What Color Backsplash with Carrara Quartz Countertop

Choosing the right backsplash to pair with Carrara quartz countertops can really make your kitchen design stand out. The pure white background of the Carrara quartz provides a blank canvas that allows you to get creative with your backsplash colors. Here are some of the best backsplash color options to complement Carrara quartz countertops.

Warm Metal Tones

Metallic backsplashes like copper and brass create a warm, luxe look against the cool white of the Carrara quartz. The striking contrast makes for an eye-catching kitchen design. Some great options include:

  • Copper tile or penny tile backsplash – The shiny finish plays off the matte quartz countertops beautifully. Copper also pairs well with cabinets in wood tones like walnut.
  • Brass tile backsplash – From bold brass rectangles to delicate brass medallions, a brass backsplash adds glamour and shine.
  • Aged metal tile – Go for an antique pewter or aged brass backsplash for a more subtle metallic look.

Cool Tones

On the opposite end of the color spectrum, cool-toned backsplashes also look gorgeous with Carrara quartz countertops. Crisp, icy colors like silvers, grays and blues complement the white marble aesthetic. Consider:

  • Gray subway tile – Classic, elegant and timeless. Gray subway tiles are an easy match for Carrara quartz.
  • White subway tile – For a monochromatic look, white subway tiles keep the focus on the beautiful counters. Add contrast with the grout color.
  • Blue glass tile – From navy to turquoise, blue mosaic tiles connect the cool white counters with the blue hues found in Carrara marble.
  • Stainless steel tile – Modern and edgy, a stainless-steel backsplash pairs well with contemporary kitchens.

Earthy Neutrals

Warm, earthy neutrals help ground the stark white Carrara quartz counters with natural texture and color. Options like:

  • Tan/beige porcelain or ceramic tile – A natural stone look in a Mediterranean inspired kitchen.
  • Mosaic tile in neutral earth tones – Mix natural stone, porcelain or ceramic for texture.
  • Natural stone slate tile – Grayish-brown hues add an organic feel that complements the modern quartz.
  • Wood plank tile – Rich wood backsplash tiles tie into cabinets nicely and warm up all that white quartz.

Bold and Vibrant Colors

Want your kitchen to make a colorful statement? Carrara quartz countertops act as a clean backdrop that allows bold backsplash tile colors to really pop. Consider:

  • Ruby red or bright orange glass tile – Make a fiery bold declaration with a glossy glass mosaic.
  • Deep green or teal glass subway tile – For an ocean vibe with a fun retro feel.
  • Purple tile – From pastel lilac to deep eggplant, purple backsplashes play off the white beautifully.
  • Rainbow glass tile – Not ready to commit to one color? Go for a fun and lively rainbow mosaic.

Carrara Marble Backsplashes

For elegant cohesion, pair your Carrara quartz countertop with a backsplash made from real Carrara marble tile. The soft gray veining against the white marble background is upscale and luxurious. Use large-scale marble tiles or intricate marble mosaic designs. Sticking with the same material creates a seamless, high-end look.

What Color Backsplash Goes Best With Carrara Quartz Countertops?

While so many colors complement Carrara quartz beautifully, here are some of the best backsplash shades for pairing with the white counters:

  • Warm metallics like copper and brass
  • Cool tones like gray, silver and blue
  • Earthy neutrals like beige, tan and brown
  • Vibrant jewel-tones like emerald green and sapphire blue
  • Black, white or shades of gray for high-contrast
  • Actual Carrara marble backsplash tile

When selecting backsplash colors for Carrara quartz, consider the other elements of your kitchen design like cabinetry, flooring and lighting fixtures. Complementary colors and materials will create a cohesive and stylish kitchen. Trust your personal style preferences too. With an adaptable blank canvas like Carrara quartz countertops, you can customize your dream kitchen!

Frequently Asked Questions about Backsplashes for Carrara Quartz Countertops

What is the most popular backsplash color with Carrara quartz?

White subway tile backsplash is one of the most popular and classic choices. The all-white look is timeless, clean and elegant.

What tile goes best with Carrara marble quartz?

Carrara marble tile is best for coordinating with the look of the quartz. Other options that pair well include white subway, gray, cream, beige, blue, and metals like copper and brass.

Does Carrara marble backsplash match Carrara quartz?

Yes, installing marble backsplash tile that matches the gray veining and white background found in Carrara marble quartz creates a seamless, tailored look.

Can you put marble backsplash with quartz countertop?

Definitely. Natural marble backsplash tile looks amazing paired with quartz countertops. Just be sure to properly seal the marble to prevent staining.

What color cabinets go with Carrara quartz countertops?

White shaker style cabinets pair beautifully with Carrara marble quartz. Other colors like light gray, navy, black, walnut and brass accent cabinets also coordinate well with the white counters.

Does Carrara marble stain easily?

Carrara marble is prone to staining from acidic liquids like wine, coffee and juice. Sealing the marble regularly helps protect it. Quartz mimics the Carrara look but is non-porous and more stain resistant.


With the right backsplash choice, Carrara quartz countertops can really elevate a kitchen’s style. Warm metals, cool tones, earthy neutrals and bold colors all complement the white marble aesthetic beautifully. For a cohesive upscale look, installing backsplash tile made from genuine Carrara marble is a great option. With Carrara quartz countertops as your foundation, get creative, have fun designing, and choose a backsplash color that reflects your personal taste and kitchen vision. The possibilities are endless!