What Backsplash Goes With Himalayan Moon Quartz Countertops

Himalayan moon quartz countertops are stunning additions to any kitchen. With their soft grays, whites, and silver veining, they create an elegant and sophisticated look. However, choosing the right backsplash to go with Himalayan moon quartz can be tricky. The backsplash must complement the countertops while adding visual interest and tying the whole kitchen together. This article will explore the best backsplash options to pair with Himalayan moon quartz countertops.

Neutral Tones That Coordinate Well

Himalayan moon quartz has a light, neutral palette that lends itself well to various backsplash materials in creams, grays, whites and silvers. These neutral tones allow the backsplash to blend smoothly with the countertops without competing. Some excellent choices include:

White Subway Tile

A popular backsplash option, white 3×6 subway tile offers a clean, classic look. The crisp white tiles coordinate beautifully with Himalayan moon quartz, allowing the countertops to take center stage while the backsplash acts as a subtle backdrop. The thin grout lines also mimic the fine veining in the quartz. White subway tile backsplashes give transitional and contemporary kitchens a bright, light aesthetic.

Gray Subway Tile

For a slightly darker, moodier look, gray subway tiles make an elegant pairing with Himalayan moon quartz. Shades like soft dove gray and light pewter gray work well. The gray helps ground the countertops while adding subtle visual texture. Gray grout completes the sophisticated vibe. This versatile combo suits modern and traditional kitchen styles.

White Carrara Marble Tile

Carrara marble tile comes in white and gray shades with delicate veining that references the movement in the quartz countertops. A classic material, Carrara marble backsplashes blend seamlessly with Himalayan moon quartz for a timeless and elegant result. The marble veining also introduces natural pattern and interest without overwhelming the space.

Gray Grout

Using neutral-colored grout is an easy way to create a cohesive backsplash. Even if you opt for a tile with some color, like a white and gray pattern, choosing a soft gray grout will nicely complement the Himalayan moon quartz. The gray grout ties everything together without being too overpowering.

Glass Tiles

Both clear and frosted glass tiles make lovely pairings with Himalayan moon quartz countertops. Glass tiles come in pale grays, silvers, and whites that work beautifully with the subtle tones of the quartz. They have a sleek, modern look. Using different shapes and sizes of glass tile can add artful flair as well. The smooth surface of the glass also balances the patterned quartz.

Gray Stone or Porcelain Tile

Porcelain or ceramic tiles that mimic stones like travertine, marble, and slate are available in soft grays and whites that make ideal backsplash partners for Himalayan moon quartz. These faux stone tiles offer realistic texture and pattern to contrast the smooth quartz while tying in with the gray and white color scheme.

Adding Pops of Color

While neutral tones are safe choices, small hits of color can really make a backsplash stand out against Himalayan moon quartz countertops. Accent colors in moderation can bring life to the kitchen. Consider weaving in one or two of these colors:

Light Blue

Serene, airy shades of light blue complement the cool tones of Himalayan moon quartz beautifully. Try pale sky blue, icy blue, or aqua glass tiles for a refreshing, watery look. Matte blue ceramic tiles also add subtle color. Just stick to softer pastel hues to maintain harmony with the countertops.


Earthy light greens like sage and seafoam blend gorgeously with the whites and grays of Himalayan moon quartz. Green glass mosaics offer shiny pops of color, while handpainted or crackled green ceramic tiles lend organic texture. Keep the green soft and muted so it collaborates, rather than clashes, with the quartz.


For a unique, elegant statement, add touches of pale lavender or lilac backsplash tiles. The light purple brings a sense of sophistication that highlights the neutral backdrop of Himalayan moon quartz. Use just a few lilac glass inserts or borders so the color remains an accent.

Warm Metallics

While cool-toned metals complement Himalayan moon nicely, warm metallic accents can provide striking, eye-catching contrast. Coppery bronze and brushed gold tiles or mosaics introduce shimmer and dazzle against the quartz. Keep metallic tile use sparse so it provides punctuation, not overwhelm.


Creamy travertine tiles, cream ceramic bricks, and cream subway tiles blend seamlessly with Himalayan moon quartz, while adding subtle warmth. Cream has enough color to keep the backsplash interesting without competing with the quartz. Use creamy tiles or bricks as the main backsplash material or as borders and accents.

Patterned & Textured Tiles

Patterns and textures give backsplashes more visual flair and dimension. Many styles suit the versatile Himalayan moon quartz backdrop. Consider:

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile

Intricate Moroccan fish scale tiles in creamy ivory or pale blue-grays create mesmerizing contrast and pattern against Himalayan moon quartz. The scaled texture and repetition of the overlapping curved tile design mimics the quartz veining on a larger scale for cohesive style.


Herringbone tile patterns lend structured elegance and dimension. Gray and white herringbone marble or ceramic tile looks striking against the soft randomness of Himalayan moon quartz. The interlocking tile arrangement makes a bold statement without overwhelming the space.

