Is it safe to use magic eraser on quartz countertops?

Quartz countertops are popular in many homes due to their durability, aesthetics, and low maintenance. However, like any surface, they can get stained and require cleaning. Some homeowners wonder if using a magic eraser is safe for cleaning quartz countertops without causing damage. Here is a detailed look at whether magic erasers are safe to use on quartz.

What are Magic Erasers?

Magic erasers, also known as melamine foam, are cleaning pads made out of a porous material that looks similar to foam. When wet, the pads become lightly abrasive, allowing them to remove dirt, grime, and stains from surfaces. Magic erasers are commonly used for cleaning walls, floors, countertops, and other household surfaces.

The main active ingredient in magic erasers is melamine resin. This material has a fine gritty texture that provides a gentle abrasive cleaning action when activated with water. Magic erasers also contain formaldehyde and acrylates as additional ingredients.

Are Magic Erasers Safe for Quartz?

Magic erasers are generally safe to use on quartz countertops. When used properly, they do not damage or scratch the surface. Here are some tips for safely using magic erasers on quartz:

  • Use minimal pressure – Magic erasers work through gentle abrasion. Scrubbing too hard or using excessive force can damage the surface. Use light, even motions.
  • Use a damp, not soaked, eraser – Soaking the pads causes the melamine foam to become overly abrasive. Lighter dampness is best.
  • Clean small areas at a time – Focusing on small areas allows you to control the cleaning motion and pressure. Avoid aggressively scrubbing large areas.
  • Rinse thoroughly after cleaning – Make sure to rinse off any foam residue after using a magic eraser. Leaving residue behind can lead to buildup.
  • Avoid overly frequent use – Magic erasers are fine for occasional use on quartz but over-using them too often risks wearing down the finish.

Tips for Safely Cleaning Quartz Countertops

In addition to exercising caution with magic erasers, here are some general tips for cleaning quartz countertops without damage:

  • Use mild pH-neutral cleaners, not harsh acidic or alkaline cleaners.
  • Blot spills quickly to prevent staining and etching. Avoid abrasive scrubbing.
  • For routine cleaning, warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap work well.
  • Disinfect occasionally with diluted hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol.
  • Consider applying sealers to enhance stain protection.
  • Check the manufacturer’s care guidelines for specific recommendations.

Signs of Damage to Look Out For

Be on the lookout for these signs of damage if aggressively using magic erasers on quartz:

  • Visible scratches on the surface
  • A worn, cloudy appearance in cleaned areas
  • Changes in light reflectivity or texture
  • Roughened areas or loss of polish
  • Removal of pigments, causing discoloration

When to Avoid Magic Erasers

There are certain situations where you’ll want to avoid magic erasers entirely on quartz:

  • If stains have set for a prolonged time, as excessive scrubbing would be required
  • If the manufacturer advises against abrasive cleaners
  • On certain quartz varieties more prone to damage, like etchings and pits
  • Around sinks and faucets where sealants meet the countertop
  • On countertops with a worn or damaged finish already

In these situations, try alternative cleaning methods instead. Or, consult a countertop professional if stains are stubborn.

Professional Deep Cleaning

For periodic deep cleaning, many homeowners choose to hire professional quartz countertop cleaners once or twice a year. Professionals have specialized tools, cleaners and techniques to remove all stains and restore a showroom shine. This helps ensure the countertops stay damage-free.


Magic erasers can be safely used on quartz countertops as long as proper care is taken. Apply minimal pressure with a lightly dampened eraser focused only on small areas at a time. Avoid over-frequent and aggressive use. Pay attention for any signs of damage. For routine daily cleaning, stick to mild dish soap and water. And consider professional deep cleaning services periodically to keep quartz countertops looking their best. With the right gentle care, magic erasers can effectively clean quartz without posing risks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Using Magic Erasers on Quartz Countertops

Can magic erasers scratch my quartz countertop?

Magic erasers can potentially scratch quartz countertops if used with too much force or abrasion. To avoid scratching, use minimal pressure and focus on small areas at a time when cleaning with a magic eraser.

Should I dampen my magic eraser before using it on quartz?

Yes, magic erasers should always be dampened and never used dry on quartz countertops. Dry use risks abrasion damage. Lightly dampen the pad and ensure no excess water drips off. Too much water can also lead to an overly abrasive effect.

How often is it safe to use a magic eraser on quartz?

Occasional, spot use of a magic eraser on quartz is fine. However, refrain from over-using them too frequently to avoid slowly wearing down the surface over time. At most, use once weekly in small areas only when necessary. For daily surface cleaning, use mild soap and water instead.

What types of stains can a magic eraser remove from quartz?

Magic erasers work well for removing stains from coffee, wine, grease, food residue, dirt, grime, marker and other common household sources. Avoid prolonged scrubbing of any stain, and test magic eraser use in an inconspicuous spot first.

Should I re-seal my quartz countertop after cleaning with a magic eraser?

It’s not necessary to re-seal quartz after using a magic eraser as long as the surface is undamaged. However, checking for signs of wear and reapplying sealer at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals will provide added protection.

What should I do if a magic eraser damages my quartz countertop?

Stop using the magic eraser immediately if you notice any scratches, wear or damage. Contact a professional countertop refinishing company to repair, resurface and polish the damaged section of quartz. This will restore its appearance and prevent further damage.