What Brand of Quartz Countertops is Best?

Quartz countertops have become increasingly popular in kitchens and bathrooms due to their durability, low maintenance, and stylish appearance. With so many quartz brands on the market, it can be tricky to determine which offers the best quality and value. In this comprehensive guide, we will compare the top quartz countertop brands to help you make the right choice for your home.

Overview of Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops, sometimes called engineered stone, are made from ground natural quartz crystals combined with polymer resins and pigments. The result is a non-porous, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant surface that is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Some key advantages of quartz countertops include:

  • Extremely durable – Quartz is harder than granite and less prone to chipping.
  • Low maintenance – Requires no sealing and easily wipes clean.
  • Resists stains – Non-porous so spills cannot penetrate the surface.
  • Variety of colors/patterns – Available in natural stone looks and bold, modern styles.
  • Doesn’t need to be sealed – Unlike granite, quartz won’t absorb liquids.
  • Mold/mildew resistant – Doesn’t harbor bacteria growth.
  • Heat resistant – Can withstand hot pans.

With proper care, quartz counters can last for many decades, making them a worthwhile investment for most homeowners. Now let’s take a look at the top brands and how they compare.


Caesarstone is currently one of the most widely used engineered stone brands. Founded in 1987, the company uses up to 93% natural quartz in their slabs.


  • Huge selection of colors and patterns, including popular marble and concrete looks.
  • Offers limited lifetime warranty.
  • High quality manufacturing with strict standards.
  • Great reputation amongst homeowners and interior designers.


  • On the pricier end for quartz.
  • Some less common colors may be harder to find.

Caesarstone’s diverse color palette, strong warranty, and finely-crafted quartz make it one of the best choices overall for both residential and commercial projects.


Based in Minnesota, Cambria is a leading American quartz manufacturer known for its elegant designs.


  • Signature designs not offered by other brands.
  • High percentage of pure quartz stone.
  • Offers 10-year commercial and lifetime residential warranty.
  • Durable and low maintenance surface.


  • Limited color selection – mostly neutral tones.
  • Prone to slight variations and irregular patterns.
  • Expensive – often over $100 per square foot installed.

For those seeking a striking, one-of-a-kind quartz countertop, Cambria is an excellent choice despite the higher price tag. Their quality craftsmanship also makes the investment worthwhile.


Part of the Spanish company Cosentino, Silestone is popular for bringing bold colors and patterns to engineered quartz.


  • Over 90 colors and unique patterns available.
  • Stain, scratch, and heat resistant.
  • Offers standard 10-year commercial warranty.
  • Certified low VOC emissions for indoor air quality.


  • Can be prone to flaws in rare colors.
  • Not as hard or durable as some competitors.
  • Needs yearly sealing to maintain warranty.

With its vast selection of vivid colors like emerald, coral, and lagoon, Silestone brings energy and flair to any space. Their quartz durability makes them ideal for kitchens and baths.

Other Notable Brands

While Caesarstone, Cambria, and Silestone make up the “big three” of quartz manufacturers, there are many other excellent brands available:

  • LG Viatera – high-end brand offering unique marble-look slabs.
  • Quartz Master – provides customized options including intricate edges.
  • Quartzforms – focuses on top-tier quality and stylish designs.
  • MSI Q – budget-friendly choice for more affordable projects.
  • PentalQuartz – family-owned company with excellent customer service.

The rise in popularity of quartz has led many manufacturers to enter the market in recent years. When choosing a brand, be sure to carefully evaluate quality,pricing, and design options to find the best quartz countertops for your needs.

What to Look for When Selecting Quartz

With all the different quartz brands and options on the market, keep the following factors in mind when choosing slabs for your home or business:

  • Percentage of Quartz – Look for brands using at least 90% finely-ground quartz. Anything lower may compromise durability.
  • Warranty Coverage – Opt for longer 10+ year warranties to protect your investment. Be sure to read what is covered.
  • Reputation of Company – Choose an established brand known for quality craftsmanship and customer service.
  • Color/Pattern Options – Browse a variety of designs to find the right visual appeal for your space.
  • Prices – Expect to budget $60-$120 per square foot installed based on materials and labor costs.
  • See Slabs In Person – View actual slab samples to get a sense of true color tones and patterns.

Taking the time to properly evaluate brands and options will help you select the best quartz countertops for your home or business.

FAQ About Best Quartz Brands

Which quartz brand is the best overall?

Based on quality, selection, and reputation, Caesarstone stands out as the best overall quartz brand for most homeowners and designers. Their dedication to crafting durable, eye-catching slabs from over 90% pure quartz makes Caesarstone a frontrunner.

Which brand has the most unique designs?

Cambria is known for their signature quartz patterns and styles you won’t find anywhere else. They focus on crafting elegant, marble-look slabs in neutral tones.

Which affordable quartz brand should I choose?

If you’re working with a tight budget, MSI Q offers quality quartz countertops at more affordable prices, starting under $50 per square foot. While the style selection is limited, their durable quartz provides value.

Is Silestone or Caesarstone better?

Caesarstone edges out Silestone with a higher percentage of quartz, more color options, longer warranties, and overall better reputation. However, Silestone’s vivid hues like emerald or sapphire may appeal if you want a bold, colorful look.

What quartz brand is most stain resistant?

All quartz resists stains well, but Cambria finishes are specially crafted for maximum stain protection and easy cleaning. Caesarstone and Silestone also rate well for stain resistance.

The Best Quartz Brand for Your Project

Choosing the right quartz ultimately comes down to your unique needs and preferences for color, budget, and style. Any of the major quartz brands we’ve covered will likely meet expectations for quality, but compare warranties and designs carefully. Visiting showrooms to view slabs in person is highly recommended before finalizing your selection.

With their stylish options, superior durability, and easy maintenance, the best quartz brands allow you to enjoy beautiful countertops for years to come. Take your time weighing the options to pick the perfect quartz countertops that match both your lifestyle and design vision. Reach out to providers in your local area for help turning your ideas into reality with installation and fabrication services tailored to your space. Investing in high quality quartz counters from leading brands will upgrade your home for decades to come.