy Pre-Fabricated Countertops

Rather than custom fabrication, prefabricated quartz countertops are mass-produced in standard sizes to lower costs. These can be purchased through home centers, kitchen dealers, or online retailers. Pre-fabricated tops offer fewer options for edges and cutouts but provide an affordable solution for quick upgrades.

Use Specialty Stores for Countertops

Stores dedicated to selling countertops like Floor & Decor or International Granite and Stone offer big selections of in-stock remnants, overstocks, and discontinued materials at clearance costs. Be flexible on color options, visit frequently for new shipments, and be ready to take measurements. With some persistence, the perfect bargain quartz top can be found.

Time Your Purchase strategically

Be strategic and time your quartz purchase toward the end of the year when sales are frequent as suppliers clear out inventory before the new year. If you have the ability to be flexible on timing, late fall through December is ideal for finding the best promotions and clearances.

Order Samples for Accurate Pricing

When requesting quotes from fabricators or retailers, be sure to have them quote based on actual material samples. Variances in color patterns and veining in quartz can impact pricing, so having an accurate sample rather than a brochure photo is key to locking in true costs.

Consider Smaller Quartz Fabricators

Large fabricators with higher overhead and marketing costs often have higher base pricing. Search out smaller “mom and pop” type quartz shops that operate in a smaller market with lower costs. Their prices can be 10% to 20% less than big fabricators for the same quality products.

Use Decorative Edges and Backsplashes

Opting for a standard square edge profile without any decorative ogee or bullnose details can save on fabrication. Using a matching backsplash rather than quartz up the walls also reduces square footage and overall price. Simple edges and finishing still look great with quartz’s natural beauty.

Install Countertops Yourself

Skip hiring a contractor for install and put in the quartz countertops yourself (with some help!). DIY installs just require careful measurements, proper support with adhesive and brackets, and gentle handling of materials. Get experienced advice and take it slow. Doing it yourself results in major savings.

FAQs About Finding Cheap Quartz Countertops

Is it possible to get high-quality quartz countertops cheaply?

Yes, with some smart shopping at discount retailers, buying direct, using remnants, or finding prefabricated tops, you can find cheap quartz countertops without sacrificing durability or beauty.

Are cheaper quartz countertops low quality?

Not necessarily. Discount quartz options utilize the same materials and manufacturing but pass on savings from volume purchases or reduced fabrication costs. When buying discounted, inspect carefully for any defects.

Where’s the best place to shop for cheap quartz?

Big box home stores, fabrication shops selling remnants, and discount tile/stone warehouses tend to offer the most cost-effective quartz options if you shop around and price compare.

Are prefabricated quartz countertops cheap?

Yes, prefab quartz made in standard sizes then resold through retailers cuts out custom fabrication costs. This makes prefabricated quartz an affordable choice for situations where custom sizing is not critical.

What’s the average cost of cheap quartz countertops?

For more budget-friendly versions, expect to pay around $40-60 per square foot installed. Higher-end quartz runs $80-120 per square foot. Compare different brands and sellers to find prices below these averages.

How can I save money on installation costs?

Opting for a simple square edge instead of decorative profiles, installing backsplashes yourself, and doing a DIY install instead of hiring a contractor will help reduce the total project cost significantly.

Where can I find quartz countertop remnants for cheap?

Check local quartz fabricators, stone yards, tile showrooms, ReStore locations, and flooring/tile outlets. They frequently sell leftover pieces from bigger jobs at a fraction of the cost of full slabs.


With some savvy shopping techniques, it is possible to find stylish, durable quartz countertops for your home remodeling projects at budget-friendly prices. Taking advantage of sales at major retailers, purchasing remnants, using quartz alternatives, and strategic buying approaches can all help unlock huge savings. With careful inspection and planning, low cost does not have to mean low quality when it comes to quartz countertops. Do your research and explore all the options to get beautiful upgraded countertops that fit your budget.