Geometric Patterns

For contemporary style, geometric tiles in graphic black and white or coordinating shades of gray establish modern contrast against the quartz. Triangle mosaics, chevron patterns, and futuristic pixilated designs work well. Keep the geometric tile as an accent wall or border to avoid busy overload.

3D Tile

Three-dimensional tile adds literal texture against the smooth quartz surface. Modern raised square and octagonal 3D tiles create cool architectural contrast and interest. Stick to neutral white, silver and gray 3D tiles as Himalayan moon quartz backdrops.

Peel and Stick Tile

Self-adhesive peel and stick tile allows you easily add creative patterns and textures without messy mortar installation. Abstract shapes, sculptural 3D tiles, and graphic mosaics are all options that pair dynamically with Himalayan moon quartz. Use removable tiles to create focal points, borders, or accents.

Mixed Metal Tile

For industrial edge, combine metal tiles like tin, aluminum, nickel and copper in coordinating metallic hues. The eclectic metal mix adds eye-catching shine and dimension against the quartz. Keep the varied metal tiles confined to a single area as a focal point to avoid looking disjointed.


Removable wallpaper with patterns like graphic floral designs, modern geometrics and subtle stripes lends unique personality when used as a backsplash. Choose patterns in contrasting colors like black and white or metallic shades that pop against Himalayan moon quartz. Use wallpaper just on a section of wall as an accent.

Backsplash Ideas for Specific Kitchen Styles

Certain backsplash materials and colors work especially well paired with Himalayan moon quartz countertops to enhance specific kitchen design aesthetics:

Contemporary Kitchen

For a sleek contemporary look, use a combination of frosted and clear glass tiles in silvers, grays and icy blues. The mix of glass shapes and finishes creates modern impact and shimmer against the quartz. Add some 3D tile for architectural drama.

Rustic Kitchen

Play up the organic patina of Himalayan moon quartz in a rustic kitchen with creamy beige travertine subway tile and light natural stone slate inlay borders. Use warm white grout to keep the earthy vibe. Wood open shelving and textured walls complete the cozy rustic look.

Transitional Kitchen

Capture the essence of transitional design with a classic white brick subway tile backsplash laid in a herringbone pattern against the quartz.ROWS The herringbone brickwork adds appealing visual texture while the creamy white color keeps the look light and neutral. Sleek modern hardware and task lighting balance the traditional brickwork.

Coastal Kitchen

Channel breezy coastal vibes with sea glass tile in shades of seafoam, aqua, and pale sky blue. Use the small glass tiles in a varied blend of colors to create a watery mosaic look against the Himalayan moon quartz. Add some weathered seashell tiles for organic texture and interest.

Farmhouse Kitchen

Embrace vintage farmhouse charm with a backsplash of reclaimed antique white wood planks against the quartz countertops. The rustic, washed-looking wood offers wonderful weathered texture and contrast. For added interest, hang woven baskets and framed botanical prints on the reclaimed wood backsplash.

Traditional Kitchen

Honor traditional style with classic white Carrara marble subway tiles edged with marble pencil tile borders. The beautiful Carrara veining has movement that complements the Himalayan moon pattern while the subway shape keeps the look classic and elegant.

Modern Kitchen

Make a contemporary statement with a sleek stainless steel or aluminum metal tile backsplash. The cool gleaming metal tiles look especially striking against the soft white and gray tones of the quartz. Keep grout lines minimal for seamless modern style.

Factors to Consider When Pairing a Backsplash with Himalayan Moon Quartz

Choosing the backsplash is one of the most important decisions when designing a kitchen with Himalayan moon quartz countertops. Keep these factors in mind when selecting a backsplash:

  • Color scheme – Ask yourself what colors look best with the Himalayan moon palette of whites, grays and silver veining. Soft neutrals tend to complement the quartz most seamlessly. Pops of color can add vivacity but stick to light pastels rather than bold hues that may clash.
  • Texture –Consider pairing the smooth silky quartz surface with backsplash materials that introduce contrasting textures like glass or metal tiles, stone slates, and brick. This creates visual interest.
  • Pattern – The irregular veining of the quartz begs for a backsplash with some pattern to respond to the countertop movement. Subway tiles, mosaics, herringbone and moroccan fish scale tiles all make appealing partners.
  • Style – Let your desired design style guide your backsplash selection. Be sure the combo of countertop and backsplash works to create your intended kitchen aesthetic – modern, transitional, rustic, etc.
  • Function – Factor how the space is used. For heavy-duty cooking zones prone to splatters and spills, durable ceramic or porcelain tile is ideal. Near dining areas, create ambiance with glass tile.
  • Lighting – The backsplash surface impacts lighting. Glossy glass or metal tile will increase illumination, while stone and matte finishes absorb light. Plan lighting accordingly.
  • Budget – Backsplash materials range widely in price. Select an affordable option that still achieves your design goals. Peel-and-stick tile, beadboard, and painted drywall can offer savings.
  • DIY Skills – If installing the backsplash yourself, make sure to select a material you can confidently work with and properly install. Simple subway tile is beginner friendly.

