Where to Buy Quartz Countertops in Calgary

Quartz countertops are an increasingly popular choice for Calgary homes due to their durability, low maintenance, and stylish appearance. With many options for colors, patterns, and finishes, quartz offers homeowners an affordable and customized look. However, with so many quartz manufacturers and suppliers in Calgary, it can be a challenge to research where to find the best selection, prices, and service. This definitive guide provides an in-depth look at the top places to buy quartz countertops in Calgary.

Overview of Quartz Countertops

Before exploring where to purchase quartz in Calgary, it’s helpful to understand what makes quartz an excellent countertop material. Here’s an overview of the benefits of quartz:


Quartz is an engineered stone made from crushed quartz bound together with resin. This makes it extremely hard and durable. Quartz rates 7 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, compared to a 4 for granite. This durability makes it very resistant to scratches, chips, and cracks. Quartz can withstand years of heavy usage without showing significant signs of wear.

Low Maintenance

Unlike natural stone, quartz does not need to be regularly sealed to prevent staining. Its non-porous surface repels liquids, so it does not easily stain. Simple cleaning with soap and water is all that is required to keep quartz looking like new.


Quartz is priced competitively with granite and other natural stone countertops. Due to its engineered nature, it can be mass-produced efficiently, keeping costs down. The average cost of quartz countertops installed is $70-100 per square foot.


With engineered quartz, manufacturers can create consistent colors, patterns, and finishes. This allows for replicated looks not found in natural stone. There are limitless options for a unique, stylish aesthetic. Popular styles mimic marble, concrete, granite, and other high-end surfaces.


Quartz fabrication utilizes computer-controlled equipment to deliver precision cutting and shaping. This makes it easy to customize quartz countertops to any layout or design. Complex edge profiles and cutouts for sinks can be accommodated.

Given these advantages, it’s no wonder more Calgary homeowners are choosing quartz for their kitchen and bathroom countertops. Now let’s explore the top options for buying quartz locally.

Where to Buy Quartz Countertops in Calgary

Big Box Stores

For convenient one-stop shopping, big box home improvement stores like Home Depot and Rona carry quartz countertop slabs and provide installation services. They offer affordable pricing and a good selection of popular national brands like Caesarstone. While convenient, the quartz selection may be limited compared to specialty shops.


  • Convenient single location for buying and installation
  • Affordable pricing
  • Good stock of common colors/styles


  • Less selection than specialty stores
  • Sales staff may have limited knowledge

Specialty Countertop Stores

Specialized countertop stores cater to selling, fabricating, and installing quartz and other engineered stone. With a focus on countertops, they offer a wider selection of styles and colors beyond the basics. Their experienced staff can provide valuable advice. Leading Calgary-area quartz specialty shops include:

Kitchen Countertops Calgary

With an impressive 15,000 sq ft showroom, Kitchen Countertops Calgary carries over 100 colors of quartz. They also offer free sinks and free edging with quartz purchases. They handle the full process from purchase to professional installation.

Website: https://www.kitchencountertopscalgary.ca/

Cutting Edge Counters

Family-owned since 2011, Cutting Edge Counters provides both in-house and in-field fabrication. They have a wide array of Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone, and Hanstone quartz. They handle full installs including sinks, faucets, and backsplashes.

Website: https://www.cuttingedgecounters.ca/

Prima Countertops

Open for over 25 years, Prima Countertops fabricates their own slabs at their Calgary facility. They carry popular brands like Vicostone, Caesarstone, Silestone, and Cambria. Their in-house team handles precise cutting, edging, and professional installation.

Website: https://primacountertops.ca/


  • Large selection of brands, colors, and styles
  • Knowledgeable quartz specialists
  • Handle full fabrication and install


  • Pricing may be higher than big box stores
  • Need to visit multiple showrooms to compare

Stone Suppliers and Fabricators

For the widest selection, visiting an engineered stone supplier provides access to hundreds of options. They carry massive inventories of slabs in their stone yards. However, they typically provide supply only, not fabrication and installation. The homeowner would hire their own contractor. Top local quartz suppliers in Calgary include:

Stone Warehouse

With over 30,000 slabs in their warehouse, Stone Warehouse carries the largest inventory in Western Canada. They are a direct importer working with manufacturers to provide wholesale prices. Brands include Caesarstone, Silestone, Cambria, and Viatera.

Website: https://www.stonewarehouse.com/

Arizona Tile

This international specialty tile and stone supplier has a 15,000 sq ft showroom in Calgary with a vast array of quartz, marble, granite, and other natural stone slabs. Brands carried include Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone.

Website: https://www.arizonatile.com/


  • Massive selection of brands and styles
  • Wholesale pricing


  • Supply only, need to hire installer
  • Large inventories can be overwhelming


While quartz suppliers provide the slabs, fabrication shops are the ones who precision cut, shape, and polish the materials. The best fabricators invest in advanced digital technology like CNC machines to deliver exacting, quality results. Leading local quartz fabricators in the Calgary area include:

Cities Granite and Marble

Utilizing computer-controlled CNC technology, Cities Granite and Marble has been fabricating engineered stone for over 15 years. They handle measurement, templating, cutting, edging, and finishing.

Website: https://citiesgranitemarble.com/

Marble Trendz

Specializing in quartz fabrication for over 10 years, Marble Trendz focuses on top quality workmanship. They offer cutting-edge CNC digital fabrication and hand polishing.

Website: https://marbletrendz.com/


  • Highly skilled quartz fabrication
  • Advanced digital technology for precision


  • Fabrication only, need to source slabs separately
  • Requires hiring installer for countertop installation

Online Sources

Ordering quartz slabs online simplifies the shopping process. Major quartz manufacturers like Caesarstone and Cambria allow purchasing directly from their website. Slabs are then shipped to local fabricators for cutting and installation. Amazon and Wayfair also sell quartz.


