What is a Standard Cost for Quartz Countertops?

Quartz countertops have become an increasingly popular option for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects in recent years. Made from engineered stone, quartz combines natural quartz crystals with resins and pigments to create a durable, low-maintenance, and stylish surface. But with the many color, pattern, and edge options available, many homeowners wonder: what is considered a standard or average price for a quartz countertop?

Average Cost of Quartz Countertops

The cost of quartz countertops can range widely, but generally speaking, the national average cost falls between $80 and $140 per square foot installed. This compares to a range of $40-100 per square foot for granite, making quartz a midrange priced material.

Several factors go into the exact quartz countertop price:

Quartz Slab Price

The biggest contributor to overall cost is the price of the slab material itself. Prices can start around $50 per square foot on the low end, ranging up to $150 or more per square foot for premium designer brands. The thickness of the slab also impacts cost, with 2 cm being the most affordable and 3 cm adding approximately $5-15 more per square foot.

Popular midrange quartz product lines like Caesarstone, Cambria, and Silestone tend to cost $60-100 per square foot for the slab material.

Color and Pattern

More exotic quartz patterns and colors, especially those designed to mimic natural stone, tend to fall on the higher end of the price spectrum. Simple white or grey quartz colors tend to be the most affordable options.


Cutting, shaping, and polishing the raw slabs into your custom countertop adds on an additional fabrication fee. Most fabricators charge between $50-100 per linear foot depending on your layout. Simple rectangle shapes are the most affordable, while angled edges, cutouts, and other custom details add to the fabrication time and cost.


Finally, count on spending $25-50 per linear foot for professional installation of your finished quartz countertop. This includes transportation, staging of the materials, adhesive and supplies, seam finishing, cleanup, and more.

Overall, with midrange quartz slabs, expect to spend around $100-150 per square foot installed for an average quality kitchen or bath countertop. Higher-end materials and more complex installations may cost closer to $200 per square foot.

Factors That Impact Quartz Countertop Cost

Many variables beyond just the square footage can influence the overall investment needed for your quartz countertops. Being aware of these factors allow you to plan and budget accurately.

Type of Quartz

As mentioned above, quartz prices span from value brands around $50 per square foot to high-end designer companies charging over $100 per square foot. Some of the most popular national brands include:

  • Lower price range: Caesarstone, Cambria Brio, Silestone Lyra, Vicostone
  • Middle price range: Cambria, Corian Quartz, Silestone Classic
  • Higher price range: Caesarstone Supernatural, Cambria Elite, Silestone Eternal series, Zodiaq

The more unique the pattern and color – like imitation marble and natural stone – the higher the price tends to be. Sticking to solid whites, greys, and blacks yields the most budget-friendly options.

Edge Styles

The edge of your countertop also impacts fabrication. A standard eased or pencil round edge adds little cost. More specialized edges like ogee, bullnose, or dupont edges take more time and custom cutting, adding $10-20 per linear foot typically.


While 2 cm (just under 1 inch) is standard, opting for a 3 cm (1 1/4 inch) thick slab can increase cost $5-15 per square foot but provides a more substantial feel. Thinner 1.2 cm slabs are also available for vertical applications like backsplashes.

Cutouts and Special Shapes

Simple rectangular layouts are the most economical. But details like cutouts for sinks, soap dispensers, cooktops, and light switches add fabrication time and expense. Expect to pay extra for angled edges, edge profiles, backsplashes, laminated edges, and non-standard seam placement too.

Installation Location

Labor rates for countertop installation vary regionally. Additional charges may apply for jobs located far from the fabricator’s shop or in hard-to-access areas like high-rise apartments.

Contractor Markup

When going through a kitchen remodeler or general contractor, expect them to markup the price of materials and labor to account for their project management time and profit margin. This markup could be 20% or more on the final bill.

Cost Comparison to Other Countertop Materials

Quartz has grown in popularity over natural stone like granite and marble thanks to competitive pricing combined with lower maintenance needs. Here is how it compares to other common countertop materials:

  • Laminate: $20-50 per square foot installed. The most affordable option but prone to scratching, burning, and water damage over time. Limited colors and edge options.
  • Butcher block: $50-100 per square foot installed. Provides a classic look but requires diligent oiling to prevent damage. Not highly heat or scratch resistant.
  • Granite: $50-150 per square foot installed. A high-end look for less than quartz, but requires periodic sealing and can stain or etch. More color and pattern variation than quartz.
  • Marble: $70-250+ per square foot installed. Beautiful but very porous and prone to etching/staining. Needs frequent sealing. Generally the most expensive natural stone option.
  • Concrete: $100-150 per square foot installed. Heat and scratch resistant but susceptible to cracking and staining. Requires yearly sealing. Limited color range.
  • Soapstone: $70-100 per square foot installed. Stains easily but darkens naturally with age. Requires routine sealing. Provides a rustic, matte texture.

