What Color Quartz Countertops With Cherry Cabinets

Choosing the perfect countertop color to complement cherry cabinets can be a fun yet challenging process. The richness of cherry wood brings warmth to a kitchen, and pairing it with the right quartz countertop hue allows you to create a stylish, cohesive look. Here are some of our top recommendations for selecting a quartz countertop color for cherry cabinets.

Go Neutral

Neutral quartz countertop colors like white, cream, gray, and taupe beautifully complement cherry cabinetry. Crisp whites andivories illuminate cherry cabinets with a bright, airy ambiance. Soft grays and taupes blend seamlessly with the wood’s reddish-brown tones.

A neutral quartz counter provides a subtle backdrop that allows the beauty of the cherry grain to take center stage. It also gives you plenty of flexibility when picking accent colors for tile backsplashes, appliances, and décor.

Contrast with White

For more visual impact, go for high-contrast with a bright white quartz countertop. The stark white color plays nicely against the warm red cherry tones. It creates a striking, classic color combination that feels both modern and timeless.

White quartz has a luminous quality that makes small kitchens appear larger and brighter. It also reflects light well, so it pairs perfectly with cherry if your kitchen has limited natural lighting.

Complement with Cream

For a softer look, consider creamy quartz hues like almond, biscuit, or buttery yellow. Lighter creams have a similar brightening effect to white but are a bit more mellow.

Creams blend effortlessly with cherry cabinets, highlighting the wood’s natural pattern and intricacies. The lighter color also makes small kitchen spaces feel more open and airy. Warmer cream shades with subtle yellow undertones provide a cheerful yet sophisticated look.

Contrast with Black

If you’re looking for high visual drama, black quartz countertops offer a bold, striking contrast against rich cherry cabinets. The depth of the black color accentuates the vibrancy of the wood grain.

Black counters work especially well for largekitchens, as they tend to feel heavier and absorb light. The bold color combination of black and cherry creates an elegant, upscale aesthetic perfect for formal spaces.

Complement with Brown

For a harmonious earthy look, consider a brown quartz countertop hue that picks up on the undertones of cherry wood. Opt for lighter cappuccino browns or caramel colors that contrast just enough without clashing.

Browns in a similar shade range help unify the counters with the cherry cabinetry. The result is a warm, inviting kitchen space with lots of dimensional beauty. Darker espresso brown quartz can also complement cherry nicely, creating a sophisticated mood.

Add Visual Interest with Granite

Alternatively, you could opt for granite countertops to add lively visual texture next to the cherry cabinets. Granite comes in a myriad of colors, often with veining, speckles, and movement.

A granite color like Uba Tuba that mixes cream, brown, black, and peach tones can incorporate several colors already present in the cherry wood. The natural patterning makes for an organic, earthy aesthetic.

Questions to Consider

  • Do you prefer light or dark countertops with your cherry cabinets? Lighter counters open up smaller spaces while darker ones anchor larger kitchens.
  • What type of mood do you want to create – airy, cozy, sleek, vibrant? Your countertop color can significantly impact the overall vibe.
  • Will you use any accent colors in appliances, backsplashes, furniture? Coordinate your counters with these for a unified look.
  • Do you want your countertops to blend in or stand out from the cherry wood? Different approaches create unique styles.


The array of quartz and granite countertop options means you can find the perfect complement to cherry wood cabinets. Combining the elegance of cherry with a neutral, high-contrast, or coordinating hue results in a picture-perfect kitchen. Think about the look you love and the impressions you want to convey to narrow down colors. Then select a durable, easy-care quartz or granite that will beautifully match your cherry cabinets for years to come.

How to Choose Quartz Countertop Colors for Cherry Cabinets

Cherry wood cabinetry brings beautiful warmth and dimension to any kitchen. Choosing quartz countertops in harmonizing or contrasting tones allows you to highlight the richness of the cherry grain. Consider these tips when selecting a quartz color.

Take a Cue from the Undertones

Look closely at the varying undertones in your cherry cabinets. You may see hints of red, brown, orange, or even gray. Pick a quartz color that contains one of those hues to create a cohesive look. A peach or terra-cotta quartz with reddish tones works nicely.

Remember Darker Colors Absorb Light

The richer the quartz color, the more it will absorb light rather than reflect it like lighter colors. If your kitchen lacks abundant natural light, go for a lighter quartz to keep things bright and airy.

