What Color Does Quartz Countertops Come In?

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors like white, cream, gray, and beige are popular choices for quartz countertops. They create a clean, smooth look and are easy to decorate around.


  • Pure white quartz has a bright, crisp look. It can make spaces feel open and airy.
  • Off-whites like almond or bisque have a warmer, subtle hue. They are versatile and pair well with many styles.
  • White quartz with grey veining provides visual interest while still being neutral. The veining gives depth.


  • Light greys like fog or dove have a refined yet soft look. They aren’t as stark as pure white.
  • Medium greys like cinder or ash provide more contrast. They have an urban, trendy vibe.
  • Dark charcoal greys are bold and sophisticated. They contrast nicely with stainless steel.


  • Light quartz options like cream or ivory have a welcoming, organic color. They give a natural feel.
  • Tan or biscuit quartz brings in warmth. The depth pairs well with wood cabinetry.


  • Light browns like latte or mocha inject some subtle color. They work with traditional or farmhouse aesthetics.
  • Mid-tone browns like espresso or chestnut have an earthy appeal. They complement rustic designs.

Colorful Options

For a splash of color, quartz also comes in vibrant hues and patterns. Some options include:


  • Soft sky blue quartz has a peaceful, airy look. It inspires relaxation.
  • Bold navy blue makes a dramatic statement. It feels chic and modern.
  • Blue quartz with white veining or swirling patterns adds dimension.


  • Natural green quartz resembles jade or malachite. It brings serenity and harmony.
  • Vibrant lime green makes spaces feel energized and cheerful.
  • Dark hunter green quartz has an organic, earthy forest appeal.


  • Bright cherry red quartz creates a playful, retro diner vibe. It injects life.
  • Deep burgundy red has a refined wine cellar feel. It looks luxurious.
  • Rusty red with brown undertones feels warm and welcoming.


  • Sunny lemon yellow resonates happiness. It sparks creativity.
  • Rich gold yellow exudes luxury. It has an elegant touch.
  • Warm orange-yellow tones lend a tropical flair.


  • Quartz with realistic stone, marble, or granite patterns suit traditional tastes.
  • Metallic, sparkling or shimmering quartz patterns add glamour.
  • Quartz with swirls or artistic patterns make artistic statements.

Seeing Quartz Colors and Patterns In Person

When selecting quartz colors, it’s best to visit a distributor or showroom. This allows you to see slabs in person under natural and artificial light. Colors and patterns can look different in real life than in photos. Seeing the quartz allows you to best envision it in your space. Distributors also have a wide selection to choose from.

Quartz is available in neutral, white, beige, brown, grey color palettes along with vibrant hues like blue, green, red and yellow. Patterns like stone looks or artistic designs provide even more options. When choosing quartz, consider the look you want to achieve and view slabs in person to make the best selection. With the array of options, you can find the perfect color and pattern to suit your style and space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Quartz Countertop Colors

What is the most popular color for quartz countertops?

Whites and light neutrals are generally the most popular quartz colors. Pure white, almond, and light grey quartz provide clean, versatile options many homeowners prefer.

What color quartz goes best with oak cabinets?

Quartz colors like cream, tan, light brown, or beige beautifully complement the warm oak cabinetry. Greens that resemble jade or sage also pair nicely.

Should I get a patterned or solid color quartz?

This comes down to personal preference. Solid quartz provides a smooth, seamless look. Patterns add visual interest. For resale value, lighter solids are the safer choice.

Does quartz come in black?

Yes, black quartz provides a dramatic, bold look. However, black quartz shows scratches and dust easily. Dark colored quartz requires more maintenance.

Can quartz be two different colors?

Yes, quartz manufacturers make many designs combining two colors. For example, blue quartz with white veining or a mix of beige and grey. Dual colors add flair.


With an extensive range of options from pure whites to bold blues to natural stone patterns, quartz provides limitless possibilities to match your style. Viewing slabs in person allows you to carefully select the perfect color and pattern for your space and needs. From neutral whites to eye-catching designs, quartz offers colors to coordinate beautifully with any décor.