What to Do About a Chip in Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertops are popular in many homes for their durability, easy maintenance, and stylish appearance. However, like all countertop materials, quartz can become damaged over time. Chips and cracks are common issues that occur from impacts, spills, heat damage, or heavy usage. Thankfully, there are several effective solutions for repairing a chip in a quartz countertop, depending on the size and severity of the damage.

Assessing the Chip in the Quartz Countertop

When you first notice a chip in your quartz countertop, start by examining the size and depth of the damaged area. Small surface chips less than 1/4 inch wide can often be repaired fairly easily without professional help. However, larger, deeper chips that penetrate deep into the quartz material will likely require professional repair.

Consider the location of the chip as well. Damage around the sink or stovetop where water exposure is higher presents more challenges for DIY repair. For severe chips or ones in high-traffic zones, seeking professional repair may be the safest option.

Cleaning and Preparing the Damaged Area

Before attempting to repair the chipped section, clean and dry the area thoroughly. Remove any loose quartz debris or crumbs with a vacuum cleaner. Use a soft cloth and warm, soapy water to gently clean the damaged spot and surrounding countertop area.

Rinse well with clear water and dry completely with a paper towel. Proper cleaning and drying provides the best surface for the repair filler to adhere to.

DIY Repair Options for Minor Chips

There are a few DIY solutions you can try for small, surface-level chips in a quartz countertop:

  • Clear nail polish or superglue: Apply a layer of clear nail polish or superglue over the chipped area. Let it dry completely. This fills in the chip and bonds it to the surrounding quartz.
  • Epoxy stick or putty: Knead the putty or stick filler product to activate it. Press into the chip, let harden completely, then sand flush.
  • Touch-up kit: Some quartz countertop brands sell small DIY touch-up kits. Follow kit instructions to clean, fill, and buff the damaged spot.
  • Wax stick: Rub the colored wax filler into the chip according to kit directions. Buff off excess once dry.

These options work well for minor surface flaws up to 1/4 inch wide. Be sure to get a filler color that closely matches your countertop.

Professional Repairs for Larger Chips

For more significant chips that are over 1/4 inch wide or penetrate deep into the countertop, professional help will provide the best repair results. Specialized quartz repair technicians have access to:

  • High-quality caulk or putty: Commercial-grade fillers are durable and optimize adhesion.
  • Precision color-matching: Technicians can expertly match the color and pattern of your countertop.
  • Specialty tools and materials: Things like vacuum suction plates provide a steady surface for repairs.
  • Experience: Pros have specialized training and experience with quartz repairs.

In some cases, badly damaged quartz may need a full section replacement. Thankfully, due to the manmade construction of quartz, new pieces can be fabricated to seamlessly replace portions that are beyond surface repair.

Preventing Future Damage

To avoid additional chips and cracks after repairing your quartz countertop, implement some preventive habits:

  • Use cutting boards instead of cutting directly on the quartz.
  • Don’t place hot pans or bakeware directly on the surface.
  • Clean spills quickly to prevent staining or etching.
  • Apply silicone mats or trivets under appliances.
  • Avoid dropping heavy, hard objects on the countertop.

With proper care, quartz countertops can remain in great shape for many years before needing repairs. But chips and cracks do happen occasionally in any kitchen. Knowing your repair options, from DIY fixes to professional help, allows you to restore the beauty and function of your quartz countertops.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chips in Quartz Countertops

Can I repair a chip in my quartz countertop myself?

For small surface chips less than 1/4 inch wide, there are several DIY repair products available, such as clear nail polish, epoxy putty, wax sticks, and touch-up kits. These are easy, inexpensive options for minor flaws.

How can I match the color of my quartz countertop when repairing a chip?

Using a filler product specifically designed for quartz repair will provide the best color match. There are kits available in colors to match the most popular quartz brands and styles. You can also take a small sample of your countertop to a home improvement store for help matching the color.

Is it possible to repair chipped areas around the kitchen sink?

Yes, chips around the sink can be repaired, but moisture exposure in this area makes the repair more challenging. A professional quartz repair technician is recommended for any chips near sources of water like sinks.

What’s the easiest DIY method for repairing small quartz chips?

Using a colored wax stick filler is one of the simplest DIY repair options. Just match the color, fill in the chip according to the product’s directions, let it dry, and buff off any excess wax. The wax self-levels for a smooth finish.

How long will my quartz chip repair last?

For professional repairs or quality DIY repair products, the filler should last indefinitely if the area is properly prepped and directions are followed. Avoiding future impacts or abuse will increase the long-term durability.

When is it time to replace a damaged quartz countertop instead of repairing it?

If the chipped area is very large, deep, or located in a high-traffic zone, replacement may be better than repair. Also if the entire surface is showing extensive signs of damage, a new quartz countertop install may be warranted.


Chips and cracks in quartz counters are common but repairable. Assess the extent of the damage first. Minor chips can be fixed with DIY methods like superglue or touch-up kits. But deep cracks or large damaged areas will benefit from a professional quartz repair company. With the right materials and techniques, quartz chips and cracks can be repaired to restore the beauty and function of your countertop. Implement preventive habits going forward to avoid additional damage.