What Cabinets Go Good with Milano Quartz Countertops

Milano quartz countertops are a popular choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms. With their elegant white and gray swirls, Milano quartz offers a timeless look that pairs well with many cabinet styles. Here is an in-depth look at what cabinet colors and materials go best with Milano quartz countertops.

Overview of Milano Quartz Countertops

Milano quartz is manufactured by Silestone and part of their Integrity collection. It features subtle white and pale gray swirls on a clean white background. The overall look is understated yet refined.

As a quartz material, Milano is non-porous, making it very stain and scratch resistant compared to natural stone. It is an engineered stone made from roughly 90% ground quartz combined with polymer resins and pigments. This makes Milano quartz highly durable while still offering the beauty of natural stone patterns.

Milano quartz works well in both traditional and contemporary kitchen settings. Its soft gray veins add visual interest without overpowering the space. The white base pairs nicely with many cabinet colors from bright white to dark espresso.

Best Cabinet Colors for Milano Quartz Countertops

Crisp White Cabinets

An obvious choice to pair with Milano quartz is crisp, clean white cabinets. The stark white cabinetry acts as a neutral backdrop to really make the gray veining in the Milano quartz pop.

Crisp white cabinets also create a bright, airy look that suits the understated elegance of Milano quartz. This color combination works equally well in modern, transitional, or traditional kitchen designs.

For hardware, stick with brushed nickel or chrome pulls and handles to complement the gray swirls. Glass door cabinets also look gorgeous with the white and gray color scheme.

Light Gray Cabinets

Another fitting choice is light gray cabinets, which pick up on the subtle grays in the Milano quartz. Shaker-style cabinets in a pale gray wash or smoothed lacquered finish work well.

The light gray cabinets still provide enough contrast against the white marble-look quartz. But they blend in more naturally than stark white cabinets for a more seamless, integrated aesthetic.

Metallic silver or brushed nickel hardware stands out nicely against light gray cabinets without clashing with the gray veining in the quartz. Frosted glass doors also pair attractively with the colors.

Dark Espresso Cabinets

For a more dramatic, upscale look, deep espresso stained cabinets make a bold statement with Milano quartz countertops. The dark coffee colors contrast strikingly with the crisp white quartz background. But the gray swirls provide a transition between the two.

The rich espresso finish gives the kitchen a luxurious, elegant feel. This works especially well in large open-concept kitchens. Matte black hardware suits the sophisticated style.

Glass-front upper cabinets maintain an open, airy look against the dark lower cabinets. Topped with the light gray-veined Milano quartz, the overall aesthetic is stunning.

Black Cabinets

Pure black cabinets are also a strong option with Milano quartz. The inky black finish creates even more contrast against the white countertops for serious drama and visual interest.

Modern, minimalist kitchens benefit from the bold black and white color scheme. The light gray veins soften the contrast slightly while providing depth.

Matte black, jet black, or aged bronze hardware coordinate nicely with the black cabinetry. Mirrored cabinets can inject some brightness while pairing attractively with the colors.

Best Cabinet Materials for Milano Quartz

Wood Cabinets

Stained wood cabinets offer a classic, natural look that works well with Milano quartz countertops. Oak, maple, and walnut cabinets stained in lighter neutral shades complement the white marble-look quartz beautifully.

Darker wood stains like espresso and wenge also make a sophisticated statement paired with Milano quartz, as the gray veining provides transition between the colors.

Unstained wood tones like birch can look nice with Milano quartz too. Just seal and finish them properly to prevent staining and damage from spills and moisture.

Thermofoil Cabinets

For a more affordable option, thermofoil cabinets mimic the look of real wood while providing added durability. The textured woodgrain patterns and range of color options pair attractively with Milano quartz.

With thermofoil cabinets, you can achieve the light and dark stained wood looks that suit Milano quartz without the higher price tag. The scratch-resistant, wipe-clean finish also works well for kitchens.

