What are different colors of quartz countertops?

Whites and Creams

White and cream colors are classic and timeless. They create a clean, bright look and make the space appear larger. Popular options include:

  • Pure White – A true bright white without any grey undertones. Provides a crisp, clean look.
  • Super White – Has a hint of warm undertones for a softer white aesthetic.
  • Almond Cream – A light beige-cream that provides a soothing, neutral backdrop.
  • Snowfall – A very light grey-toned white that delivers a contemporary vibe.
  • Cloud White – A bright white with faint grey veining for visual interest.

Blacks and Greys

Darker neutrals like black and grey bring a sophisticated, dramatic effect. These deeper tones work well in modern and contemporary kitchens. Choices here include:

  • Jet Black – A true deep, dark black color that makes a bold statement.
  • Onyx Black – Has a matte finish with a black background and faint white veining.
  • Thunder Grey – A medium charcoal grey with dark grey and silver accents.
  • London Grey – A lighter grey with subtle taupe undertones and delicate white veining.
  • Shale Grey – A black and grey marble-look pattern that adds dimension.

Beiges and Browns

Warm beiges and browns bring a traditional, inviting look to kitchens. They work well in rustic, farmhouse, or transitional spaces. Options include:

  • Vanilla Cream – A light creamy beige with tan undertones. Provides an approachable, welcoming vibe.
  • Almond Rocca – A medium tan brown with grey, black and gold speckles.
  • Autumn Leaves – A brown background with cascading shades of tan, cream, and dark brown resembling falling leaves.
  • Chocolate Truffle – A rich medium brown reminiscent of creamy chocolate with intricate black and white veining.
  • Desert Beige – A light sandy beige with a satiny finish and faint metallic shimmer.


While less common than neutrals, blue quartz brings a cool, watery palette to kitchens. Different shades and patterns create diverse moods.

  • Sky Blue – A soft pastel blue that evokes serene skies. Lovely in a coastal cottage.
  • Midnight Blue – A dramatic deep blue with faint silver veining for visual depth.
  • Blue Jean – Vivid speckles of blue, silver, black and white resembling a pair of classic denim jeans.
  • Coastal Blue – combines light sky blue, navy, tan, and white for a beachy vibe.
  • Blue Quartzite – A heavily patterned look with wisps of blue, black, grey, and cream resembling natural quartzite.


Green quartz surfaces infuse kitchens with organic color. Rich emerald and mossy shades pair well with stone, wood, black, and white materials. Options include:

  • Mint Green – A cool pastel green that creates a soothing ambiance.
  • Forest Green – A lush medium-dark green with light swirls that evoke natural scenery.
  • Emerald – Vibrant mineral-colored green with black speckles.
  • Clover Green – Warm olive green tone with brown, grey and black accents resembling a clover meadow.
  • Green Quartzite – Mimics natural quartzite in shades of olive green and sage green with black and cream.


While less common, red quartz makes a bold, dramatic statement. Crimson, wine and russet colors add vibrancy and make the kitchen a focal point.

  • Garnet – A dark wine-red background with intense wine and black crystal flecks.
  • Burning Embers – Fiery mix of crimson red, orange and smoky greys that resembles glowing embers.
  • Cherry Red – Solid cherry red color that commands attention.
  • Tuscan Sunset – Swirling blend of cream, crimson, caramel and smokey greys resembling a Tuscan sunset.


For those desiring a more eclectic, playful look, multi-colored quartz patterns infuse energy and whimsy.

  • Stardust – An energetic blend of greys, tans, blues, browns and pearl accents reminiscent of a sparkling night sky.
  • Picasso Quartz – Abstract mix of blues, greys, tans, whites and blacks resembling a Picasso painting.
  • Mother of Pearl – Soft neutral palette with iridescent mother of pearl shimmer.
  • Beach Glass – Mix of sea glass hues including sky blue, seafoam, sage green and soft grey.
  • Terrazzo – Speckled palette reminiscent of terrazzo floors with splashes of cream, grey, brown and black.


With such an extensive range of colors and designs, quartz offers something for every kitchen aesthetic. Whether you prefer classic whites and neutrals or bold pops of color, quartz can be customized to match your style. Carefully review swatches and visit showrooms to view slabs in person when selecting your perfect quartz hue. And consult with kitchen designers to ensure that your selected quartz color aligns with your overall kitchen decor scheme for a cohesive look. With proper planning, quartz countertops can become a stunning centerpiece that brings your dream kitchen to life.