What to Use to Seal Quartz Countertops

Sealing quartz countertops is an important maintenance step to protect their beauty and durability. Here is a detailed guide on the best products to use to seal quartz counters and how to properly apply them.

Why Seal Quartz Countertops?

Though quartz is an extremely low-maintenance material, sealing is still recommended for a few key reasons:

  • Enhance stain resistance – Sealing fills in microscopic pores to prevent stains from absorbing deep into the surface. This makes any spills easier to wipe away.
  • Simplify cleaning – Sealing creates a smooth, non-porous barrier that prevents debris and liquids from sticking to the surface. This stops grime buildup and keeps counters looking cleaner longer.
  • Prolong color and shine – Sealing forms a protective layer that blocks UV rays and oxidation. This maintains the vibrant appearance and polished luster of quartz over time.
  • Refresh worn areas – Re-sealing can revive dull spots around high-traffic zones like the sink or stove where sealants weaken over the years.

What to Use to Seal Quartz Countertops

The best sealants for quartz are water-based silicone products made specifically for stone surfaces. Look for the following types:

Silicone Impregnators

Impregnating sealants soak deep inside the stone to provide invisible protection that won’t alter the look. Top brands for quartz countertops include:

  • Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator
  • DuPont StoneTech Professional Impregnator Pro
  • DryTreat Stain-Proof Original

Silicone Top Coats

These protective surface sealers leave a slight sheen. Leading options include:

  • Miracle Sealants 511 Porous Plus
  • StoneTech Heavy Duty Sealer
  • Granite Gold Sealer Spray Water-Based

How to Seal Quartz Countertops

Sealing quartz counters involves simple steps but precise techniques for best results:

1. Clean the Surface

Thoroughly wash counters with a mild pH-neutral cleaner like dish soap and water to remove any dirt, food, oils or residues. Rinse well and let dry completely.

2. Apply Sealant

Carefully follow the product directions. Lightly spray or wipe on an even coat across the entire surface using a clean applicator. Allow to penetrate 5-10 minutes.

3. Wipe Away Excess

Completely wipe off any pooled or excess sealer with clean, dry microfiber cloths before it dries. This prevents streaks and buildup.

4. Allow to Cure

Leave the sealant to cure 24-72 hours before using counters. Avoid water contact or replacing items during this time.

5. Add Top Coats (Optional)

For extra protection, apply additional thin coats of silicone top seals as directed. Remove any excess.

6. Reseal Annually

Quartz sealants last about one year with normal use. Reapply yearly to maintain optimal stain protection. Focus on heavy-use areas.

FAQs About Sealing Quartz Countertops

How often should I seal quartz counters?

  • Seal quartz once yearly to maintain the protective barrier. Reapply every 3-5 years for pristine low-traffic areas.

Does new quartz need sealing?

  • Yes, seal new quartz as soon as it’s installed since factories don’t seal counters. This instantly protects the surface.

What happens if I don’t seal my quartz?

  • Unsealed quartz is more prone to stains, etching, dulling, and grime buildup. Though durable, sealing is recommended for easiest care.

Can I use granite sealers on quartz?

  • Yes, silicone-based granite sealers work well to seal quartz. Avoid wax, oil, and solvent-based products which may stain.

How can I tell if my quartz needs resealing?

  • Signs quartz needs resealing include water droplets darkening the surface, stains persisting, or liquid absorbing rather than beading up.

Caring for Sealed Quartz Counters

Once properly sealed, simple daily and weekly cleaning is all that’s needed to maintain their flawless beauty:

  • Wipe up spills immediately to prevent staining
  • Use mild soap and water for daily cleaning
  • Disinfect surfaces with diluted bleach or quartz cleaner
  • Avoid abrasive pads or powders that could dull the finish

With proper sealing and care, quartz countertops will retain their refined elegance and functionality for decades to come. Be sure to reseal yearly and clean routinely with gentle quartz-safe products to enjoy this low-maintenance surface for a lifetime.