Where to Buy Quartz Countertops in Raleigh

Quartz countertops are an increasingly popular choice for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects in Raleigh, NC. Made from engineered stone, quartz combines the aesthetic appeal of natural stone with the consistent coloration, durability, and low maintenance of solid surface materials. With many options for colors, patterns, and finishes, quartz offers the flexibility to complement nearly any design style. This article provides an in-depth look at where to find the best selection of quartz countertops in Raleigh and surrounding areas.

What is Quartz?

Before exploring where to purchase quartz countertops, it helps to understand exactly what quartz is. Quartz is an engineered composite material made from roughly 90% ground natural quartz crystals combined with polyresin binders under extreme heat and pressure. This process results in a non-porous, highly durable surface that resists scratches, stains, and heat.

Unlike natural stone, quartz has very consistent patterning with uniform coloring throughout. The bonding process allows quartz to take on vivid colors and designs. Quartz requires very little maintenance compared to natural stone. It does not need regular sealing and is not vulnerable to etching from acids. This makes it an excellent choice for busy kitchens.

With strengths in both form and function, it’s easy to see why quartz countertops are surging in popularity in Raleigh kitchen remodeling projects.

Benefits of Choosing Quartz

There are many advantages that make quartz an excellent countertop material:

  • Durability: Quartz is incredibly hard and scratch resistant. It stands up well to heavy daily use.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires no sealing and resists stains, etching, and buildup of bacteria. Simple cleaning with soap and water is all it needs.
  • Consistency: The engineered manufacturing process results in highly uniform patterning and coloration.
  • Stylish: Available in a wide array of colors and patterns that mimic natural stone and other materials. The visual appeal rivals granite and marble.
  • Non-Porous: Unlike natural stone, quartz does not need sealing as it won’t harbor bacteria or stains.
  • Heat Resistance: Can withstand exposure to heat better than many materials including natural stone.

With this winning combination of form and function, it’s easy to see why quartz countertops are surging in popularity in Raleigh kitchen remodeling projects.

Where to Shop for Quartz Countertops in Raleigh

Raleigh homeowners have ample options when it comes to shopping for quartz countertops. Here are some of the top sources:

Stone Suppliers and Fabricators

Stone suppliers that offer material selection and professional fabrication provide the best option for getting custom quartz countertops expertly cut and installed. Leading fabricators in the Raleigh area include:

  • Granite Guys: Located in Raleigh, they fabricate and install quartz, granite, marble, and other natural stone. They offer a wide selection of popular quartz brands.
  • Carolina Countertops: A family-owned fabricator in Raleigh working with leading quartz suppliers to deliver quality installation.
  • Wilsonart: A national quartz brand that operates its own fabrication facility in Raleigh to service local projects.
  • Daltile: This national brand offers quartz along with tile and other surfaces. Their Raleigh location has a showroom to view slab options.

Fabricators like these allow homeowners to view multiple quartz lines, select slabs, and get their counters professionally measured, cut, and installed. This is the best way to get custom quartz countertops fitted to your exact kitchen design.

Home Improvement Retailers

For more standardized quartz countertop installations, home improvement retailers like these are options:

  • Home Depot: Offers installed quartz countertops through their in-house installation services. Brand selection includes Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone.
  • Lowe’s: Sells and installs top quartz brands including LG Viatera, Cambria, and Silestone.
  • IKEA: Provides quartz countertop packages with installation available. Offers affordable options like the SEKTION line.

These retailers offer more standardized sizing and a narrower selection of quartz brands. But their streamlined services can simplify the process for some homeowners.

Quartz Brand Showrooms

Many prominent quartz manufacturers operate their own showrooms where you can view slabs and selections. Top options in Raleigh include:

  • Caesarstone: This leading brand has a Raleigh showroom to display their expansive color collection.
  • Cambria: Features a local Raleigh showroom focused exclusively on their signature quartz designs.
  • Silestone: Operates a Raleigh showroom to showcase their line of quartz colors and patterns.
  • Viatera: LG’s boutique quartz brand has a showroom in Raleigh to see slabs firsthand.

Visiting brand showrooms allows you to get a feel for the look of different quartz selections and compare options before making a decision.

Online Retailers

Ordering quartz slabs online has become an option as well with retailers like:

  • Wayfair: Offers quartz countertop slabs that can be shipped for custom installation.
  • Overstock: Sells quartz slabs online that they can ship to your location.
  • Amazon: Carries some quartz countertop options through third party vendors. Availability limited compared to other sources.

While buying slabs online can save money, you do not get to see the material firsthand. Be sure to research return policies in case the slabs are damaged or a wrong size.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Quartz

With many excellent places to buy quartz in Raleigh, keep these key factors in mind when selecting and purchasing:


  • Quartz comes in a vast range of colors, finishes, and patterns. Browse different collections to find options matching your desired aesthetic.
  • Look for consistent veining patterns without abrupt color changes that look unnatural.
  • Matte, polished, and textured finishes each create very distinct visual styles.


  • Stick with quality brands known for making top-tier engineered stone. This ensures optimal durability.
  • Carefully inspect slabs at the time of purchase for any noticeable flaws or damage.
  • Request to see a small sample piece first to get a sense of finish and coloring.


