What Color Quartz Countertops Go with Maple Cabinets

Maple cabinets are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their light and natural wood tones. When paired with the right countertop, maple cabinets can look absolutely stunning in any kitchen. One of the most popular countertop materials to pair with maple cabinets is quartz. Quartz countertops come in a wide range of colors and patterns that can complement the warm, honey tones of maple cabinets beautifully. Here is an in-depth look at the best quartz countertop colors to pair with maple cabinets.

Warm Neutral Tones

Quartz countertops that feature warm, neutral tones are an excellent choice to pair with maple cabinets. Light beige, cream, ivory, and tan quartz hues will accentuate the soft yellow undertones of maple cabinets nicely. Warm grays that lean towards taupe are also a great option. These muted, earthy quartz colors complement the maple wood grains without clashing or competing.

Some popular quartz color options in warm neutral tones that look fantastic with maple cabinets include:

  • Almondine – A light almond color with brown and grey veining. This creamy quartz pairs nicely with the light brown hues of maple.
  • Bianco Drift – A very light quartz with a subtle grey undertone. This color beautifully highlights maple’s natural pattern.
  • Vanilla Cream – A warm ivory color with sandy brown speckles. This quartz brings out maple’s light yellow tones.
  • Dakota – A light brown quartz with grey veins. This quartz adds nice contrast and visual interest against maple cabinets.
  • White Storm – A very light quartz with grey veining. This bright white quartz makes maple cabinets really pop.

Earthy Browns

Earthy brown quartz countertops are also an excellent choice for pairing with maple cabinets. Since maple already has golden brown undertones, quartz colors with similar warm earth tones will blend nicely together for a coherent look.

Some gorgeous earthy brown quartz options for maple cabinets include:

  • Sandstorm – A light brown quartz with grey and taupe speckles. Complements maple’s brown grains.
  • Desert Brown – A creamy milk chocolate brown quartz color. Contrasts beautifully against light maple.
  • Brown Pearl – A rich brown quartz with black speckles. Adds bold contrast with maple cabinets.
  • Mocha Cream – A creamy light brown quartz with grey veins. Accentuates maple’s yellow undertones.
  • Topaz – A golden brown quartz color with dark brown flecks. Brings out the golden hues in maple wood.

Soft Greys

Soft, muted grey quartz colors can also pair quite nicely with maple cabinets. Greys with brown or taupe undertones rather than stark greys work best to complement maple’s warm wood tones. The subtle grey hues add light contrast while still harmonizing with the maple color palette.

Some splendid soft grey quartz options for maple cabinets include:

  • London Grey – A light grey with faint brown veining. Adds subtle contrast against maple cabinets.
  • Divine Grey – A very light grey-beige quartz. Has just enough grey to offset the maple while staying neutral.
  • Kenai Grey – A muted medium grey quartz with black speckles. Provides more color contrast with maple cabinets.
  • Twilight Grey – A soft grey-brown quartz. Complements the brown grains and yellow hues in maple.
  • Gobi Grey – A light taupe-grey quartz. Subtly offsets light maple cabinets for added visual interest.

Avoid Stark Whites & Bolds

It is generally best to avoid very stark, crisp whites and bold dark colors with maple cabinets. Bright white quartz counters can look harsh against maple’s soft natural wood tones, while very dark quartz colors like black, navy or deep red will overwhelm the lighter maple aesthetic.

Quartz colors that are too strongly contrasting against maple may create a disjointed, clashing look rather than a harmonious, blended aesthetic. Soft whites, beiges, browns and greys will complement maple cabinets far better than very bold or very crisp white counters.

The Best Overall Quartz Colors for Maple Cabinets

If you want a foolproof quartz color that will look absolutely beautiful paired with maple cabinets, opt for soft neutral tones in the white/beige/tan color family. Colors like Almondine, Bianco Drift, and Vanilla Cream are almost universally flattering against golden maple.

For something slightly bolder, go for pretty browns like Sandstorm or Topaz quartz. And soft greys like London Grey and Gobi Grey also make a gorgeous counterpoint to maple’s golden wood grains.

With so many lovely quartz options to choose from, you really can’t go wrong pairing this versatile countertop material with warm, inviting maple cabinets for a kitchen that looks casually elegant.

Unique Quartz Patterns to Complement Maple Cabinets

Beyond just color, the pattern and visual texture of a quartz countertop will also impact how it pairs with maple cabinets. Quartz offers stunning patterns and visual details that can enhance maple’s natural beauty.

