What Tile Goes With Grey Brown Quartz Countertops

Warm Tones to Match Grey Brown Quartz

If your grey brown quartz has warm undertones, look for tiles in cream, beige, tan, brown, terra cotta, or orange hues. These colors will bring out the warmth in the quartz.

Travertine or Tumbled Marble Tile

Travertine and tumbled marble tiles have organic, earthy patterns with variation in tone that complement the visual texture of quartz. Their sandy beige, tan, and cream colors are ideal with warm grey brown counters. Use a honed finish for a soft look.

Terracotta or Quarry Tile

Rustic terracotta or quarry tiles in a matte finish have orangey-red and brown overtones that pair well with warm quartz. Create an Old World Tuscan kitchen vibe. Use terracotta tiles sparingly as an accent behind the range or near seating areas.

Cream or Beige Ceramic Tile

For a clean and bright look, use a creamy ceramic wall tile with subtle grey veining that ties into the quartz. Matte finish tiles work best. Stay away from high gloss.

Natural Stone Like Travertine

Select a natural polished stone mosaic tile in tan, copper, or brown hues. Travertine mosaics offer a nice complement if your quartz has brown mineral deposits. Use mosaics sparingly to avoid an overly busy look.

Porcelain Wood Look Plank Tile

Wood look porcelain plank tiles are popular options with warm grey brown quartz. Choose planks with brown and orange undertones. Use a matte finish to avoid a fake look. Mix sizes for interest.

Cool Tones to Match Grey Brown Quartz

If your quartz leans more towards the grey end of the spectrum, look for cool-toned tiles in shades of grey, blue, green, black, and white. Crisp colors will enhance the cool undertones.

Grey Marble or Travertine Subway Tile

For a classic combo, use 3×6 grey marble or travertine subway tiles. Stick with light grey to medium grey colors. White grout keeps it fresh and bright. Use sparingly behind cooktops or around windows.

Blue, Green, or Grey Glass Tile

Add an unexpected pop of color with handmade art glass tile in cool hues like sky blue, sea green, or fog grey. Use as an accent in small doses – on the backsplash behind the range or around an enviable window over the sink.

White Subway Tile with Light Grey Grout

Keep it simple with basic white 3×6 subway tiles and light grey grout. The grey grout ties into the quartz. Use classic white tile to make the quartz the focal point.

Gray and White Geometric Mosaic Tile

Gray and white geometric mosaics create visual interest and tie into the gray tones of the quartz. Use mosaics sparingly as accents or in a full backsplash for dramatic impact.

Large Format Grey Porcelain Tile

For a contemporary look, try 12×24 matte porcelain tiles in shades of gray. Choose a tone that complements the gray in the quartz. The large scale helps gray quartz stand out.

Tile Options for Any Grey Brown Quartz

Some tile choices pair beautifully with grey brown quartz, regardless of undertone. Consider these versatile options:

Carrara Marble Tile or Subway

You can’t go wrong with classic Carrara marble tile. The white background with wispy gray veining provides the perfect subtle complement. Use polished marble sparingly to avoid a dated look.

Glass Penny Round Mosaic

Penny round glass mosaics add shimmer and reflect light beautifully. Choose translucent white, silver, or a soft metallic. Pair with grey brown quartz for a glamorous contemporary style.

Mixed Natural Stone Mosaics

A mosaic blend of natural stone tiles in different shapes, sizes, and colors provides variation that enhances quartz counters. Include a mix of stone like travertine, marble, and granite in light beige, tan, grey, and white.

Black Grout

For modern contrast, pair a white, gray, or beige geometric tile with black grout. The dark grout lines play up light tile colors and make the gray brown quartz pop.

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile

Intricate Moroccan fish scale tiles are ceramic mosaics arranged in interlocking patterns, often in shades of blue, green, and grey. Their unique shape reflects light in stunning and unexpected ways.

What to Avoid with Grey Brown Quartz

When selecting backsplash tile for grey brown quartz, there are a few combinations that tend to clash or feel dated:

  • Avoid busy brightly colored mosaic tiles – stick with simple tones that complement the quartz.
  • Skip high gloss tiles – matte or honed finishes have a more updated, integrated look.
  • Don’t pair with brown granite tiles or brown stone – too much brown can feel heavy.
  • Avoid pure white tiles paired with very light quartz – it can read as two different whites.
  • Don’t use warm wood look planks with cool grey brown quartz – the tones conflict.

Design Considerations for Tile with Grey Brown Quartz

Keep these design tips in mind when planning your kitchen tile backsplash:

  • Limit highly patterned tile to a backsplash or accent wall – use sparingly.
  • Vary tile layout for interest – try herringbone patterns or horizontal and vertical combos.
  • Include tile on any adjacent walls, not just behind the counters – carries the eye.
  • Choose grout color carefully – go with light grey or black for versatility.
  • Accent with metallic details like nickel or chrome faucets and lighting fixtures.

With the right tile choices, you can create a kitchen backsplash that enhances the beauty of grey brown quartz counters. Warm terra cotta and travertine bring out richness, while cool porcelain and marble accent the grey tones. Emphasize the style of your kitchen with traditional or contemporary tiles in colors and textures that complete the look. Take your time selecting backsplash tile and you’ll end up with a cohesive, stylish design that perfectly complements your grey brown quartz countertops.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tile for Grey Brown Quartz Countertops

What color backsplash goes best with grey brown quartz?

Grey brown quartz countertops pair well with tiles in cream, beige, brown, tan, terra cotta, light grey, and white. Select a tile color based on the undertones in your quartz to create a cohesive look.

Do subway tiles go with grey brown quartz?

Yes, both white and grey subway tiles complement grey brown quartz beautifully. White subway tile keeps things fresh and bright, while grey adds subtle contrast. Use a light grey grout with white subway tiles.

What about glass tile with grey brown quartz?

Glass mosaics and backsplash tiles make a gorgeous modern accent with grey brown quartz. Colors like pale blue, sea green, pewter, silver, or translucent white glass tile pop against the quartz. Use glass tile sparingly.

Should I use warm or cool tile with grey brown quartz?

It depends on the undertones of your specific quartz color. Warm tan, cream, and terracotta tones enhance quartz with brown notes. Cool greys, blues, and whites accent the grey. Mixing warm and cool tiles can work too.

What finish of tile works best with grey brown quartz?

Honed, matte and lightly textured tile finishes integrate beautifully with grey brown quartz. Stay away from highly polished and super glossy tiles – they can seem disjointed from quartz.

How do I decorate around grey brown quartz and tile?

Use accessories in chrome, nickel, and grey metal tones. Add pops of color with sky blue, navy, emerald, or yellow accent pieces. Use brown and grey wood tones for an organic vibe. Glass pendant lights add nice shine.


Grey brown quartz offers versatility to suit both traditional warm or modern cool kitchen styles. Whether your decor leans rustic and earthy or sleek and contemporary, there is a backsplash tile that can enhance grey brown counters. Consider all the elements of your kitchen decor, from cabinetry to flooring, and select tile in colors, textures, and patterns that complete the look. With the wide range of tile choices available today, you can easily find the perfect complement to create a stylish, holistic kitchen design that makes your grey brown quartz counters the star.