When is the Best Time to Buy Quartz Countertops?

Quartz countertops are a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom remodels due to their durability, low maintenance, and stylish appearance. However, quartz is an investment, so timing your purchase right can save you money. Here is a guide on the best time to buy quartz countertops.


Quartz countertops, made from ground quartz crystals combined with resin, are engineered stone countertops that have risen in popularity over the last decade. Quartz is an excellent alternative to natural stone countertops like granite and marble because quartz does not need to be sealed, is non-porous, scratch resistant, and heat tolerant.

The stylish, modern look of quartz complements contemporary and traditional kitchens alike. With various colors, patterns, and textures available, you can find quartz slabs to match your design aesthetic. While more affordable than granite or marble, quartz countertops are still a significant investment, with installed costs ranging from $80-150 per square foot.

Timing your quartz countertop purchase right can help you get the best price on materials and installation. Here are some tips on the optimal times to buy quartz countertops.

Winter Months

The best season to purchase quartz countertops is in the winter months from January to March. Due to less demand in the colder months, many quartz manufacturers, suppliers, and installers offer specials and incentives on their products and services.

Reasons the Winter is the Best Time

  • Slow season for contractors: Installers and fabricators have less business so they may be willing to offer discounts to fill their schedule during slow months.
  • Year-end specials: Quartz suppliers want to clear out older inventory before the new year, so they discount materials.
  • Consumers spend less: With the holidays over, consumers are more budget-conscious and wait for sales opportunities in January.
  • Weather delays projects: Cold weather often postpones construction projects, so you can line up your installers more conveniently.

Holiday Weekends

Major holiday weekends like Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day are big sales times for home improvement stores and kitchen and bath showrooms. Time your shopping trip around these 3-day weekends to score deals.

Stores will offer enticing promotions like:

  • 15-25% off all countertop materials
  • Extra 10% off purchases over $1000
  • Free sink with countertop purchase
  • No sales tax

Quartz manufacturers like Caesarstone, Cambria, and Silestone also offer holiday promotions either on their website or through retail partners.

End of the Year

As quartz suppliers and fabricators close out their annual books, they’ll offer more incentives to hit yearly sales goals. The 4th quarter, especially late October through December, is an opportune window for negotiating quartz pricing.

  • Retailers clear inventory: Stores will discount older slab inventory.
  • Contractors want your business: Installers may give you the best price to keep crews busy during slower months.
  • Tax incentives: Get invoices paid in the current tax year for write-offs.
  • Get ahead of trends: Be the first to get new color and style options for upcoming year.

Buy at the Right Place

Where you purchase your quartz countertops also impacts price:

  • Big box stores: Lowest cost but least selection and customization options.
  • Kitchen and bath showrooms: Moderate cost with more slab options and design services.
  • Quartz fabricators: Slightly higher cost but complete customization of edges and cutouts.

How to Get the Best Price

A few key tactics can help you negotiate the lowest price on quartz:

  • Get quotes from 3 different suppliers
  • Buy slabs and fabrication/install separately
  • Offer to pay upfront in cash
  • Agree to warehouse pickup vs. delivery
  • Purchase when new collections launch
  • Bundle countertop purchase with cabinets/flooring
  • Avoid customized edges or cutouts

Factors That Impact Quartz Countertop Costs

Several factors influence how much you’ll pay for quartz countertops:

  • Type and quality of quartz material
  • Complexity of project & installation needs
  • Amount of counter space & edges needed
  • Customized options like intricate edges
  • Location and overhead costs of supplier/installer

Higher-end, designer brands of quartz like Caesarstone and Silestone cost more than affordable options from IKEA or Lowe’s. The total square footage needed and intricacy of the project will drive overall costs up as well.


When do new quartz colors and styles get released?

  • Quartz manufacturers unveil new collections twice a year, typically March/April and September/October. These months are ideal times to get newly discounted outgoing styles or be the first to get upcoming trends.

Are deals better on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

  • For quartz countertops, Cyber Monday tends to have better discounts on materials, while Black Friday promotions focus more on cabinetry and appliances.

Can I negotiate a better deal later in the day/week?

  • Yes, since installers and salespeople are eager to reach daily or weekly quotas, you have more leverage negotiating at the end of the business day or week.

Should I tell retailers I’m shopping around for the lowest quote?

  • Definitely, letting each company know you are comparing quotes usually prompts them to give you their lowest price upfront rather than risk losing the job.


The best times to purchase quartz countertops are during winter months, holiday weekends, and the 4th quarter when sales are slower and retailers offer special savings and incentives. Comparing supplier quotes, understanding cost factors, and negotiating all help ensure you get the lowest price. With some strategic timing, you can save significantly on your quartz countertop investment and still end up with a gorgeous, durable countertop that elevates your kitchen or bath.