Where to Buy Quartz Countertops in Kansas City

Quartz countertops are an increasingly popular option for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects in the Kansas City area. Made from engineered stone, quartz counters offer stylish good looks, extreme durability, and easy maintenance. But with so many quartz brands and suppliers to choose from, it can be a challenge to find the right product at the right price. This guide will explore the best places to buy quartz countertops in Kansas City.

Why Choose Quartz?

Before getting into where to buy, let’s look at why quartz has become such a coveted countertop material:


Quartz counters come in a vast array of colors, patterns, and finishes. From subtle whites and grays to bold blues and greens, you’re sure to find a hue that suits your style. Quartz also mimics natural stone with realistic veining in varieties like marble and granite.


Quartz surfaces are highly resistant to scratches, stains, chips, and heat. They are stronger than granite and won’t need periodic sealing like natural stone. This makes them ideal for busy kitchens.

Low Maintenance

Routine cleaning with soap and water is all that’s needed to keep quartz counters looking like new for years. No special cleaners or sealants required.


The nonporous surface inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria. Perfect for food prep areas.

With its unbeatable blend of form and function, it’s no wonder more Kansas Citians are choosing quartz for their homes.

Where to Shop for Quartz Counters in Kansas City

Now let’s explore some of the top options for buying quartz in KC:

Specialty Countertop Showrooms

Stores like Granite Transformations and MSI Kansas City offer an extensive selection of quartz countertops from leading brands. You’ll get to see slabs up close, compare colors and patterns, and work with knowledgeable designers. They handle full-service installation. Expect to pay premium prices but get superior service.

Home Improvement Big Box Stores

Home Depot and Lowes stock some of the most popular quartz lines like Caesarstone and Cambria, typically at lower prices than specialty showrooms. Less selection, but more DIY-friendly. You’ll have to arrange third party installation.

Stone Yards and Suppliers

Johnson County Building Materials, Kansas City Granite & Stone, and other local stone yards cater to contractors and pros. But many will sell to homeowners as well. You can find discontinued or overstock slabs for rock-bottom pricing if you’re willing to be flexible on color choices. Bring a contractor to handle install.

Online Outlets

Ordering quartz slabs online cuts out the middlemen to save money. But you must feel comfortable selecting colors from photos. TheCountertopFactory.com and RockSolidSurfaces.com offer low online pricing with shipping to your home.

How to Choose the Right Quartz Countertop

Once you decide where to purchase, here are some tips for choosing the perfect quartz countertop:

  • Pick a reputable brand. Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone, and Viatera are leaders in quality.
  • Decide on color and finish. Cool grays for modern spaces, warm neutrals for traditional. Matte finishes hide fingerprints.
  • Carefully measure your space. Thickness, seams, and edge styles impact cost. Get accurate measurements.
  • Compare pricing. Consider total cost: material, fabrication, installation. Get estimates in writing.
  • Verify warranty terms. Quality quartz should have at least 15 years of warranty coverage.
  • See slabs in person. If possible, view a physical slab before finalizing. Colors and patterns vary.
  • Hire experienced installers. An expert fabricator is crucial for a flawless quartz countertop installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about buying quartz counters in Kansas City? Here are answers to some common questions:

Is Quartz Cheaper Than Granite?

Quartz is generally $50-100 per square foot installed. Granite counters range from $40-150 per square foot. While granite can be cheaper, lower-cost quartz tends to be more affordable than lower-cost granite. Higher-end granite may cost more than premium quartz.

What Thickness Quartz Should I Get?

The standard thickness for kitchen counters is 3 cm (1.2 inches). Go with 2 cm for vertical surfaces like bathroom walls. 3 cm is best for heavy use areas prone to impact.

What About Seams?

Seams are typically more noticeable in quartz than granite. Limit seams by using larger pieces. Long seams can be oriented discretely against walls. Professional installers will minimize the appearance of seams.

How Soon After Install Can Quartz Be Used?

Adhesives need 72 hours to fully cure and bond after installing quartz counters. Avoid sitting or placing heavy items on surfaces during this time. Your counters will be ready for full use and cleaning after 3 days.

How Durable and Heat-Resistant is Quartz?

Quartz is very resilient against scratches, stains, chips, and burns. But excessive force or extreme heat may cause damage. Always use a cutting board and trivets.

Kansas City’s Premier Source for Quartz Countertops

For top-quality quartz counters backed by excellent service, look no further than Kitchens Unlimited. Family-owned for 30 years, we provide the Kansas City area with beautiful and affordable kitchen and bath remodeling. Our 10,000 square foot showroom features the metro’s largest selection of quartz brands, colors, edge profiles, and thicknesses. Our expert team will help you find your perfect quartz countertop and handle the complete installation process. Visit our design center or call 913-383-1113 to get started!

In summary, quartz offers unparalleled durability, style, and ease of care for kitchen and bath surfaces. Shop specialty showrooms, home centers, stone suppliers, or online dealers to find the right colors, patterns, and pricing. Be sure to have an experienced professional measure, fabricate and install your new quartz countertops. With proper selection and installation, you’ll enjoy beautiful, hassle-free quartz counters that will last a lifetime.