Combine Neutrals with Pops of Color

A neutral quartz in white, gray or cream opens you up to add pops of color elsewhere. Boldly colored appliances, tile backsplashes, and décor contrast beautifully with neutral countertops.

Know Your Style

Do you want your kitchen to feel breezy and relaxed or elegant and dramatic? Your countertop color sends certain style messages. Soft beiges promote the former while stark blacks the latter.

Envision the Full Space

Picture your finished kitchen before deciding. What colors and materials will you use for the floors, walls, and backsplash? Consider how the countertops will look alongside everything else visually.

See Quartz Samples In Person

Quartz can look different in real life than on a website. Visit a showroom to view slabs in various lighting. You may be surprised by how some hues complement the cherry better than expected.

Contrast Level is Key

High color contrast between the cherry cabinets and quartz makes each stand out, lending dramatic flair. Low contrast unifies the two elements for subtle sophistication. Decide the look you’re aiming for.

By thoughtfully assessing which quartz tones align best with your cherry cabinetry, you’re sure to end up with a beautiful, integrated design that stands the test of time.

Quartz Colors That Work Best with Cherry Cabinets

Cherry wood cabinets bring undeniable warmth and elegance to a kitchen. Certain quartz countertop colors have an innate ability to enhance the beauty of the rich, reddish-brown cherry tones. Here are some of our top quartz color recommendations.

Creamy Whites

Crisp, creamy whites look gorgeous against cherry cabinets. The subtle cream aspect warms up stark bright white for a soft, welcoming vibe. Biscuit, buttery yellow, and almond white quartz offer just enough subtle pigment to prevent a clinical feel.

Light Grays

Light grays, especially those with brownish undertones, complement cherry wood perfectly. The gray nicely balances out redness for a more neutral effect. Light gray quartz reads brighter and cooler than brown or beige but still feels organic.


For a soothing earthy look, try beige quartz. Colors like oatmeal, camel, or taupe pick up on browns present in cherry. The redder the beige, the more seamlessly it pairs. With beige countertops, cherry cabinets take on a relaxed, approachable feel.

Espresso Browns

Deep coffee-brown quartz offers just enough contrast from cherry cabinets to add intrigue without clashing. The darker color nicely balances light walls. Espresso brown makes cherry cabinets the focal point while still feeling unified.


For high-impact drama, black quartz countertops create an eye-catching pairing with cherry. The bold black color intensifies the vibrancy and richness of the wood grain. This sophisticated combo works in larger kitchens that can handle the weight of black.


Multi-toned granite countertops with speckles pick up on the nuances in cherry wood. Colors like Uba Tuba that incorporate brown, peach, black, and cream beautifully complement the cabinets. Granite’s natural veining provides liveliness.

By thoughtfully selecting a hue that interplays well with cherry, you can choose quartz or granite countertops that highlight the very best qualities of your cabinets.

Design Styles that Complement Cherry Cabinets with Quartz Countertops

Cherry cabinetry and quartz countertops can adapt to fit a wide array of kitchen design motifs. Here are some of the most popular kitchen styles perfectly suited to this winning combo:


A transitional kitchen seamlessly blends elements of traditional and contemporary design. Cherry cabinets offer timeless traditional charm while quartz counters provide modern day durability and ease. Creamy neutral quartz colors keep the look timeless.

Rustic Farmhouse

Cherry cabinets give a rustic farmhouse kitchen natural warmth. Quartz options like brown, beige, or butcher block style provide an earthy feel reminiscent of country living. Accent with communal dining tables and pendant lighting for full farmhouse ambiance.


Sleek contemporary kitchens benefit from the juxtaposition of ultra-modern quartz countertops with classic cherry cabinets. Crisp white or black quartz plays well against the traditional cherry. Stainless steel appliances reinforce the contemporary edge.


Cherry cabinets align perfectly with Craftsman design, known for rich wood tones. Quartz countertops in light natural hues like gray or cream complement the wood’s handcrafted artistry. Architectural details like exposed beams or coffered ceilings full the aesthetic.


For a traditional kitchen with time-tested appeal, cherry cabinets and a neutral quartz color can’t miss. Earthy beiges and taupes complement the classic cherry. Ornate hardware, raised panel doors, and ceramic backsplashes reinforce the traditional feeling.

The visual interest of quartz paired with cherry’s undeniable beauty fit wonderfully in many decorating styles. Whether you prefer a sleek contemporary space or cozy farmhouse, this winning combination checks all the boxes.

