What Color Cabinets Go with White Quartz Countertops

Warm Tones Complement White Quartz

Warm cabinet colors like tans, browns, and light wood tones look stunning against crisp white quartz. The warmth of the cabinetry balances the cool tone of the white stone, creating a harmonious and inviting kitchen or bathroom.

Light Brown Cabinets

Light brown cabinets have a natural, organic feel that works well with white quartz countertops. The earthy tones of light brown add subtle contrast without overpowering the white stone. Distressed brown cabinets with a worn, weathered finish add a rustic charm.

Medium Wood Tones

Medium woods like oak, cherry, and rustic alder offer a richer, warmer accent to white quartz. Medium wood grains and understated red/brown undertones connect the cabinets to the natural veining and patterns in the stone. These wood cabinets give a traditional yet updated look.

Tan and Greige Cabinets

For a more neutral pairing, consider tan or greige (a mix of gray and beige) cabinets. These muted tones allow the white quartz to really stand out while adding a subtle creaminess. Soft tan cabinets with dark knobs and handles create an inviting farmhouse style.

Crisp White Cabinets Offer Contrast

For a high-contrast look, pair bright white cabinets with the white quartz counters. The matching tones highlight the veining and patterns in the stone. All-white kitchens feel clean, spacious, and contemporary.

Add visual interest by choosing white cabinets with unique hardware, textures, or accents like glass fronts. For example, white shaker cabinets with nickel hardware sharply contrast the organic quartz patterns.

Gray Cabinets Complement and Contrast

Gray is an enormously versatile color that looks refined against white quartz. Cool, pale grays harmonize with the stone, while bold, dark grays offer striking contrast.

  • Charcoal gray stained wood cabinets connect to the gray veining in quartz with an edgy, modern feel.
  • Soft gray painted cabinets add subtle contrast without overpowering the counters.
  • Weathered gray-washed wood cabinets provide an elegant rustic accent.

The key is choosing a gray with the right undertone to match the white quartz. Cool grays work best, while grays with brown undertones can look muddy.

Black Cabinets Create Drama

For a bold, dramatic statement, pair jet black cabinets with the white quartz counters. The contrast is eye-catching and feels sleek and modern. Black cabinets work best in smaller kitchens, where the dark color won’t overwhelm.

Add interest by mixing finishes, like pairing flat black painted cabinets with a marble-patterned white quartz. Black cabinet hardware and fixtures continue the monochrome vibe.

Blue Cabinets Add Striking Contrast

Blue is a trendy color option that really makes white quartz counters pop. Navy or cobalt blue cabinets create vibrant, yet sophisticated contrast against the crisp white stone. Softer blue-gray cabinets offer a more subtle pairing.

Distressed, weathered blue finishes connect to the veining and patterns in the quartz. For beach house vibes, try airy blue cabinets with visible wood grain paired with billowy white stone.

Keep Design Cohesive

When combining cabinet colors and white quartz, keep the overall design cohesive. If the cabinet color is bold, choose a more subtle white quartz pattern. With ornate white cabinets, select a quartz with striking veins to accentuate the contrast.

Hardware, fixtures, and accents like lighting and tile backsplashes should complement both the cabinets and the quartz counters. Create a holistic look where all elements harmonize.

FAQs About Pairing Cabinet Colors with White Quartz Countertops

What color cabinets make white quartz look whiter?

White or light gray cabinets make white quartz look whiter and crisper. Darker cabinets like black can also make the white quartz pop. Neutral tan and brown cabinets blend more seamlessly with white quartz.

What color hardware goes best with white cabinets and quartz?

Nickel or chrome hardware offers a clean modern look against white cabinets and quartz. Bronze hardware brings warmth. Black hardware adds contrast. Match the metal finish to other fixtures like kitchen faucets.

Can you pair painted cabinets with white quartz?

Yes, painted cabinets pair beautifully with white quartz counters. Light colors like white, light gray, or cream are ideal, as dark paints can look too heavy with the light counters. Distressed painted finishes connect to the organic patterning in the stone.

Do you need a backsplash with white cabinets and quartz?

While not mandatory, a backsplash pairs nicely with white quartz and cabinets. White subway tile is classic. Natural stone mosaic tiles connect to the quartz veining. Colored or metallic glass mosaics add pop. Coordinate backsplash colors with cabinetry.

Should cabinets and quartz counters perfectly match?

Not necessarily. While complementary colors are ideal, perfect matches can feel monotonous. Contrasting cabinet and counter colors can look bold and distinctive. Just ensure the colors you choose coordinate well and suit your overall design vision.


White quartz countertops pair beautifully with a wide range of cabinet colors. Warm wood tones offer organic contrast, while crisp white cabinets create bold visual separation. Grays and blues connect subtly with the gray veining and patterns, and black provides dramatic contrast. Always keep the overall aesthetic in mind, choosing colors that harmonize with each other and the overall kitchen or bathroom design. With myriad options, you’re sure to find the perfect cabinet color to beautifully accentuate your stunning white quartz countertops.