  • Expect to pay $50-$100 per square foot for quality quartz installed. Very high-end options could be over $100 per square foot.
  • Take measurements to determine exactly how much countertop is needed. Area is calculated by length x width of each section needed.
  • Factor in professional installation fees if not purchasing pre-fabricated countertops.


  • Look for at least a 10-year product warranty. Many quartz brands offer 15-year or lifetime warranties.
  • Confirm warranties cover both material and fabrication issues.
  • Review what details void the warranty coverage.

By carefully considering these factors, you can zero in on the ideal quartz countertops for your Raleigh home.

Top Picks for Quality Quartz Brands in Raleigh

Raleigh offers selections from nearly all the major quartz manufacturers. Based on product quality, popularity, and availability in Raleigh, here are some of the top quartz brands to consider:

Cambria Quartz

  • Made in the USA, Cambria has a stellar reputation for quality and style.
  • Their expansive palette offers colors and patterns in matte, polished, and textured finishes.
  • Durable enough for kitchens while also ideal for bathrooms.
  • Cambria provides a limited lifetime warranty covering defects.

Caesarstone Quartz

  • One of the most recognized and widely available quartz brands.
  • Caesarstone offers a diverse spectrum of colors and patterns like marble and concrete.
  • Holds up beautifully to heavy use in kitchens.
  • Provides a lifetime limited warranty.

Silestone Quartz

  • Known for vivid colors, bold patterns, and distinct textures.
  • Integrated anti-microbial protection makes Silestone a hygienic choice.
  • Stands up well to impact, stains, and heat.
  • Silestone provides a 25-year transferable warranty.

Pental Quartz

  • Manufactured in the USA, Pental offers quality at more budget-friendly price points.
  • Clean, understated styles mimic natural stone with realistic veining.
  • Provides a limited lifetime warranty.
  • More value-oriented option suitable for cost-conscious renovations.

No matter your design style or budget, Raleigh has excellent quartz choices from leading brands known for quality, beauty, and durability. Paying attention to the details like warranty coverage ensures you get long-lasting satisfaction from new quartz countertops.

Where to Find the Best Quartz Countertop Prices in Raleigh

As with most significant kitchen and bath investments, you’ll want to find the best deal on your quartz countertops. Here are tips for finding good values in Raleigh:

  • Check for sales and specials at major home improvement chains like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Signing up for promotional emails can alert you to periodic sales on installed countertops.
  • Consider warehouse stores like Costco that offer more budget-friendly quartz options with installation services available.
  • Work with fabricators and suppliers that price countertops by the square foot based on the specific materials you select. This prevents overpaying.
  • Ask fabricators about remnant pieces available at a discount for smaller sections needing coverage.
  • Inquire with local countertop dealers about the possibility of pricing reductions for ordering multiple surfaces like quartz counters and backsplashes.
  • Have several fabricators provide quotes based on your project measurements so you can compare pricing.
  • Look at more value-driven quartz lines like IKEA’s SEKTION rather than ultra-premium brands.

With some savvy shopping techniques, you can land gorgeous new quartz countertops in Raleigh without breaking the bank. Carefully measure your project area, research options thoroughly, get multiple quotes, and watch for sales. Follow these tips and you’ll secure the ideal countertops while staying on budget.

FAQ About Purchasing Quartz in Raleigh

Is it worth paying more for premium quartz brands?

Paying a higher price generally yields higher quality with quartz countertops. Top brands like Cambria and Caesarstone use top-grade materials and manufacturing. This results in increased durability, resilience, and longevity that justify their higher costs for most homeowners.

Does every quartz company have a showroom in Raleigh?

No. Many smaller or regional brands may not have dedicated showrooms in Raleigh. Visiting showrooms of leading national brands gives you a representative view of what quality quartz looks like. Then you can purchase more affordable options from other suppliers.

What does installation of quartz counters involve?

Fabricators first make a template of your existing countertops to cut slabs to precise measurements offsite. They later return to remove old counters and securely install new quartz using adhesive and seam technology for minimal seams. The install process typically takes place over multiple visits.

Can I install quartz counters myself?

DIY installation is not advisable. Quartz requires making flawless cuts, seam placement, and proper support attachment. Hiring professional installers is strongly recommended to avoid mistakes and ensure structural integrity.

How thick should quartz countertops be?

A thickness of 2 or 3 cm (about 1 inch) is standard for residential quartz counters. Thicker quartz of 3 cm provides more visual mass and structural strength for heavy usage areas. But 2 cm quartz can suffice for applications like bathrooms with less wear and tear.

Does quartz need resealing like granite?

No. A major perk of quartz is that it never needs periodic sealing. Granite and marble countertops must be sealed to prevent staining and bacteria growth. Quartz resists these issues naturally due to its non-porous composition.


With its winning combination of good looks and low maintenance, quartz has rapidly emerged as a premier countertop material. Raleigh homeowners aiming to incorporate quartz into their kitchen or bath remodels are met with abundant options. Leading fabricators, home improvement chains, online retailers, and manufacturer showrooms all provide avenues for purchasing beautiful quartz countertops cut to your specifications.

Focus on reputable top brands, warranties, and pricing to get the best value. With quartz specified more than any other material in recent remodeling projects, Raleigh area properties can highlight the unique colors, patterns, and textures that quartz provides. This transforms kitchens and bathrooms into eye-catching showplaces that homeowners can enjoy for decades to come.