Is Totally Awesome Bang Cleaner Safe for Quartz Countertops?

Quartz countertops are an increasingly popular choice for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. Made from crushed quartz combined with resins and pigments, quartz offers an attractive, low-maintenance, and durable surface. However, it’s important to clean quartz properly to keep it looking its best. Many homeowners wonder if Totally Awesome Bang cleaner, a common household all-purpose cleaner, is safe to use on quartz.

What is Totally Awesome Bang Cleaner?

Totally Awesome Bang cleaner is a multi-purpose household cleaner made by the brand Awesome Products. It is an affordable and commonly available cleaner found in many major retail stores.

Some key features of Totally Awesome Bang cleaner:

  • All-purpose formula cleans a variety of surfaces including countertops, appliances, floors, walls, tiles, and more
  • Contains grease-cutting ingredients to help remove dirt, grime, oil, and grease
  • Degreasing spray foam clings to vertical surfaces
  • Fresh citrus scent

Is Totally Awesome Bang Safe for Quartz?

The short answer is yes, Totally Awesome Bang cleaner is generally considered safe to use on quartz countertops. However, there are some important caveats to keep in mind:

  • Use in moderation – While TA Bang is safe for occasional use on quartz, avoid over-using it or soaking the surface. Excessive use of any cleaner can damage sealants over time.
  • Avoid abrasive tools – Never use abrasive sponges or scrubbers in conjunction with the cleaner, as they could scratch the quartz surface. Stick to soft cloths and sponges.
  • Rinse thoroughly – Don’t allow the cleaner to sit or soak on the quartz. Always rinse it away thoroughly after cleaning.
  • Check with manufacturer – If in doubt, refer to your specific quartz manufacturer’s care guidelines for their recommended cleaners.

Proper Cleaning Guidelines for Quartz

To safely clean quartz counters and keep them looking pristine, follow these best practices:

  • For daily cleaning, use a mild soap and water solution or a vinegar-based cleaner. Rinse well.
  • For tougher messes, use a non-abrasive quartz-safe cleaner like Totally Awesome Bang. Avoid over-applying.
  • Blot spills quickly to prevent staining, especially oil and grease spills. Don’t let spills sit.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrub pads which could damage the surface.
  • Disinfect quartz periodically with a diluted bleach cleaner. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Reseal quartz every 1-2 years with a quartz-safe sealant for added protection.

5 Key Benefits of Quartz Countertops

Quartz offers unique advantages as a countertop material:

1. Durability – Quartz is very resilient and able to withstand chips, scratches, cracks and heat.

2. Low Maintenance – Quartz requires very little regular maintenance compared to other surfaces.

3. Non-Porous – Unlike natural stone, quartz does not need to be sealed as it won’t harbor bacteria.

4. Stain Resistance – Properly sealed quartz resists stains excellently. Spills can be wiped away easily.

5. Appearance – Quartz comes in a wide array of colors and patterns that maintain their vibrancy.

FAQ About Cleaning Quartz Countertops

Q: Can I use vinegar to clean my quartz countertop?

A: Yes, you can safely clean quartz with a diluted vinegar solution. Mix 1 part vinegar with 3 parts water for an effective homemade cleaner.

Q: What should I avoid using to clean quartz?

A: Avoid abrasive cleaners, scrubbing pads, and solutions containing acids, alkalis or ammonia as these can etch or discolor the surface.

Q: How can I remove dried or stuck-on food from my quartz?

A: Gently scrape off any dried food with a plastic scraper. For stuck-on messes, let a damp cloth soaked in warm soapy water sit on the area for several minutes to soften, then wipe away.

Q: Can I use Totally Awesome Bang to clean hard water marks off my quartz?

A: Yes, Totally Awesome can be effective at removing hard water stains and marks from quartz surfaces. Apply a small amount and let sit briefly before scrubbing gently and rinsing.

Q: Does quartz need to be resealed over time?

A: It’s a good idea to reseal your quartz countertops every 1-2 years to maintain the protective barrier. Use a sealant specifically formulated for quartz surfaces.


Totally Awesome Bang all-purpose household cleaner can be safely used on quartz countertops as long as some basic precautions are followed. Moderate usage, avoiding abrasives, rinsing thoroughly, and checking manufacturer guidance can minimize any risks with Totally Awesome Bang or any other cleaner. Following proper maintenance guidelines will keep quartz countertops looking like new for many years. With the right care, quartz offers unparalleled durability, beauty, and convenience in a countertop surface.