How to Get the Best Price on Quartz Countertops

To get the best deal on your new quartz countertops without sacrificing quality, keep these tips in mind:

  • Get quotes from 3-5 fabricators to compare pricing and see who offers the best value. Be sure to get detailed quotes that spell out material costs, fabrication fees, installation charges, and more.
  • Consider smaller or less known quartz suppliers that offer more competitive pricing on very similar slabs to the big brands. These include Viatera, MSI, Caesarstone Metropolitan Collection, or Stoneland.
  • Aim for a simpler layout with few seams, standard edges, standard shapes/cutouts, and rectangular dimensions. Minimal corners and details improve affordability.
  • Install smaller countertops like in a powder room, laundry room, or bar area to save significantly on overall cost.
  • Time your project for winter or fall when demand is slower to negotiate better deals from fabricators.
  • Provide your own parts and materials like sinks and faucets to avoid contractor markups on these items.
  • Hire your own independent installer rather than going through the fabricator or contractor.

With some savvy planning and shopping around, quartz countertops can fit into most kitchen remodeling budgets while providing a stylish, modern, low-maintenance surface. Carefully calculate total costs during the quoting process, and be sure to get every detailed spelled out clearly upfront before signing on the dotted line. With reasonable expectations set ahead of time, you can look forward to enjoying your beautiful new quartz countertops for decades to come.

Average Quartz Countertop Costs by Quality Level

To give you a better idea of price ranges, here is an overview of budget, moderate, and high-end quartz countertop installation estimates:

Budget Quartz Countertops

Using a low-cost quartz slab such as Vicostone, budget quartz countertops start around $70 per square foot installed.

This assumes a simple layout, standard edges, 2 cm thickness, and basic white/grey colors. For example, a 30 square foot countertop would cost approximately $2,100.

  • Quartz slab material: $50 per sq. ft.
  • Fabrication costs: $50 per linear ft.
  • Basic installation fees: $25 per linear ft.

Total for 30 sq. ft. with 10 linear ft. of countertop = $70 per sq. ft. approx.

This puts budget quartz in line with lower-end granite, laminate, and butcher block in affordability. While the material won’t be designer quality, you can still get the resilience and maintenance benefits of quartz.

Moderate Quartz Countertops

In the mainstream price range, expect to spend $100-125 per square foot installed for brands like Caesarstone, Cambria Brio, Silestone Classic, or Cosentino.

A mid-tier quartz material choice expands your color and pattern options. Edges remain simple and layouts straightforward for this price bracket. A 30 square foot project would run $3,000 to $3,750 for this quality level.

  • Quartz slab prices: $75-100 per sq. ft.
  • Fabrication costs: $75 per linear ft.
  • Installation fees: $35 per linear ft.

Total for 30 sq. ft. with 10 linear ft. of countertop = $100-125 per sq. ft. approx.

The combination of good durability, styling, and maintenance-free cleaning keeps these mid-range quartz counters popular. The look straddles contemporary and high-end depending on your choice of pattern.

High-End Quartz Countertops

Moving into luxury territory, premium designer quartz slabs range from $140 per square foot on the low end up to $200 per square foot installed on larger projects.

These counters feature exotic marble-look materials from Caesarstone Supernatural, Cambria’s designer collections, and Silestone Eternal series. Expect 3cm thick slabs and specialized edge details.

A 30 square foot high-end quartz countertop would run between $4,200 and $6,000 installed.

  • Luxury quartz prices: $100-150 per sq. ft.
  • Complex fabrication: $100+ per linear ft.
  • Full-service installation & delivery: $50+ per linear ft.

Total for 30 sq. ft. with 10 linear ft. = $140-200 per sq. ft. approx

While certainly an investment, the resulting counters would be showstoppers, emulating rare marble, concrete, onyx, and other premium materials convincingly in a more resilient and easy-care quartz package.

Factors That Add Supplemental Costs

Beyond the countertop costs per square foot, also factor in potential extra expenses:

  • Demolition and removal of old countertops/cabinets
  • Additional fabrication for special cutouts like cooktops or undermount sinks
  • Backsplashes and side splashes if not using existing tile
  • Extra installation time for challenging kitchen layouts or remote locations
  • Shipping/transportation fees for locations far from the fabricator’s shop
  • Sealing or staining to change the appearance of edges and seams ($3-7 per linear foot)
  • Sinks, faucets, soap dispensers and other fixtures if needed
  • Modifications to cabinetry or walls to accommodate new countertop dimensions
  • Waterfall edges or extended countertop profiles entail extra fabrication costs.

Discuss all the particulars of your installation in the quoting phase so you have a complete price estimate before proceeding. Many fabricators provide free in-home estimates to view your space and gather accurate measurements.

Be sure to get a clearly written contract outlining exactly what is included in the quoted price, as well as what would incur additional fees so there are no budget surprises down the road.

Quartz Countertop Pricing Per Linear Foot

Linear footage gives another useful metric to calculate quartz countertop costs, especially for quick estimating purposes early on.

