What Backsplash Goes with White Quartz Countertops

White quartz countertops can be a beautiful addition to any kitchen. With their bright, clean look, they create a fresh, modern aesthetic. However, choosing the right backsplash to go with white quartz can be tricky. The backsplash is an important design element that can make or break your whole kitchen look. Here is an in-depth guide on how to select the perfect backsplash for white quartz countertops.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Backsplash

When selecting a backsplash for white quartz countertops, there are a few key factors to take into account:


The color of the backsplash plays a big role in the overall look and feel of the kitchen. For white quartz countertops, you generally want to choose a backsplash in colors that complement the bright, neutral tone of the countertop. Some popular color choices include:

  • Whites or off-whites: A white or cream backsplash is a classic, simple pairing with white quartz. This creates a monochromatic look that’s clean and sophisticated.
  • Grays: From light silver grays to dark charcoal hues, gray is an on-trend color that works well with white quartz. It creates a modern, stylish look.
  • Blues: From pale sky blue to navy, blue backsplashes pop against white quartz. This adds a subtle color and eye-catching accent to the space.
  • Greens: Earthy greens like sage or celadon can enhance the sleek white countertops. Just avoid neons or very dark hues.


The material you choose for the backsplash also affects its look and function. Some top options include:

  • Tile: Ceramic, porcelain, or glass tile offers endless possibilities for colors, shapes, and designs. Tile backsplashes are also budget-friendly.
  • Stone: Natural stone like marble, travertine, or slate can create a high-end, spa-like look. These have unique natural patterning.
  • Metal: Stainless steel, copper, etc. add a contemporary, industrial vibe that pairs well with the modern aesthetic of white quartz.
  • Glass: Backsplashes made of glass tile or sheet glass add beautiful depth and reflectivity.


Consider the overall style you want for your kitchen. Do you want a backsplash that blends seamlessly with the white quartz or one that pops and creates contrast? Some style options include:

  • Modern: For contemporary kitchens, choose backsplashes with clean lines and minimal fuss, like handmade ceramic tile or metal.
  • Rustic: Natural stone backsplashes complement farmhouse kitchens with white quartz countertops.
  • Eclectic: Use an artful mix of tiles or glass for an eclectic, unique backsplash.
  • Minimalist: A simple white backsplash keeps the look clean-lined and uncluttered.

Top Backsplash Ideas for White Quartz Countertops

Now let’s explore some of the best and most popular backsplash design ideas to pair beautifully with white quartz countertops:

White Subway Tile

Classic white 3×6 subway tile laid in a brick pattern is a timeless backsplash choice that works with any style. The all-white look keeps the aesthetic light, bright and fresh. Use slightly varying shades of white tile for added dimension.

Gray Stone or Ceramic Tile

For a luxe feel, install large-format gray floor or wall tiles as the backsplash. Gray marble, travertine, slate, limestone or ceramic tiles will contrast beautifully with crisp white counters. Opt for matte finishes to prevent glaring. Mixing tile sizes adds interest.

Blue Glass Tile

From light and airy to bold and saturated, blue glass backsplash tile offers tons of personality. The transparent, reflective quality injects mesmerizing depth. Try alternating blue tiles with clear glass ones for a more dynamic look.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel backsplashes are a top choice for contemporary, modern kitchens. Sleek stainless steel tiles or sheets introduce eye-catching shine while enhancing the streamlined look of white quartz. Consider adding texture with horizontal grating, corrugated patterns or perforated designs.

Carrara Marble

The distinctive veining and mottled white and gray coloring of Carrara marble make it a perfect complement to white quartz. Use large marble tiles laid in a simple grid pattern or opt for marble herringbone mosaic tile for intricate detail.

Green Glass Subway Tile

Inject a lively pop of color with green glass subway tiles. Pair sage, mint, or olive green tiles with the crisp white counters for a nature-inspired vibe. Lay tiles vertically or horizontally and mix in clear glass tiles for added dimension.

Geometric Multicolor

Make a bold, artful statement by tiling geometric shapes in a mix of colorful glass, ceramic or stone tiles. Keep the color palette crisp and compatible with the white quartz. This eclectic approach is fun and energetic.

Metal in Warm Finishes

Use copper, bronze or brass metal backsplashes to introduce an earthy, industrial edge. These warm metallic finishes create cozy contrast to the stark white counters. Try diamond plate or perforated metal sheets. Or use small metallics for a mosaic effect.

Dark Wood Planks

While less expected than stone or tile, richly-colored wood plank backsplashes can make a gorgeous pairing with white quartz countertops. Opt for dark-stained hardwoods like walnut or wenge for dramatic contrast. Use extra-long boards for clean-lined minimalism.

Brick orStacked Stone

For rustic or farmhouse kitchens, brick or stacked stone backsplashes complement white quartz beautifully. The vintage appeal of weathered brick or the textural intrigue of natural stacked stone contrast nicely with the sleek modernity of white quartz.

Design Tips and Tricks

  • Use varying sizes of the same tile or mix coordinating materials for added interest.
  • Incorporate an accent row or band of mosaic tile.
  • Wrap backsplashes around the window framing or range hood for a seamless look.
  • Consider handy extras like niches for storing spices within the backsplash area.
  • Install backsplash tile from the countertop to beneath the upper cabinets for a streamlined aesthetic.
  • Use caulking or grout that matches the backsplash color.
  • Select durable, moisture-resistant materials in kitchen areas prone to splatters.
  • Take the backsplash design up to the ceiling for maximum pop.
  • Illuminate the backsplash and counters with proper under-cabinet lighting.


What color grout should I use with a white quartz backsplash?

Use white or very light gray grout with white backsplashes to get a seamless look. Avoid any darker grout hues that will stand out too much against the white quartz.

What kind of tile works best with white quartz counters?

Porcelain, ceramic, glass, and natural stone tiles all pair beautifully with white quartz. Choose tiles with crisp edges for a clean, modern aesthetic. Subway tiles, hexagons, and oversized tiles are perfect options.

Should the backsplash match the white counters exactly?

Not necessarily. While you can do an all-white palette, adding colors, patterns and textures that complement (rather than match exactly) can make for more depth and visual interest.

What’s the best way to transition from the white quartz countertop to the backsplash?

Using quarter-round or caulking that matches the backsplash is ideal for a barely-there transition. You can also bring the backsplash slightly above the countertop edge so the two materials overlap for a seamless effect.

Is it okay to have a full-height backsplash with white quartz?

Absolutely! Taking the backsplash tile from countertop to ceiling creates a sleek, streamlined look. This works especially well if you have plain white upper cabinets and want to add more pop.


The crisp, clean aesthetic of white quartz countertops provides the perfect base for creative, stylish backsplash design. From eye-catching colors and patterns to sleek neutrals, there are endless options that pair beautifully with white quartz. Just be sure to consider factors like color scheme, material, and overall style when making your backsplash selection. With the right backsplash choice, you can take your white quartz countertop kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary!