What Color Quartz Countertops Go with Honey Oak Cabinets?

Warm Neutrals

Honey oak cabinets have warm, golden undertones. Quartz countertop colors in creams, tans, light browns, and other warm neutrals will blend nicely with the wood tones.

Crema Marfil Quartz

A light cream color like Crema Marfil quartz has just enough warmth to coordinate with honey oak without matching exactly. The soft neutral backdrop allows the wood grain in the cabinets to stand out.

Beach Sand Quartz

For a slightly darker neutral, consider a color like Beach Sand. The golden brown tones in this quartz look stunning with honey oak cabinets, creating a harmonious and organic pairing.

Chenille Quartz

With a mix of cream and gray tones, Chenille quartz has subtle movement that pairs seamlessly with honey oak. The gray veining provides visual interest against the wood cabinetry.

Earthy Tones

Since honey oak has reddish undertones, earthy quartz colors containing terra cottas, taupes, and light browns also combine well.

Tuscan Sun Quartz

Tuscan Sun evokes the colors of a sunset, blending beige, brown, and red tones. This vibrant quartz looks bold and beautiful with the rich hue of honey oak cabinets.

Doe Valley Quartz

The grayish beige color of Doe Valley quartz has just a hint of brown that brings out the warmth in the oak. It’s an understated look perfect for traditional kitchens.

Beach House Quartz

With distinct flecks of brown and gray, Beach House quartz has an organic, sand-like appearance. The earthy tones are hand-picked to match honey oak cabinets.

Gray Quartz

While cool grays usually pair better with silver-toned woods, the right shades can also complement honey oak’s warm reddish hue.

London Gray Quartz

London Gray is a light gray with a slight brownish tint that flatters honey oak cabinets. The cool color contrasts nicely with the wood’s warmth.

Nightfall Quartz

Nightfall is a darker charcoal gray with brown undertones. The rich color acts as a bold neutral backdrop for honey oak’s natural beauty.

Sagebrush Quartz

With light brown mixed in with gray, the soft quartz color Sagebrush avoids clashing with honey oak cabinets. The colors intermingle seamlessly.

Avoid Stark Contrasts

When selecting a quartz for honey oak cabinets, it’s best to avoid colors with a stark contrast. Pure whites, jet blacks, and bright tones don’t blend as harmoniously.

Whites can appear too clinical alongside the wood, while dark quartz counters will be too somber and heavy next to the warm oak.BRIGHT colors like reds and blues are also likely to clash instead of complementing.

See Quartz Counters in Person

When trying to find the perfect quartz color for your honey oak cabinets, viewing options in person is ideal. The colors can vary slightly from the online photos or samples. Seeing full quartz slabs alongside your cabinets is the best way to make sure you love the combination.

Complementary Backsplashes

In addition to the quartz counters, consider a backsplash that will look cohesive with the honey oak cabinets. Natural stone like marble, travertine, or slate can create an organic kitchen aesthetic. Tile with warm earth tones and subtle patterns also pairs nicely with honey oak.

FAQ About Quartz Counters with Honey Oak Cabinets

Should I match my quartz countertop color to my honey oak cabinets exactly?

It’s generally best not to match cabinet and countertop colors exactly. Having some contrast creates visual interest. Quartz colors in a similar tone but slightly lighter or darker than the oak often look best.

What finish on quartz works best with honey oak cabinets?

Matte or lightly textured quartz finishes make a nice pairing with the visible wood grain in honey oak cabinets. High-gloss finishes can provide too much contrast and appear incongruous with the classic oak style.

Is white quartz a good choice for honey oak cabinets?

Pure white quartz is quite stark against warm honey oak. But soft whites with cream, gray, or beige undertones can complement the cabinets nicely. A few grayish white options are Frosty Carrina, Cirrus White, and Whisper White.

Should I consider veining patterns when choosing my quartz?

Yes, the veining color and density in a quartz can impact how it pairs with cabinets. Medium veining in earth tones usually complements honey oak well. Minimal veining keeps the focus on the wood grain.

How do I pick a quartz thickness to match my honey oak cabinets?

Standard kitchen quartz thickness is 3 cm, which works well with most cabinet styles. Go thicker if you want a more substantial look. Lighter tones like white quartz can handle a thinner 1-2 cm profile next to honey oak cabinets.

Can I put a dark quartz with my honey oak cabinets?

Some dark quartzes like black, charcoal, or crimson red will likely clash with warm honey oak. But darker earth tones like truffle gray, chocolate, or tan brown can pair nicely if you want a bold contrast. See the slabs in person to find a rich shade that complements the oak cabinets.


With their warm, reddish-brown tone, honey oak cabinets require a versatile countertop material like quartz to match them beautifully. By choosing quartz colors in complimentary neutrals, earthy tones, and specific shades of gray, you can create a cohesive look that makes both the countertop and oak cabinets shine. Seeing quartz slabs and cabinetry paired together will ensure you find the perfect nuanced color that makes your kitchen look warm, welcoming and naturally elegant. With a style all its own, the combination of honey oak cabinets and quartz countertops can’t be beat.