To determine linear feet, measure all exposed edges where the countertop overhangs cabinets or walls. Don’t include seams abutted against each other.

Typical per linear foot installed pricing:

  • Low-end Quartz: $45-55 per linear ft.
  • Mid-range Quartz: $70-90 per linear ft.
  • High-end Quartz: $100-150+ per linear ft.

For example, a U-shaped kitchen with an 8 ft. long back run, and two 4 ft. end pieces would have 16 linear ft.

At $70 per linear foot installed for a mid-range quartz, estimate 16 * $70 = $1,120 for pricing in the initial budgeting phase.

Once you have detailed drawings and measurements, most fabricators will quote per square foot over linear foot, but this linear method provides a quick ballpark range.

Does Thickness Impact Quartz Countertop Cost?

The thickness of the quartz slab does have a modest impact on overall pricing. The standard thickness is 2 cm, or just under 1 inch. This provides sufficient strength for most applications.

Opting for a 3 cm (1 1/4 inch) thick slab will add approximately 15% to the material costs, so about $10-15 more per square foot. While not a major increase, the additional thickness offers:

  • A heavier, more solid feel underhand
  • Increased rigidity for very long spans
  • Ability to polish more rounded edges
  • More durable overhangs and unsupported areas

For most residential uses though, 2 cm provides adequate durability at the better value. Areas that benefit from 3 cm slabs include kitchen islands, desks, and dining tables that lack under-counter supports.

Quartz can also be produced in thinner 1.2 cm (1/2 inch) profiles to reduce weight and cost. However, these are only suitable for vertical applications like backsplashes since they cannot support weight horizontally.

How Much Does Quartz Cost Installed Per Square Foot?

Budget approximately $70-200 per square foot for full quartz countertop installation costs:

  • $70-100 per sq. ft. for low to mid-range quartz materials
  • $100-150 per sq. ft for high end designer brands
  • $150-200+ per sq. ft. for exotic imports with premium custom fabrication

The exact rate depends largely on the grade of the quartz slab selected. Then other factors like layout complexity, edge treatments, regional labor rates, and the company you hire also impact the final numbers.

Always compare at least three contractor bids with a detailed breakdown of materials, labor, transportation, and other fees included so you accurately compare “apples to apples” quotes.

Many quartz fabricators offer free consultations and estimates, during which they will measure your existing space and help spec out the materials needed.

How to Estimate Your Quartz Countertop Price

Figuring a rough ballpark range for your project is easy with just a few measurements:

  1. Measure the length and width of each section of countertop to get square footage. Round up to the nearest half foot.
  2. Add up the total square footage for all spaces getting new counters.
  3. Estimate $70-200 per square foot for materials and professional installation.
  4. Multiply your total square footage by the rate per square foot for your budget.

For example:

  • 10 linear ft. of counters at 2 ft. depth = 20 sq. ft.
  • 15 linear ft. of counters at 2 ft depth = 30 sq. ft
  • Island at 4 ft. x 8 ft. = 32 sq. ft.

Total = 82 sq. ft. of countertop space

At $125 per sq. ft. installed, the estimate would be:

82 sq. ft. x $125 = $10,250

This provides a realistic early estimate to consider the project feasibility and plan a kitchen remodeling budget. Get professional measurements and quotes later to dial in the exact pricing.

Quartz Countertop Pricing Per Sq Ft Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate your total project price based on square footage and cost per square foot:

  • Enter total square footage of spaces needing countertops: _ sq. ft.
  • Enter your cost per square foot budget: _ per sq. ft.
  • Total estimated price: _

You can also verify prices quoted by contractors:

  • Enter total quote amount: _
  • Enter total square footage: _ sq. ft.
  • Price per square foot = Total Quote / Square Footage

Having a good sense of cost per square foot in your area helps you evaluate fair pricing for quotes. Prices over $200 per sq. ft. would be considered premium.

What’s Included in Quartz Countertop Installation?

Typical professional quartz countertop installation includes:

  • Template and measurements – detailed dimensions of your existing kitchen
  • Slab purchase – buying the required square footage of quartz
  • Fabrication – precisely cutting and edging your countertop sections
  • Polishing – smoothing cut edges and cleaning the slabs
  • Installation – securing countertops permanently on your cabinets
  • Seam finishing – bonding sections and polishing seams smooth
  • Backsplash/sidesplash – may be included depending on contract
  • Project management – coordination and quality control
  • Clean up – ensuring the kitchen is left clean afterward

Verify exactly what is covered in the quote. Extra charges often apply for sinks and fixtures, plumbing or electrical work, cabinet modifications, changing existing backsplashes, and trash hauling.

Quartz Countertop Cost Per Square Foot by Brand

Quartz pricing varies somewhat between the major national manufacturers:

| Brand | Typical Price Per Square Foot |
| Caesarstone | $70-120 |
| Cambria | $80-140 |
| Silestone |