Is Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner Safe for Quartz Countertops?

An Overview of Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops, sometimes called engineered stone, are made from ground quartz crystals combined with resins and pigments. The result is a very hard, non-porous surface that resists scratches, stains, and heat.

Here are some key facts about quartz:

  • Extremely durable – quartz has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, compared to granite’s rating of 6 or 7.
  • Non-porous so it doesn’t need to be sealed.
  • Resists stains because it is non-porous.
  • Heat resistant. Can withstand brief exposure to hot pans.
  • Variety of colors and patterns available.
  • Does not need regular polishing like natural stone.
  • Low maintenance but proper cleaning is still required.

While durable, quartz can be damaged by harsh cleaners that contain acidic or alkaline ingredients. Let’s look at Mrs. Meyer’s and see if it’s quartz-safe.

Is Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner Safe for Quartz?

Mrs. Meyer’s makes plant-based, biodegradable cleaning products including a multi-surface everyday cleaner. This popular cleaner is safe for use on quartz countertops.

Here’s why it’s quartz-approved:

  • pH balanced formula – Mrs. Meyer’s cleaner has a neutral pH between 6 and 8. This gentle pH won’t etch or dull quartz.
  • No harsh chemicals – It does not contain acidic ingredients like bleach or alkaline ingredients like ammonia that can damage quartz.
  • Plant-based ingredients – The formula uses natural, non-toxic substances like plant extracts, essential oils, and plant-derived surfactants. These are gentle on quartz.
  • Recommended by manufacturers – Major quartz brands like Caesarstone and Cambria have tested and approved Mrs. Meyer’s for use on their products.

Always refer to your specific quartz manufacturer’s care guidelines, but Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface cleaner is generally considered safe for quartz countertops.

Using Mrs. Meyer’s to Clean Quartz Countertops

When using Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface cleaner for quartz, follow these best practices:

  • Shake well before each use.
  • Apply a small amount to a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid abrasive pads.
  • Wipe down quartz in a circular motion.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • For dried spills, spray directly onto the stain and let sit for several minutes before wiping.
  • For food stains, use a gentle scrubbing motion with a damp sponge. Avoid excessive scrubbing.
  • Clean spills promptly to prevent staining.
  • Regular cleaning prevents buildup of grime.
  • Always follow manufacturer instructions for your specific quartz product.

Pro tip: Use a granite cleaner like Method Daily Granite Cleaner periodically to thoroughly clean and shine quartz. Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface cleaner is ideal for everyday, routine cleaning.

5 Key Benefits of Using Mrs. Meyer’s on Quartz

  1. Safe, Non-Toxic Formula – You avoid exposure to harsh chemicals found in some conventional cleaners.
  2. Prevents Dulling and Etching – Mrs. Meyer’s neutral pH won’t damage quartz’s protective finish.
  3. Leaves No Residue – Rinses clean without leaving streaks or film behind.
  4. Pleasant Scent – Light floral or citrus scents leave your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.
  5. Cost-Effective – An affordable go-to for daily quartz cleaning and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mrs. Meyer’s and Quartz

Is it okay to use Mrs. Meyer’s daily on my quartz counters?

Yes, Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface cleaner is designed for safe, daily use on quartz countertops. The plant-based formula gently cleans without damaging quartz. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

What scents of Mrs. Meyer’s work on quartz?

All Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface scents can be used on quartz including popular options like Lemon Verbena, Lavender, Geranium, and Basil. Avoid using vinegar-based scents as vinegar can etch quartz over time.

Can Mrs. Meyer’s remove stains from quartz?

Mrs. Meyer’s alone may not remove tough stains that have set into the quartz. Use a bit of gentle scrubbing with a soft sponge. For stubborn stains, try spraying with hydrogen peroxide or a granite cleaner before wiping with Mrs. Meyer’s.

Does Mrs. Meyer’s leave a film on quartz countertops?

Mrs. Meyer’s should not leave any filmy residue on properly cleaned and rinsed quartz. If you notice an occasional film, go over the surface again with Mrs. Meyer’s using a bit more elbow grease in the wiping process. Then rinse thoroughly with clear water.

How do I get dried food off my quartz counters? Should I use Mrs. Meyer’s?

For dried food messes, spray the area liberally with Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface cleaner. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes allowing the formula to penetrate the mess. Then use a non-abrasive sponge or soft cloth to gently remove the softened food debris. Rinse and dry well.

The Bottom Line

Mrs. Meyer’s plant-based, biodegradable multi-surface cleaner is generally considered safe and effective for cleaning quartz countertops. It’s pH balanced, free of harsh chemicals, and contains natural ingredients that clean gently.

Always refer to your specific brand of quartz’s care recommendations. And be sure to rinse quartz thoroughly after cleaning with Mrs. Meyer’s. With its pleasant scents and non-toxic formula, Mrs. Meyer’s is an excellent everyday quartz cleaner. Use it regularly to safely enhance and preserve the beauty of your quartz surfaces.