The Best Backsplash Ideas for Himalayan Moon Quartz Countertops

Here is a quick summary of some of the most gorgeous and fitting backsplash choices to pair with versatile Himalayan moon quartz countertops:

  • White subway tile – Classic, clean, contemporary
  • Gray subway tile – Sophisticated and elegant
  • Carrara marble tile – Timeless and graceful
  • Glass tile – Modern, sleek, illuminating
  • Metallic mosaic tile – Bold, glamorous, eye-catching
  • Geometric patterned tile – Graphic, futuristic vibe
  • Porcelain, travertine or slate tile – Organic, nature-inspired texture
  • Moroccan fish scale tile – Rhythmic, hypnotizing pattern
  • Cream brick tile – Warm, rustic charm
  • Blue and green glass tile – Inviting, watercolor palettes
  • Herringbone marble or ceramic – Structured, tailored style
  • 3D tile – Architectural, sculptural relief

5 Inspiring Himalayan Moon Quartz Backsplash Combinations

Here are 5 stunning backsplash and Himalayan moon quartz countertop pairings sure to inspire your inner kitchen designer:

Light Gray Glass + White Marble Accents – Frosted and clear light gray glass tiles provide gorgeous shimmer and depth against the quartz. Inset marble penny round tile accents tie in soft whites for an elegant duo.

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile – Tiles laid in an interlocking fish scale pattern in creamy bone white introduce eye-catching texture and visual rhythm paired with the Himalayan moon quartz.

Tin Tile Geometric Pattern – A graphic geometric design created from shining tin penny tile pops against the soft quartz with bold metallic drama. The irregular metal tile shapes make a modern statement.

Sage Green Subway Tile – Matte sage green glazed ceramic subway tiles offer a rich organic accent color to liven up the neutral Himalayan moon quartz counters. White grout keeps the green fresh and airy.

Peel + Stick Stainless Steel Mosaic – Self-adhesive polished stainless steel mosaic tile provides sleek professional style and amplified light against the luminous quartz when installed as a kitchen backsplash.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pairing a Backsplash With Himalayan Moon Quartz Countertops

What color backsplash goes best with Himalayan moon quartz countertops?

neutrals like white, cream, gray, and silver are ideal backsplash colors that seamlessly coordinate with Himalayan moon quartz. Soft pastel blues, greens, and lavenders can also accent the quartz beautifully.

What kind of backsplash should you avoid with Himalayan moon quartz?

Avoid bold, busy patterns and extremely dark colors like black or red that could clash with the light gray veining of the quartz. Distracting eclectic mixes of tile or tile with strong color variation can also compete negatively.

What tile finish works best with Himalayan moon quartz?

Matte, honed, or lightly textured tile finishes complement the soft quartz surface most attractively. High-gloss tile can look overly shiny. Natural stone finishes sync well with the countertop’s organic pattern.

Is subway tile a good pairing with Himalayan moon quartz?

Yes, both white and gray subway tiles make excellent backsplash choices with Himalayan moon quartz. The rectangular shape and thin grout lines fit beautifully with the neutral tones and veining of the quartz.

Should the backsplash color match the Himalayan moon quartz color exactly?

Not necessarily. While the backsplash should coordinate, matching exactly can look flat and boring. Backsplashes that are slightly lighter or darker than the quartz create visual interest through contrast.

What kind of grout should be used with Himalayan moon quartz?

Neutral toned grout like white, light gray, or off-white complements the quartz counters best. Avoid strongly colored grout, as this could clash. Matte and sanded grout finishes are ideal choices.

Can you use glass tile as a backsplash with Himalayan moon quartz?

Yes, glass tile makes an excellent high-end contemporary pairing with Himalayan moon quartz. The tile provides alluring translucency and surfaces for reflective light against the quartz.

What kind of tile has movement that mimics Himalayan moon quartz?

Natural stone tiles like marble, travertine and slate with subtle veining help mirror the distinctive patterning of Himalayan moon quartz. Moroccan fish scale tile also has an undulating quality.


With its stylish neutral palette, Himalayan moon quartz is a versatile countertop choice suitable for a wide array of kitchen designs. Your options for coordinating, complementary backsplash materials are plentiful. Simply consider the color scheme, texture, and style you wish to achieve. Neutral subway tiles, elegant white marble, gleaming glass mosaic and shimmering metallics are just some of the stunning possibilities. Use your backsplash to enhance the organic beauty of your Himalayan moon quartz countertops. With thoughtful design, your kitchen can have a fashionable, pulled-together look you’ll admire for years to come.