What Backsplashes Go with MSI Antico Cloud Quartz Countertops


MSI Antico Cloud quartz countertops offer a unique and stylish look for any kitchen or bathroom. With its subtle white and gray veining, this engineered stone resembles natural marble but without all the hassles. When paired with the right backsplash, Antico Cloud countertops can create a timeless and elegant space. But with so many backsplash options available, it can be tricky to choose one that complements the countertops perfectly. This article will explore the best backsplash options to go with MSI Antico Cloud quartz.

Neutral Tones Bring Calmness

Since MSI Antico Cloud has a neutral white and gray color palette, backsplashes in similarly soft tones work beautifully. Going with a backsplash that is too bold or colorful could clash and look mismatched. Subtle, natural stone-look backsplashes allow the quartz countertop to really shine.

Some top neutral backsplash ideas include:

  • White subway tile – A classic choice that offers clean lines and brightness. White 3×6 or 4×12 subway tiles pair nicely with the white in the Antico Cloud. Offsetting the grout lines adds interest.
  • Gray marble mosaic – Small marble tiles in shades of gray create subtle movement and texture behind the countertop. Picking marble with wispy gray veining looks cohesive.
  • White marble herringbone – The herringbone pattern and white marble keep the look soft, while adding visual appeal. Borders can define the backsplash area.
  • Gray travertine – For a bit more texture, gray travertine tiles maintain the neutral palette. Honed travertine fits better than very glossy.

Add Pops of Color

While neutral backsplashes work well, small pops of color can provide the perfect accent. Since the Antico Cloud quartz has gray and white swirls, colors like blue and green can really make them stand out.

Just make sure to use color sparingly in the backsplash and stick to lighter shades to keep the look tranquil. Some ways to incorporate color include:

  • Blue glass subway tile – A row or two of light aqua glass subway tile jazzes things up. Keep the rest of the backsplash white.
  • Sage green glass mosaic – Adding a strip of soft green mosaic glass tile behind the range draws the eye while coordinating with the colors in the countertop.
  • Sea glass tile accents – Using sea glass tile inserts in the backsplash can provide spots of color. Or, outline the backsplash area with a sea glass border.
  • Bold metal tile insets – Strategically placing eye-catching metal tiles like zinc or aged brass within a neutral backsplash adds striking accents.

Natural Materials Maintain Flow

Using backsplash materials and colors inspired by nature is a foolproof way to create a cohesive look with the MSI Antico Cloud countertops. Soft stones, wood looks, and earthy metals help extend the organic, nature-inspired feel.

Some specific ways to utilize natural materials include:

  • Linear onyx mosaic – The striated look of honed onyx mosaic tiles relates to the Antico Cloud’s veining for continuity. Keep the onyx color pale.
  • White marble hexagons – Interlocking marble hexagons in light Bianco Carrara maintain flow with a geometric touch. Small hexagons expand the backsplash’s visual impact.
  • Gray wood-look porcelain – Convincing wood-look porcelain planks offer warmth. Opt for a weathered gray-toned wood grain that coordinates with the gray veining in the quartz.
  • Oxidized metal – Backsplashes using oxidized copper and rusted steel in shapes like chevron, penny tile, or stacked strips impart an earthy feel. Keep colored tiles to a minimum.

Final Thoughts

Due to their adaptable nature, MSI Antico Cloud quartz countertops work beautifully with a wide range of simple to dramatic backsplashes. Sticking with mostly neutral tones or colors echoed in the countertop keeps the look soothing and cohesive. Small hits of materials like glass, metal, and onyx provide eye-catching accents and contrast. Ultimately, the backsplash possibilities are endless with Antico Cloud, making it easy to create your personalized dream kitchen or bath. Just let the gorgeous countertops take center stage and choose a backsplash that plays a perfect supporting role.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors most complement Antico Cloud quartz?

Since Antico Cloud has a white background with gray veining, soft neutral colors like various shades of white, gray, beige, and cream all work well. Light blues and greens also coordinate nicely and make the veining pop. Darker or bright colors tend to clash and overwhelm the subtle beauty of this quartz.

What kind of backsplash should you avoid with Antico Cloud?

You’ll want to avoid bold, heavily patterned, or colorful backsplash tile with Antico Cloud countertops. Hand-painted and ornate tile, intense dark colors like black, reds, or navy blue, and strong high-gloss tiles could all compete too much and feel mismatched. Keep the backsplash simple to let the dreamy quartz take the spotlight.

Should the backsplash color match the Antico Cloud exactly?

The backsplash does not need to exactly match the Antico Cloud color. Having some contrast actually helps each element stand out. The backsplash just needs to pick up on colors hinted at in the quartz, like grays and whites, without competing. A totally matching backsplash may get washed out.

Is white subway tile a good backsplash for Antico Cloud?

The classic white subway tile is an excellent choice for Antico Cloud. The white relates to the quartz background while still contrasting nicely with the gray marbling and white swirls. Standard 3×6 or 4×12 sizes and offset grout lines work best to keep the lines clean.

Can you use marble backsplash with Antico Cloud quartz?

Definitely! Marble backsplashes pair remarkably well with MSI Antico Cloud countertops. Be sure to select marbles in soft white, gray, or beige hues with minimal veining. White Carrara, gray statuary, or subtle calacatta marbles are ideal options that will flow seamlessly with the Antico Cloud’s beauty.

What kind of backsplash looks best behind a kitchen island with Antico Cloud?

For a kitchen island, you may want to choose a slightly bolder backsplash than behind the main countertop. This allows you to introduce colors and patterns as accents. Ideas include sea glass, etched marble mosaic, handmade ceramic tile, or multi-colored stone mosaic. Just keep the colored area small so it doesn’t overwhelm the tranquility of the Antico Cloud quartz.


MSI’s lovely Antico Cloud quartz countertops provide a dreamy, marble-like look with less upkeep. Choosing the ideal backsplash means opting for materials, colors, and patterns that match the subtle tone and veining of the quartz. Neutral hues and soft greys and whites are safe bets. Sparing use of accent colors like light blues and greens can make the countertop really pop while maintaining the peaceful vibe. Natural stone and ceramic tiles as well as weathered metal backsplashes also pair beautifully. Just avoid bold or overly colorful backsplashes that may compete and overwhelm the eye-catching allure of Antico Cloud’s graceful beauty. With the right backsplash choice, your Antico Cloud countertops will serve as a striking yet soothing focal point for years to come.