Where to Buy Affordable Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops can transform the look of any kitchen or bathroom by adding elegance and style. However, quartz is often perceived as an expensive material. With some research and planning, it is possible to find affordable quartz countertops to update your home’s decor within budget. This article provides tips on where to buy discounted quartz counters without sacrificing quality.

Check Big Box Stores

Popular home improvement warehouses often carry their own exclusive lines of quartz at prices up to 50% below boutique suppliers. Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s partner with major quartz manufacturers to offer unique colors and patterns under house brand names. These affordable options mimic the look of higher-end materials. Be sure to inspect the warranty and check reviews to ensure satisfactory quality.

Look for Sales and Discounts

Timing your quartz purchase to align with sales events can yield significant savings. Holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day frequently offer promotions on big-ticket home items including countertops. Black Friday and Cyber Monday also bring special bargains. Sign up for store loyalty programs and deal alerts so you do not miss discounts. Manufacturers also offer seasonal rebates.

Buy Remnant Pieces

Quartz suppliers often have remnant pieces available from previous jobs that can be purchased at a fraction of full-slab pricing. These prefabricated remnants only require cutting to size and finishing the edges. Measure your space carefully to find remnants of suitable dimensions. Remnants have the same durability and performance as full slabs.

Visit Quartz Supplier Showrooms

Quartz manufacturers like Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone, and Viatera operate warehouse showrooms that sell direct to homeowners. Without the middleman markups of distributors and retailers, direct buying can trim 20-30% off costs. Call ahead to verify accessibility for non-trade customers and remnant availability. Be prepared to purchase full bundles for maximum deal.

Choose Simple Colors and Patterns

Opting for solid quartz colors and avoiding busy stone-look finishes reduces material expenses. Pure whites and blacks tend to be the most affordable options. Maintain quartz’s inherent low-maintenance benefits by avoiding mirror, flamed, or etched finishes which increase the material price. Matte, polished, and leathered textures are budget-friendly.

Shop Local Countertop Fabricators

Smaller regional quartz fabricators are able to offer product at lower cost than big national companies, with more flexibility to negotiate. They have lower overhead and often greater remnant supplies. Search for well-reviewed local countertop shops to request bids. Provide a complete measurement drawing for accurate estimates.

Purchase Pre-Fabricated Countertops

Pre-fabricated quartz countertops are precut to standard widths and lengths to skip fabrication costs. These DIY-friendly products are available at big box lumberyards, online retailers, and Ikea. Simple geometric shapes like rectangles keep the budget down. This is an especially economical option for replacing worn laminate on rental property.

Consider Integrated Sinks

Choosing an integrated sink where the basin is precision cut from the same slab as the countertop saves on material costs. The seamless look is stylish, hygienic, and eliminates the need to purchase sinks separately. Smaller integrated sinks also use less overall quartz.

Maintain Your Investment

With proper care, quartz countertops will provide lasting beauty in any kitchen or bath. Keep surfaces clean using mild soap and water to prevent staining and etching. Avoid abrasive cleaners or sitting hot pans directly on the quartz. Resealing every 1-2 years will renew oil and water repellency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What thickness quartz should I choose for affordability?

Standard 2 cm thickness offers the best value. Only opt for 3 cm thickness if you need the extra durability for heavy commercial use.

What about recycled quartz or quartz reconstituted from remains?

While cheaper, quality control can be lower with recycled quartz aggregates. Stick with major brands using natural materials.

Can I install DIY quartz counters myself to save on labor?

Fabricating quartz requires special tools. Missteps make expensive materials unusable. Hire a professional for proper custom cutting and fitting.

Where are the cheapest places to buy quartz?

Direct from manufacturer warehouses, big box retailers, local fabricators, and pre-fab online sellers offer the most budget-friendly quartz options.

Should I expect problems with very cheap quartz?

As with most products, excessively low quartz prices often indicate questionable quality or durability issues to be aware of.


With careful sourcing and product selection, quartz countertops can be an affordable alternative to natural stone surfaces. Take advantage of sales events, remnants, basic color patterns, and local suppliers to discover quartz deals that fit your budget constraints without sacrificing style or longevity. With a range of creative buying strategies, beautiful discounted quartz countertops can transform your home affordably.