What are the Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors?

Quartz countertops are an increasingly popular choice for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects due to their durability, low maintenance, and wide range of color options. When selecting a quartz countertop, one of the most exciting parts is choosing from the many beautiful colors and patterns available. Here is an overview of some of the most popular quartz countertop colors on the market today.


White quartz counters provide a fresh, clean look and are extremely versatile when it comes to design. Here are some of the most popular white quartz options:

Classic White

A pure white quartz with soft gray veining. This versatile color works well in both modern and traditional kitchen settings. The subtle veining adds depth without taking away from the crisp white background. Classic white can be dressed up with bold accent colors or kept simple for a minimalist look.

Super White

Also called Alaskan White. This is a bright, crisp white quartz option with very faint gray lines. Super white has a clean, contemporary look. It works well in minimalist, modern kitchens and pairs nicely with other light neutrals.

Carrara White

Carrara white takes inspiration from the historic Carrara marble of Italy. It has elegant gray veining against a white background that resembles natural stone. This option gives a timeless, sculptural look perfect for traditional kitchen designs.

Arctic White

Arctic White has a bright white background paired with bolder, wispy grey patterning. The veining is more pronounced than many whites, offering more visual interest. Arctic white offers a slightly more modern feel than the Carrara style.


Gray quartz counters are trending since they provide an understated, neutral palette. Here are go-to gray varieties:

London Gray

London gray is a dark, charcoal quartz with bold but sparse black and white marbling. The depth of color and simple veining give contemporary and modern spaces a sophisticated look. It’s perfect paired with stainless steel.

Concrete Gray

Concrete gray accurately mimics the look of weathered concrete with mottled gray and tan base tones and faint variegation. It gives industrial charm to urban lofts, modern farmshouses, and eclectic spaces.

Salt + Pepper

As the name implies, this quartz combines black pepper-like speckles against a pale gray salt base. The contrast of shades gives visual texture and depth. Salt and pepper is flexible enough to fit with many styles from modern to rustic.

Meteorite Gray

With an ashy gray base and bold black veining, Meteorite Gray quartz brings drama and intrigue. The deeply colored marbling gives urban lofts, modern spaces, and artsy kitchens a bold character.


Black countertops make a sophisticated style statement in contemporary kitchen designs. They provide a striking, unexpected contrast against all-white cabinets or light walls. Here are the top black quartz varieties:

Jet Black

Jet black is a pure, matte black quartz with faint marbling that looks subtle and naturally occurring. The inky shade is bold yet classic, lending heirloom appeal to modern farmhouse and traditional spaces alike.

Midnight Oil

This quartz has an onyx-inspired look, with its deep black color paired with thin white spiderwebbing. Midnight Oil has an elegant look perfect for formal, upscale kitchens wanting to make a bold accent.

Nebula Black

The Nebula quartz collection features a rich black base with metallic silver mica flecks resembling stars against the night sky. Nebula Black has an edgy, avant-garde look unexpected in kitchens.


For those favoring warm, earthy neutrals for their quartz counters, beiges are a perfect option. Popular beige quartz shades include:

Beach Sand

Beach Sand offers the look of fine-grained sand, with warm beige base tones and tan mottling. Its natural stone look provides a laid-back feel that works great in coastal kitchens.

Desert Beige

This light beige quartz has subtle gray veining that mimics the look of natural stone. The soft neutral color gives traditional kitchens a timeless yet contemporary vibe.


Mushroom quartz features a light taupe base with dramatic brown and gray marbling. The striking variation gives depth to the beige backdrop. It allows beige to feel bold and modern versus just plain.


While less common than beiges or grays, dramatic blue quartz counters can make a serious style impact. Vibrant blues include:

Midnight Blue

As the name indicates, this quartz flaunts a lustrous blue-black shade evocative of the night sky. Midnight Blue gives modern spaces swanky sophistication.

Blue Macaubus

Inspired by semi-precious lapis stone, Blue Macaubus quartz has a deep blue background with copper-colored flecks. It resembles a twinkling evening sky. The saturated blue is perfect for making a colorful statement.


For those loving color but preferring softer shades than a bold blue, green quartz offers a nature-inspired choice that still makes a statement. Popular options include:


Kryptonite quartz features a rich green color with faint white marbling reminiscent of the rock cryptonite. The mysterious hue is an unexpected choice that works in modern, urban lofts and eclectic spaces.


Jadeite quartz mimics the look of prized jade stone with its light, cool green tones paired with marbling in shades of gray, brown, and burgundy. It gives vintage or Asian-inspired kitchens exotic character.

Final Thoughts

When selecting a quartz countertop, color is one of the most exciting decisions. Clean whites, bold blacks, chic grays, charming beiges, and vibrant pops of color like green and blue all make design statements. Fortunately, the wide range of colors and patterns available in quartz makes it easy to find the perfect match for your personal style and kitchen aesthetic. Just take your time comparing all the options to discover your dream quartz countertop.

FAQ about Popular Quartz Countertop Colors

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about popular quartz countertop colors:

Which quartz color is most popular?

White and gray quartz colors are currently the overall most popular options for countertops. Within those hues, Alaskan White and London Gray seem to be crowd-favorites.

What is the most expensive quartz color?

Generally, darker-colored quartzes will be pricier than light/white varieties due to a higher concentration of natural quartz aggregates needed to achieve those rich tones. So options like Jet Black, Midnight Blue, or Kryptonite Green will typically cost more than Classic White.

Which color quartz needs least maintenance?

Light-colored quartz counters will show less visible signs of wear and tear versus darker quartz colors over time. So white quartz requires relatively low maintenance compared to black, blue, or green quartz.

Can you get quartz countertops in any color?

While options seem endless, quartz counters are limited to naturally occurring quartz grain colors. So you won’t find bright red or purple quartz. However, today’s manufacturing innovations allow for very convincing mimics of rare/expensive stone colors like jade, lapis, and onyx.

Do white quartz counters stain easily?

All quartz resists stains far better than marble or granite. But lighter quartz is slightly more prone to temporary staining from foods with lots of pigment, like beets or berries. Proper daily care prevents any permanent discoloration.

Does quartz lose its color over time?

Quartz color is extremely stable over decades of use. Unlike wood or laminate countertops, the color is infused throughout the full slab thickness, not just a surface treatment. As long as it is properly cared for, quartz will keep its original color and pattern.


Quartz offers today’s homeowners incredible options when selecting countertop colors for their kitchen or bath remodels. Crisp whites, elegant grays, warm beiges, and even bold blues and greens are available in styles mimicking natural stone. With proper maintenance, any high-quality quartz in the color of your choice can provide decades of beauty and durability. Take your time exploring the many color possibilities to discover the perfect quartz countertops to match your personal style.