Here are some gorgeous quartz pattern options that work especially well with maple cabinetry:

  • Subtle veins – Thin grey or brown veins add natural beauty against maple wood grain.
  • Speckles – Small flecks of darker mineral colors (black, brown, grey) provide visual interest.
  • Aggregated look – Coarser quartz pieces with more distinct color variations offer bold contrast.
  • Mottled – Slight color block variation produces an earthy, marbled effect.
  • Minimal patterns – Less busy quartz patterns without heavy veining or speckling show off the maple best.

Quartz Edges that Complement Maple Cabinets

The edge style of your quartz countertop is another important design choice. A straight, minimal edge is usually best to keep the focus on stunning maple cabinets. But some other edge styles that work nicely include:

  • Flat edge – A simple, squared off edge profile maintains a clean, minimalist look.
  • Mitered edge – The quartz is cut at a 45 degree angle for a more polished, finished corner.
  • Bullnose edge – A gentle rounded edge softens the hard lines of the countertop-to-cabinet transition.
  • Dupont edge – A small lip or ridge contours the counter’s bottom edge. Adds subtle detail.
  • Ogee edge – A slight graceful curve on the counter’s bottom creates a subtle profile.

Backsplashes that Work Well with Maple Cabinets

Pairing maple cabinets and quartz counters with the right backsplash can really pull the whole kitchen design together beautifully.

Some backsplash materials and colors that coordinate wonderfully with maple cabinets and quartz counters include:

  • Subway tile in cream, white, light grey, tan
  • Marble or granite slab in neutral tones
  • Mosaic tile in warm brown, beige, toasted yellow
  • Travertine in tan or cream
  • Porcelain, ceramic or glass tile with warm earth tones
  • Natural stone like sandstone, limestone, onyx

Keep backsplash colors in a similar color family as the cabinets and counters for visual continuity. Contrasting edges and grout lines in the backsplash can add nice accent details.

Styles of Maple Cabinets to Match with Quartz

There are several distinct maple cabinet door styles that pair well with quartz. The most popular maple cabinet options include:

Shaker Style

The classic shaker style features a simple flat center panel and clean squared off edges. This versatile style complements almost any quartz color.

Slab Style

Slab cabinet doors have a minimalist, seamless surface and edge-to-edge look. Quartz counters with low-key, neutral patterns match this streamlined style nicely.

Raised Panel

Raised panel maple cabinets have a more traditional look with a prominent center panel that is slightly curved or edged. Richer quartz colors and patterns pair well with the more embellished raised panel style.

Glass Front

Glass front maple cabinets lend an open, airy feel. Light or vibrantly colored quartz counters offset the transparent cabinet fronts attractively.

Avoiding Clashes with Maple Cabinets

To avoid clashing or mismatching your quartz countertop with maple cabinets, steer clear of:

  • Very bold, dark quartz colors like black, dark red or navy blue.
  • Stark white or very light quartz counters that are too harsh next to the softer maple tones.
  • Busy quartz patterns like intricate swirls or speckles that compete with maple’s wood grain.
  • Loud, colorful quartz materials that overwhelm the neutral maple palette.

Stick with complementary tones and minimal patterns for the most pleasing maple and quartz color pairing in your kitchen.

FAQ About Quartz Colors for Maple Cabinets

What is the most popular quartz color for maple cabinets?

Light beige and cream quartz colors like Almondine are generally the most popular and failproof options for pairing with maple cabinets. Soft whites and warm grays are also common pairings.

What quartz color makes maple cabinets look more modern?

Grey quartz colors like London Grey and Gobi Grey give maple cabinets a more contemporary, trendy look compared to traditional cream counters.

Can you pair a dark quartz with maple cabinets?

While very bold dark quartz colors are not ideal, you can pair certain earthy dark brown quartz options like Brown Pearl or Topaz nicely with maple cabinets as long as you balance the heavy quartz color with plenty of light wall/floor tones.

What quartz patterns look best with maple cabinets?

Subtle quartz patterns like thin grey veins, small speckles, a coarse aggregated look, or slight marbling/mottling complement maple cabinetry well. Avoid quartz that is too busy or competes with maple’s wood grain.

What quartz edge profiles look good with maple cabinets?

Straight minimal edges or slightly rounded/curved edges like bullnose or ogee complement maple cabinets nicely. Ornate or overly embellished edges tend to clash with maple’s simple lines.


With the right quartz countertop color and pattern, you can accentuate the gorgeous grain and warm hues of maple cabinets for a beautifully coordinated kitchen design. Soft neutral tones, earthy browns, and muted greys are all fantastic quartz options that allow the beauty of maple cabinetry to take center stage. Keep patterns minimal and edges simple for a seamless look. With maple and quartz, you truly can’t go wrong creating a kitchen that looks refined, inviting and naturally elegant.