What to Do With Old Quartz Countertops

Donate Them

If your old quartz countertops are still in good, usable condition, donate them! Many Habitat for Humanity ReStore locations accept donated countertops and building materials. This lets someone else purchase your old countertops at a discount and install them in their home. It keeps the countertops out of a landfill and gives them a new life.

Sell Them

You can try selling your used quartz countertops on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or a similar platform. There are often people looking for quartz remnants or discounted countertops that they can install in their own DIY projects. You can earn some extra cash and prevent waste.

Use Them Elsewhere

Cut your old quartz countertops into smaller pieces that can be used for other projects around your home:

Make a Mosaic Backsplash

Have any worn or damaged sections? Chop into pieces to create a unique mosaic backsplash for another room.

Create Floor Tiles

Cut into geometric shapes and tile a floor with an eye-catching custom design.

Build a Home Bar

Cut to size and install as a countertop for a basement wet bar or rec room.

Craft Tabletops

Make an outdoor side table or a bench top for seating using your discarded quartz.

Recycle Them

If selling or reusing elsewhere isn’t an option, recycle:

Check for Quartz Recycling Programs

Some countertop companies or local stone/glass recyclers may accept quartz remnants. This lets the materials be properly reclaimed and kept from the landfill.

Remove and Recycle Separately

The quartz aggregate can be recycled as crushed stone. Separate adhesives, resins, etc. for proper hazardous materials disposal.

Give to Friends or Family

Do you have relatives or friends planning kitchen or bath remodels? See if they’d be interested in using your old quartz countertops in their projects. It can be a win-win for everyone involved.

Consult an Expert

Not sure what to do with your old quartz countertops? Consult a waste management or recycling expert in your area to discuss all your options. They can advise you on the most eco-friendly ways to handle disposal or reuse.

FAQs About Old Quartz Countertops

How do I remove my old quartz countertops?

Carefully cut the caulk beads and use a pry bar to gently loosen from cabinets. You may need to break into smaller sections for safe handling and transport. Always wear protective gear.

Can quartz countertops be crushed and recycled?

Yes, the quartz aggregates can be reclaimed, crushed, and recycled as construction stone or landscaping material. Any adhesives, resins, etc. will need proper disposal.

Is it hard to install used quartz countertops?

If they are in good condition and you have the right tools, it can be done as a DIY project. The key is taking measurements and having a solid, level base for installation.

How much are used quartz countertops worth?

Pricing depends on size, condition, color, and current market demand. Typical resale value ranges from 10% – 40% of original installed price.

What are signs my countertops aren’t reusable?

Excessive staining, etching, pitting, cracks, chips, and heat damage mean quartz countertops have likely reached the end of their lifespan.

Can I just throw old quartz countertops in the garbage?

No, they will take up landfill space. Try donating, selling, reusing, or recycling through proper channels first.


With a range of great options available, there’s no need for old quartz countertops to go to waste. From giving them a second life in a new home, repurposing them around your own home, or properly recycling, you can keep tons of quartz out of landfills each year. A little planning and resourcefulness can go a long way! Consult experts to ensure you handle disposal in the most eco-friendly way.