What Color Quartz Countertop Goes with Cherry Cabinets?

Choosing the right countertop color to pair with cherry cabinets can be a tricky decision. The rich, warm red tones of cherry cabinets demand a countertop hue that complements without clashing. Quartz offers homeowners an extremely durable and low-maintenance option that comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. With so many choices, it can be overwhelming to select the perfect quartz countertop to match those gorgeous cherry cabinets. This guide will explore the most popular and attractive options to help you make the best choice.

Go Neutral with White or Cream Quartz

One foolproof approach is to choose a neutral white or cream quartz countertop. The light color will brighten up the look of the cherry cabinets and provide a subtle, elegant contrast.

A pure white quartz is a popular choice as it makes the space feel clean and airy. It also allows the beautiful cherry grain to take center stage. However, all-white can feel stark and clinical to some. Opting for an off-white quartz with a hint of cream or grey veining can provide a softer, more relaxed feel.

When paired with rich cherry cabinets, a neutral white or cream quartz exudes traditional charm perfect for a farmhouse or cottage style kitchen. It’s a look that will stand the test of time.

Contrast with Black Quartz

For a more dramatic, modern aesthetic, consider a black quartz countertop. This high-contrast combo highlights the glow of the cherry wood against an ultra-dark backdrop. It’s an edgy, contemporary choice suited to urban lofts and sleek, minimalist kitchen designs.

Black quartz comes in many options from solid matte black to styles with shimmering metal flecks or bold white veining. Choosing a style with some texture or detailing can keep the look from feeling too dark and overpowering next to the cherry cabinets.

Polished black quartz also beautifully reflects light to add dimension and subtle drama. Just take care to note if the particular brand fingerprints easily, as black quartz can show smudges.

Warm Up with Brown Quartz

For those seeking a cozy, coordinated look, various shades of brown quartz make an excellent match for cherry cabinets. Matching tones in the same color family creates a harmonious, blended aesthetic.

A medium brown quartz in a neutral beige-brown spectrum adds warmth while avoiding a matchy-matchy look. Darker chocolate brown quartz makes a lovely pairing with the red undertones of the cherry wood.

Brown quartz with dramatic grey veining or a polished finish helps add visual interest and depth. Neutral brown quartz countertops with cherry cabinets exude natural coziness perfect for traditional home styles.

Try a Tan or Greige Quartz

Another great option in the neutral realm is a tan or greige (grey/beige) quartz. These versatile tones add a subtle pop of color against cherry cabinets while still remaining neutral enough not to clash.

Greige quartz often displays attractive grey streaks and whorls that contrast beautifully with the vibrant cherry grain. Tan quartz offers a creamy richness that flatters the cabinetry. Subtle quartz patterns like fine speckles enhance the natural look.

Greige and tan quartz offer the best of both worlds –injecting the space with a hint of color while still coordinating effortlessly with the cherry cabinets. The versatility suits any design style from modern to traditional.

Complement with Green Quartz

Don’t overlook green as an eye-catching accent shade for cherry cabinets. A light mint or sage quartz provides a soothing, nature-inspired vibe. Dark emerald green quartz makes a dramatic, luxurious statement.

Green quartz with brown, black or white veining gives visual depth and interest to prevent an all-green palette from appearing flat. Green quartz paired with warm cherry cabinets and wood flooring creates an organic yet elegant kitchen vibe.

Vibrant green quartz daringly plays up the red undertones in the cherry wood. More mellow green-grey quartz softly complements the cabinetry. There are so many green quartz options to mix and match with those cherry cabinets.


Should I match my quartz countertop exactly to my cherry cabinets?

It’s generally best not to match cabinetry and countertops exactly. Having some contrast creates visual interest and dimension. Complementary tones in the same color family are ideal. Neutrals like white quartz also pair beautifully with cherry cabinets without matching exactly.

What finish on quartz looks best with cherry cabinets?

Matte or softly brushed quartz finishes nicely complement the silky smooth look of cherry cabinets. High-shine polished quartz could potentially clash or appear overly busy. However, a lightly polished quartz can add subtle sheen.

What about other countertop materials like granite?

Granite and other natural stone materials can also pair beautifully with cherry cabinets. Look for granites in cream, beige, brown, or black color families. White marbles like Carrara are a classic choice. There are pros and cons when weighing granite vs. quartz with cherry cabinets.

Should I match my backsplash to my quartz countertop or cherry cabinets?

It’s generally best to match your backsplash color to your countertops rather than your cabinet color. Having the countertops and backsplash coordinate creates a unified look. Use backsplash tile textures and patterns to add visual variety.


Cherry cabinets offer a timeless warmth and elegance to kitchen design. Choosing the perfect coordinating quartz countertop color may come down to personal taste and overall style vision. Popular options like white, black, brown, and greige quartz provide foolproof pairings. Seeking a bit more color? Green, tan, or cream quartz complement cherry beautifully. At the end of the day, you can confidently mix and match quartz with those gorgeous cherry cabinets for a look you’ll love. Just stay within coordinating color families and balance hard edges with visual texture and warmth. With the unlimited options quartz provides, you’re sure to find your perfect match!