  • Convenient online shopping experience
  • Ability to buy direct from brand websites


  • Inability to see slabs in person before purchase
  • Requires handling fabricator and installer separately

DIY Big Box Stores

For DIY-minded homeowners, big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s sell pre-fabricated quartz countertop slabs and kits. These come with finished edges, corners, and backsplashes for simpler installation. However, this is only practical for small sections.


  • Pre-cut pieces for easier DIY install
  • Affordable pre-fabricated quartz options


  • Limited sizes and shapes available
  • Still need experience doing proper install

What to Look for When Buying Quartz

When searching “where to buy quartz countertops in Calgary”, it helps to know what factors to consider in selecting the right supplier and slabs:


See reviews and testimonials to verify quality of work and customer service. An established company with a strong reputation is ideal.

Brand Selection

Look for availability of top quartz brands like Caesarstone, Cambria, Silestone, and Viatera. This ensures quality material.

Range of Colors/Finishes

Examine the variety of quartz patterns, colors, and polished vs. matte finishes. More choice allows better customization.


Compare quartz material prices between different suppliers. Bundled deals with install savings are ideal.

Knowledgeable Support

Experienced quartz specialists should be available to guide you through the buying process with expertise.

Fabrication Technology

Advanced CNC digital fabrication provides the most precise sizing and cuts. Look for shops using this method.

Installation Services

Full-service companies that can handle measuring, fabrication, and professional install are optimal for a simplified process.


Reputable quartz makers offer 10-15 year warranties on material. Suppliers may also warranty their fabrication.


Look for plentiful in-stock slab availability so you can select your preferred colors/patterns.

Costs of Quartz Countertops in Calgary

Quartz countertop costs primarily depend on four factors:

  • Quartz Material – Lower-end options start around $50 per square foot, while high-end luxury styles can be over $100 per square foot.
  • Fabrication – Precision cutting and finishing typically adds $20-50 per square foot. Complex edges, cutouts, etc further increase fabrication prices.
  • Installation – Professionally installing the countertops and making all final connections ranges from $40-100 per square foot depending on complexity.
  • Market Conditions – Strong local demand means higher overall costs for material, fabrication, and installation.

In Calgary, total installed prices for quartz countertops normally range from $70 per square foot on the low end to $200 per square foot for high-end installations with premium quartz. The average homeowner can expect to budget $100-150 per square foot for a quality quartz countertop install.

Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops

Despite the many benefits, quartz countertops also have some downsides to consider:


  • Extremely durable and scratch/chip resistant surface
  • Low maintenance and easy to keep clean
  • Resists staining and burning
  • Stylish engineered patterns and colors
  • Non-porous so does not require sealing
  • Mold and bacteria resistant
  • Customizable sizing and shapes
  • Matches appearance of pricier natural stones
  • Comparable cost to granite countertops


  • Less natural look than materials like granite
  • Seams more visible than natural stone
  • Limited heat resistance (use trivets for hot pots)
  • Can chip if subjected to hard impacts
  • More expensive than options like laminate
  • Resin content means not fully eco-friendly

How to Choose the Right Quartz Countertops

Choosing the perfect quartz countertops involves:

  • Measuring your existing space precisely to calculate the square footage needed. Add 5-10% for potential breakage and overhangs.
  • Browse different supplier showrooms and stone yards to view slabs in person. Narrow down preferred color/finish options.
  • Select a reputable fabricator using quality CNC machining to get your slabs precisely cut.
  • Hire professional installers to properly measure, cut outs, adhere, and seam your new countertops.
  • Consider extras like integrated sinks and special edge profiles to customize your look.
  • Review your selected supplier’s warranty and confirm they will stand behind their fabricated pieces.

FAQs about Buying Quartz in Calgary

Where can I see the largest selection of quartz colors and styles locally?

Stone suppliers like Stone Warehouse and Arizona Tile have massive inventories of slabs where you can view hundreds of quartz varieties in their stone yards.

What quartz brands are best?

Leading quartz manufacturers include Caesarstone, Cambria, Silestone, and Viatera. Look for these brand names to ensure quality.

What thickness quartz countertop should I get?

A 2cm (3/4 inch) thickness is standard, providing a good balance of durability and cost. For heavy usage areas, 3cm (1 1/4 inch) provides added strength.

Are there quartz countertops without seams?

Due to fabrication machinery limitations, seams are required every 6-8 feet on average. Good fabricators make seams discreet and try to position them inconspicuously.

Can quartz counters support bar overhangs?

With appropriate steel or wood support framing, quartz can accommodate overhangs up to 16 inches for bar/island applications.

How long does it take to install quartz?

After proper measurement and template creation, fabrication takes 7-10 days typically. Installation of pre-cut pieces averages 1-2 days.

Is DIY quartz countertop installation doable?

DIY install is possible but challenging. Precise cutting, seam placement, and mounting require great skill. Pros are recommended.

How often do quartz countertops need to be sealed?

Never. Due to its non-porous nature, quartz does not absorb liquids so sealing is not required. Simply clean with soap and water.

Can you repair chips in a quartz countertop?

Minor chips can be sanded down and polished out. But deep cracks or chunks need replacing of the damaged sections, which is difficult to achieve seamlessly.


With the right research on the leading local options, Calgary homeowners can find the perfect quartz supplier to match their countertop budget, style, and needs. Take time to view slabs in person, find a fabrication shop using top technology, and hire professional installers. The result will be gorgeous, durable quartz countertops that will perform beautifully for over a decade. Use this guide to explore the many excellent quartz countertop providers serving the Calgary area.