How To Choose A Backsplash Color For Cherry Cabinets and Quartz Countertops

Choosing a backsplash color that works in harmony with both cherry cabinets and quartz countertops ensures your kitchen elements tie together beautifully. Consider these tips for picking the perfect backsplash hue.

Repeat Quartz Color

Selecting the same color for the backsplash as the quartz countertops creates a seamless, monochromatic look. The uniformity lends a soothing, spacious impression.

Contrast with Darker Color

Go bold with a richly colored backsplash like navy or charcoal that pops against neutral quartz and cherry cabinets. The deeper color grounds the lighter hues.

Accent with a Lighter Color

Conversely, lighter backsplash colors in soft greys, tans, or light granite provide relief from darker cherry and quartz. This approach keeps things bright and cheery.

Complement Undertones

Identify undertones in the cherry and quartz, like grays or browns. Then choose a backsplash containing those tones to tie everything together.

Make It Textured

Natural stone, ceramic tile, or glass tile backsplashes add eye-catching texture. Their multicolored, layered effect beautifully complements smooth quartz and woodsy cherry.

Incorporate Metallic Accents

For a glamorous touch, bring in metallic like oil-rubbed bronze or silver travertine tiles. Metallics shine against the quartz and cherry to jazz up traditional spaces.

Create Vintage Appeal

Subway tiles, penny tiles, or retro monochrome patterns give a nod to the past. Their nostalgic charm blends the old and new – just like your classic cherry cabinets and modern quartz.

With limitless backsplash options, it’s easy to find the perfect color, material and style to seamlessly marry quartz counters with cherry cabinetry. Choose wisely to craft a unified, aesthetically stunning kitchen design.

FAQs About Cherry Cabinets with Quartz Countertops

What color quartz goes best with Knotty Cherry cabinets?

Lighter toned quartz in soft creams, grays and taupes nicely complement the red hue of knotty cherry. Crisp white quartz also pairs beautifully.

Do you recommend a granite or quartz countertop with cherry cabinets?

Either option works well. Granite provides an earthy, speckled pattern while quartz offers a smoother uniform appearance. Quartz is nearly maintenance-free, which is a big perk.

What wall color looks good with cherry cabinets and quartz countertops?

Softer neutral wall colors like greige, tan, pale yellow, or light blue green coordinate seamlessly with cherry and quartz. White walls keep things bright and airy.

Can you mix wood types, like oak floors with cherry cabinets and quartz counters?

Absolutely! Blending wood stains and species adds depth and visual interest. Just be sure to coordinate undertones so the woods complement rather than clash.

What type of flooring options work well with cherry cabinets and quartz?

Wood or wood-look vinyl plank flooring provides natural warmth. Tile or natural stone complement the countertops nicely. And seamless easy-clean laminate wears well in kitchen spaces.

What color appliances look best with cherry cabinets and quartz countertops?

Stainless steel appliances pair excellently with both materials. White, black, or vintage looking appliances also coordinate seamlessly. Go for an accent shade like cobalt blue for pop.

How do you take care of cherry wood cabinets?

Use a wood cleaner and polish made for cherry wood every few months. Avoid harsh chemicals. Clean up spills promptly to prevent lasting stains and damage.

What should you avoid putting on quartz countertops?

Quartz is impressively durable, but avoid exposing it to strong chemicals like paint removers or oven cleaners. Quartz can also stain if not sealed properly. Follow manufacturer guidelines.

How do you clean and disinfect quartz countertops?

For routine cleaning, soap and water or a mild non-bleach cleaner works well. For disinfecting, look for an EPA-approved disinfectant formulated for stone.

Combining the elegance of cherry cabinets with quartz countertops creates a picture-perfect kitchen. With the right complementary colors and attention to care, this winning combo can bring warmth, beauty and functionality to your space for years on end.


Cherry wood cabinetry brings timeless beauty and a rich, inviting feel to kitchen spaces. Paired with quartz countertops in harmonizing neutral, high-contrast, or matching earth tones, the look comes together seamlessly. Choosing lighter hues opens up smaller kitchens, while darker tones provide grounding in larger spaces.

Be sure to view quartz samples in person to see how the interplay of colors works in real life. Look at your space holistically to select a backsplash that ties the whole aesthetic together. With quality materials like hardy cherry wood and quartz, some forethought on colors, and proper care, you’re sure to enjoy this winning combination for decades to come.