What Color of Quartz Countertops Goes with Almond Cabinets?

Whites and Creams

A white or cream quartz countertop is a timeless choice that will brighten up a kitchen with almond cabinets. The clean, bright white provides contrast against the soft almond tone while reflecting light to make the space feel open and airy. Some good white and cream quartz options include:

  • Pure White – A crisp, clean white with no flecks.
  • Antarctic – A bright white with faint gray veining.
  • Lyra – A creamy white with subtle grey and brown veining.
  • Dreamy White – A warm white with a subtle golden undertone.

Whites and creams elegantly complement the almond cabinets without clashing. They create a light and airy ambiance that feels both modern and classic. The neutral palette also allows you to add pops of color through accessories.

Light Grays

Light gray quartz also pairs beautifully with almond cabinets, providing subtle contrast while maintaining a cohesive monochromatic color scheme. Light grays to consider include:

  • Silver Gray – A cool, icy gray with silver flecks.
  • Cirrus – A pale smokey gray with dark gray veining.
  • Modern Gray – A medium-toned gray with faint brown flecks.
  • Wolf – A warm, beige-influenced gray.

The muted grays add sleek modern flair to the traditional almond cabinets. The pairing feels both serene and stylish. The gray tones reflect light to keep the space feeling open.

Beiges and Browns

Since almond cabinets have golden, brownish undertones, beiges and browns make for natural pairings. Choosing a quartz in a lighter beige or tan hue will provide enough contrast against the almond while tying into the same color family. Some options include:

  • Beach – A sandy beige with brown and white flecks.
  • Desert Quartzite – A light camel color with golden flecks.
  • Organic – A light brown with faint gray veining.
  • Dolomiti – A creamy beige-gray with white swirls.

Beiges and lighter browns bring out the warmth in the almond color. The coordinated color scheme creates a welcoming, organic look perfect for traditional or farmhouse style kitchens. Darker browns can also work with almond, but provide higher contrast.


For a bold, dramatic contrast against almond cabinets, a black quartz countertop is a striking choice. Some good black quartz options include:

  • Jet Black – A pure black with a polished finish.
  • Midnight Quartz – A black with faint gray veining.
  • Eclipse – A black with metallic gray flecks.
  • Onyx Black – A solid black with white veining.

The bold black countertop will make the almond cabinets really stand out, creating an elegant, contemporary style. Keep the rest of the kitchen light to prevent the black from feeling too dark and heavy. Black quartz countertops are trendy and timeless for modern kitchen designs.


Quartz countertops provide stylish, durable options to pair with almond cabinets. Whites, creams, light grays, beiges, browns, and black quartz will all complement almond cabinets beautifully. Consider the look you want to achieve and your own color preferences. Any of these hues will create a pulled-together, harmonious look. When selecting a specific quartz slab, pay attention to any veining or patterns to ensure it works with your cabinet style and the overall kitchen aesthetic. With the right quartz choice, you can create a kitchen design with almond cabinets that feels fresh, contemporary and uniquely you.