What Tools Do I Need to Cut Quartz Countertops?

Measuring and Marking Tools

Accurately measuring and marking the cut lines are crucial first steps. Essential measuring tools include:

  • Tape measure – Get an extra-long one (25 feet) for taking detailed measurements.
  • Carpenter’s square – Ensure perpendicular lines and precise 90-degree cuts.
  • Marker – Use a permanent marker to draw straight cut lines.
  • Straight edge – Use a straight piece of aluminum or sturdy steel to guide the marker.
  • Calipers – Take detailed inside measurements with these expanding calipers.

Cutting Tools

You’ll need the proper cutting tools to make smooth, precise cuts in the quartz.

  • Circular saw – A powerful 7-1/4″ circular saw with a diamond blade is ideal for straight cuts.
  • Jigsaw – For making curved and irregular cuts. Use a tungsten carbide blade.
  • Angle grinder – The 4-1/2″ size works for trimming edges. Use a diamond blade.
  • Hole saw – For clean cuts when installing mounts and fixtures. Get diamond-grit hole saws.

Safety Gear

Cutting quartz produces dust, so protect yourself with:

  • NIOSH-approved respirator – Protect your lungs from crystalline silica dust.
  • Safety goggles – Keep eyes safe from flying chips and dust.
  • Ear protection – Deafening noise can occur when cutting.
  • Gloves – Leather gloves provide grip and protect hands.

Installation Supplies

To mount the cut quartz securely, you’ll also need:

  • Silicone adhesive – Special quartz adhesive creates a strong bond.
  • Brackets – Support brackets prevent sagging or cracking.
  • Shims – Keep countertops level during installation.
  • **Seam tape ** – Bind seams between sections for smooth look.

Helpful Accessories

  • Clamps – Hold cutting guides or materials securely.
  • Laser guide – Increase cutting accuracy.
  • Extension cord – Ensure ample power supply for tools.
  • Dust collection system – Control dust spread and cleanup.

FAQ About Cutting Quartz Countertops

What are the basic steps for cutting quartz?

  1. Carefully measure and mark the cut lines.
  2. Set up tools and safety gear.
  3. Line up cutting tool guides on the marked line.
  4. Make the cut slowly and steadily along the line.
  5. Use grinder to trim edges and polish cut outs.

Can I cut quartz countertops with a circular saw?

Yes, a powerful circular saw with a diamond blade designed for quartz can make straight, accurate cuts. Keep the saw moving steadily to avoid chipping.

What should I use to cut holes for sinks and fixtures?

Use a specialty hole saw made for quartz with diamond grit edges. Let it rotate at the proper speed to cut nice clean holes.

How can I cut curved and irregular shapes?

For unique quartz shapes, a jigsaw with a tungsten carbide blade is ideal. Follow the line carefully and sand edges smooth after cutting.

What safety precautions should I take when cutting quartz?

Always wear an approved respirator, safety goggles, ear protection, and gloves. Cut outdoors if possible and use a dust collection system. Never dry cut quartz as it produces harmful silica dust.


Cutting quartz countertops is a manageable DIY project with the right cutting tools on hand. Be sure to use the specialized diamond blades and tungsten carbide jigsaw blades made specifically for quartz. Take safety seriously by wearing protective gear and controlling dust. With caution and care, you can achieve beautiful custom-cut quartz countertops.