What Does Black Quartz Countertop Look Like?

Black quartz countertops are growing in popularity for modern kitchen and bathroom designs that want to make a dramatic statement. Known for their beautiful jet black color and stylish appearance, black quartz delivers visual impact along with the practical benefits of quartz. Here is an in-depth look at what black quartz countertops look like and how they can transform your space.

Appearance of Black Quartz Countertops

Deep, Dark Black Color

The most defining characteristic of black quartz countertops is the beautiful, deep black color. Unlike lighter countertop materials that show wear over time, the rich black color permeates all the way through the material so it retains its dramatic look. The consistent dark color gives black quartz a luxe, sophisticated appearance perfect for contemporary designs.

Visible Quartz Flecks

While primarily black, black quartz countertops often feature flecks of white or gray quartz crystals visible against the dark background. The sparkling quartz flakes add dimension and interest to the solid black surface. The quartz flecks range in size from small dots to large chunks depending on the particular brand and variety selected.

Gloss and Matte Finishes

Black quartz counters come in both glossy and matte finishes. Glossy black quartz has a shiny, reflective surface that helps enhance the striking black color. Matte black quartz has a flatter, honed look that is softer and more understated. Matte black quartz is less prone to showing fingerprints and watermarks compared to the gloss finish.

Seamless Appearance

Black quartz countertops are engineered from slabs to achieve a continuous, seamless appearance on the countertop surface. Since the material is man-made, black quartz counters can be fabricated without seams in many cases, giving a smooth uniform look. Seamless installation highlights the beautiful black color.

Stylish Modern Look

With its deep black hue and smooth seamless fabrication, black quartz countertops have a very modern, sophisticated look. The stylish appearance complements contemporary kitchens and baths with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Black quartz brings drama and luxury to these sleek, modern spaces.

Benefits of Choosing Black Quartz

Strong and Durable

While beautiful, black quartz counters are also extremely tough and durable. The quartz crystals make the engineered surface very hard and scratch-resistant, so it can withstand heavy daily use. Black quartz won’t easily scorch or stain either and stands up well to everything from hot pans to acidic foods.

Low Maintenance

Since the deep black color goes all the way through, black quartz does not require ongoing sealing or polishing. Simple cleaning with soap and water is often all that is needed to keep black quartz counters looking fresh. The non-porous material does not require special cleaners or meticulous care.


Black quartz has naturally antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of many microbes, making it a hygienic choice. The non-porous surface leaves nowhere for germs to hide. This makes black quartz an ideal option for kitchens and baths where maintaining cleanliness is a priority.


Made from natural quartz crystals and polymer resins, black quartz counters are non-toxic and safe for homes with children and those with chemical sensitivities. Black quartz won’t leach chemicals or fumes into the air unlike some other counter materials.

Stylish Customization

While predominantly black, many brands offer custom black quartz options with creative patterns, metallic flecks, or accent colors to add more design flair. Custom black quartz allows you to get the exact unique look you have in mind.

Black Quartz Countertop Brands

Popular brands offering black quartz counters include:

  • Caesarstone – Offers jet black counters along with styles like Black Tempal that mix gloss and matte finishes.
  • Cambria – Carries elegant black varieties like the deep onyx-colored Brittanicca.
  • Silestone – Makes a striking black quartz called Eternal Noir with luminous gray veining.
  • Vicostone – Vicostone’s Quartz Onyx line includes an ebony black option with white quartz flakes.
  • LG Viatera – Creates a sophisticated black quartz with subtle natural stone-like patterns.

Costs of Black Quartz Countertops

Black quartz is one of the more expensive countertop materials, though it may be comparable to premium granite or marble. On average, expect to pay $80 – $120 per square foot installed for black quartz counters. The final cost will depend on the specifics of your project including:

  • Brand of quartz selected
  • Amount of material needed
  • Complexity of installation/fabrication
  • Regional labor costs
  • Other factors like optional edge profiles or backsplashes

While not cheap, keep in mind that black quartz is an investment that will last for decades with proper care. The cost is worthwhile for the stylish appearance, extreme durability, and low maintenance.

Should You Choose Black Quartz?

If you are considering a dramatic, contemporary look for your kitchen or bath remodeling project, black quartz counters are an excellent choice. The deep black surface makes a bold style statement and pairs beautifully with other monochromatic tones and finishes. Black quartz is especially well suited for modern, urban lofts and spaces with modern architectural elements. Keep in mind that black can make a smaller space feel more closed in, so the bold color is best used in larger, airy rooms. Black quartz requires some extra care to keep free from visible smudges and fingerprints which can detract from the striking appearance. With some basic maintenance, black quartz provides a head-turning, luxurious look.

FAQ About Black Quartz Countertops

Does black quartz stain easily?

No, black quartz counters are non-porous so liquid and foods will not penetrate or stain the surface. However, some acidic substances like wine or juice can potentially etch the surface, so spills should be cleaned up promptly.

Is black quartz hard to maintain?

Black quartz is quite low maintenance overall. Simple wiping with a soft cloth and mild soap and water is usually adequate for regular cleaning. It does require more frequent wipe-downs to keep the dark surface free of visible dust and fingerprints compared to lighter quartz colors.

Does black quartz get hot?

Yes, the dark black coloring can absorb heat from hot pots and pans, and the quartz material conducts heat well. Using trivets and hot pads is recommended to prevent burning fingers or damaging the counters.

Can you repair scratches in black quartz?

Minor scratches in black quartz can often be carefully sanded and buffed out by a professional stone fabricator. Deeper gouges may be permanently visible. The good news is black quartz is very scratch resistant compared to other natural stones.

Is black quartz eco-friendly?

While not 100% natural stone, quartz counters are an environmentally-friendly choice compared to many other synthetics. Made primarily from abundant natural quartz, the material contains recycled content. Black quartz counters can last a lifetime with proper care, reducing waste.


With its luxurious black color and smooth modern styling, black quartz counters offer a fashionable way to transform kitchens and bathrooms. The deep dark shades add drama and sophistication to any space while quartz provides the durability to withstand decades of busy use. Thanks to its non-porous, antibacterial, and chemical-free composition, black quartz also keeps homes safer and healthier. While an investment, black quartz counters reward homeowners with head-turning looks combined with practical performance. With the right creative vision, black quartz can help create a contemporary dream space that wows.