What Color is Cemento Suede Silestone Quartz Countertops?

Cemento Suede is a popular quartz countertop color from Silestone that features warm beige and gray tones. It creates a neutral, yet stylish look that complements both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs. Here is a detailed overview of what color Cemento Suede quartz countertops are and how they can enhance your home’s decor.

An Overview of Cemento Suede Silestone

Silestone is a leading brand of engineered quartz countertops that is known for its durability, low maintenance, and variety of color options. Cemento Suede is one of their most popular neutral colors. Here are some key facts about this quartz:

  • Color Tones: Features a blend of warm beige, light brown, and gray tones. The overall look is a neutral canvas.
  • Finish: Has a matte finish that minimizes smudges and fingerprints.
  • Patterns: No strong veining or patterns. Has a subtle sandy texture.
  • Versatility: Works well in both modern and traditional kitchen settings. Provides a clean, transitional look.

Cemento Suede allows you to add visual interest to your kitchen through accent colors and decor rather than a showy countertop. Its understated, organic look makes it easy to pair with many design styles.

Describing the Beige and Gray Colors

So what do the beige and gray tones in Cemento Suede quartz actually look like? Here is a detailed color breakdown:

Light Beige Background

The background color is a very light beige. It features subtle hints of cream and has a stonelike appearance. This prevents the countertop from looking too soft or warm.

Gray Undertones

While the background is beige, Cemento Suede has distinctive gray undertones. Cooler grays are blended throughout, giving the quartz a more modern, concrete look. The gray veining is minimal and understated.

Hints of Brown

There are faint hints of light brown mixed into the beige and gray tones. This adds depth and keeps the color palette natural and organic looking. The brown is subtle and comes across as sandy discoloration rather than strong veining.

Absence of Cream

Some beiges take on a creamy, almond-like tone. Cemento Suede avoids this with its blend of gray, beige, and faint brown. There is no distinct cream color visible. This makes it more neutral.

The combination of these colors creates a quartz with a softness from the beige paired with the modern edge of gray. Depending on the lighting, the beige or gray undertones may be more apparent, but the overall look remains natural and muted.

Ideal Pairings with Cemento Suede Quartz

The versatility of Cemento Suede quartz makes it easy to pair with many kitchen design styles and materials. Here are some of the best pairings:

Stainless Steel Appliances

Matching the cool gray veining with stainless steel appliances creates a harmonious contemporary look. Stainless steel and Cemento Suede have similar neutral tones that complement each other beautifully.

White and Gray Cabinets

White or light gray cabinets allow the subtle tones of the quartz to take center stage. Gray cabinets, in particular, emphasize the concrete-like undertones. These light cabinets prevent clashing colors.

Natural Wood Accents

Natural finishes like wood flooring, butcher block, and wood bar stools nicely pick up on the light brown tones within the quartz. This enhances the organic look.

Navy or Green Accents

For a pop of color, navy or olive green glass backsplashes or accent walls pair well with Cemento Suede. These richer colors make the beige-gray quartz pop.

Black Features

A deep charcoal black island base or matching black hardware can contrast nicely with the lighter Cemento Suede countertop. This creates a more dramatic, upscale look.

With the right pairings, Cemento Suede quartz can fit modern, transitional, rustic, and traditional kitchen designs. The natural coloration allows for lots of creativity.

Benefits of Choosing Cemento Suede Countertops

Why choose Cemento Suede over other Silestone colors or quartz brands? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Neutral Look: Its soft neutral tones allow you to add color through decor rather than a bold countertop.
  • Matte Finish: The matte texture helps hide fingerprints and watermarks that can plague glossy surfaces. It remains looking clean.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Non-porous quartz resists stains and etching, unlike natural stone. Cemento Suede is easy to care for.
  • Durability: Silestone offers excellent durability and scratch resistance compared to granite or marble. It can handle heavy usage.
  • Seamless Look: Large format quartz gives the look of a solid surface rather than having pronounced seams.
  • Versatility: Matches contemporary, modern, industrial, retro, rustic, and traditional aesthetics with ease.

If you want a durable, stylish countertop that offers a light, neutral base for the rest of your kitchen design, Cemento Suede is an excellent choice. The soft yet cool tones provide the best of both worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cemento Suede more beige or gray?

Cemento Suede is characterized more by its light beige background rather than the gray undertones. However, the gray veining does add character and dimension. Overall, it features a blend of both depending on the lighting.

How does Cemento Suede compare to other neutrals like white quartz?

While white quartz offers a crisp, bright look, Cemento Suede provides more depth with its blend of beige, gray, and brown tones. The overall effect is much softer and more natural than a pure white quartz.

What tile backsplash goes well with Cemento Suede quartz?

Tile colors like white marble, light gray, beige, navy, sage, or cobalt blue all complement Cemento Suede beautifully. Neutral stone or ceramic tiles are safe options.

What cabinent colors pair with Cemento Suede countertops?

Light gray, white, navy, black, or neutral stained wood cabinets all work well with Cemento Suede. Avoid cabinets that are too orange, red, yellow, or green as those colors may clash.

Is Cemento Suede a warm or cool toned gray?

Cemento Suede has both subtle warm beige tones and cool gray tones within its color mix. Overall, it falls somewhere in the middle as a neutral gray-beige quartz option.

Final Thoughts

Cemento Suede offers homeowners a versatile and durable countertop material with its signature blend of gray, beige, and faint brown tones. This quartz manages to pair well with stainless steel, wood accents, colored backsplashes, and a range of cabinetry from white painted to black stained wood.

With a muted, organic look, Cemento Suede quartz counters complement various design aesthetics from contemporary to farmhouse. It brings a modern yet welcoming feel to any kitchen. If you are looking for an easy-to-care for quartz in a beautiful neutral color, Cemento Suede is an excellent choice.