Lacquer Cabinets

Glossy lacquer cabinets in whites, grays, and blacks make a contemporary statement with Milano quartz countertops. The high-shine finish reflects light beautifully, making the whole space brighter.

Lacquered cabinets are also extremely durable and easy to clean. Their seamless appearance works well with the visual flow created by the quartz veins. Just avoid highly textured lacquer finishes that might clash with the smooth quartz.

Laminate Cabinets

Laminate cabinetry provides an affordable, low-maintenance option for pairing with Milano quartz countertops. Durable melamine laminate resists scratches, stains, and moisture.

White or light gray gloss laminate cabinets suit the modern aesthetic of Milano quartz nicely. Or go for woodgrain-patterned laminate to achieve a natural look without the maintenance of real wood.

Avoid Cabinets That Clash with Milano Quartz

While Milano quartz pairs well with most cabinet colors and materials, a few options can clash with its refined aesthetic:

  • Orange stained cabinets – Too bold and overwhelms the gray veining
  • Distressed paint techniques – Look outdated combined with the modern quartz
  • Bright speckled laminates – Clash with the subtle pattern of the quartz
  • Highly textured finishes – Disrupt the quartz’s smooth, seamless look

How to Pick the Best Cabinet Style for Milano Quartz

Beyond color and materials, the style of your cabinets impacts how cohesively they pair with Milano quartz countertops.

Door Styles

Slab door styles like Shaker or recessed panel work well, as their simple design doesn’t compete with the quartz pattern. Add glass doors for a touch of contrast and brightness.

Avoid ornate raised panel or cathedral style doors. They tend to look too traditional combined with the contemporary quartz.

Hardware Style

Minimalist hardware suits the refined look of Milano quartz. Go for square, bar, or cup pulls in brushed nickel, chrome, or matte black.

Try mixing metal finishes, like pairing black hardware on white cabinets with brushed nickel on gray cabinets.

Avoid elaborate hardware like crystal or ceramic knobs. They detract from the understated elegance of the quartz.

Finishing Touches

Look for cabinets with trim details and accents that coordinate with the gray quartz veining. Think thin bands or strips of metal trim in chrome, nickel, or black.

Slim countertop overhangs keep sight lines clean. Or consider matching uppers minus lowers to really highlight the beautiful Milano quartz.

FAQs About Cabinets for Milano Quartz

What color cabinets go best with white and gray quartz countertops?

White, light gray, dark espresso, and black cabinets pair beautifully with white and gray quartz like Milano. Crisp white provides contrast, while gray creates flow. Dark coffee colors and inky black offer dramatic pop.

Do light or dark cabinets look better with light quartz?

Both light and dark cabinets suit light quartz countertops nicely. Light cabinets keep the space bright and airy, while dark cabinets create bold contrast. The ideal choice comes down to your overall kitchen design style.

What cabinet finish is best for durability with quartz counters?

Thermofoil and PVC laminate offer the most durable cabinet finishes. High-gloss lacquer is also very resilient against scratches, stains, and moisture when paired with non-porous quartz.

Should you match quartz edge profile to cabinet edge profile?

It’s not essential, but matching the edge can create nice continuity. A quartz slab edge flows seamlessly into a slab cabinet door profile. Or pair an arched quartz edge with shaker cabinets.

What should you avoid when pairing cabinets with quartz?

Steer clear of heavily textured cabinets that compete with quartz’s smooth finish. Super ornate cabinet styles also detract from quartz’s pattern. Bright speckled laminates and heavily distressed paints look dated with quartz.


Milano quartz countertops offer flexibility in terms of pairing beautifully with a wide range of cabinet colors and materials. Crisp white, pale gray, bold black, and rich espresso cabinets all complement Milano quartz countertops attractively.

Wood stained, lacquered, thermofoil, and laminate cabinetry also work well with Milano quartz. Focus on minimalist, streamlined styles that don’t detract from the understated elegance of this refined white and gray quartz.

With the right cabinet combinations, you can achieve traditional, contemporary, or modern kitchen designs that allow the beauty of Milano quartz to take the spotlight.