How to Support Quartz Countertop Overhangs

Installing a quartz countertop with an overhang can add beauty and functionality to your kitchen. However, proper support for the overhang is crucial to prevent cracking or collapse. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to properly support quartz countertop overhangs.


Quartz countertops are popular in modern kitchens due to their durability, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. Many homeowners opt for a countertop with an overhang on one or more sides to create a breakfast bar or additional workspace. However, the overhang can be vulnerable to damage without proper support. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to support a quartz overhang using various methods.

Measure and Plan the Overhang

  • Carefully measure the length of the overhang you wish to create. Standard overhangs are 10-12 inches.
  • Consider the thickness of the quartz slab. Thicker slabs (2cm+) can support longer overhangs.
  • Plan overhang support locations. Supports should be placed every 18-24 inches along the overhang.

Choose a Support Method

There are several options for providing support under a quartz overhang:


  • Sturdy L-brackets made of steel or aluminum work well.
  • Attach brackets securely to cabinet with wood screws. Pre-drill bracket holes.
  • Position brackets snugly under overhang and attach with provided hardware.


  • Decorative corbels available in various styles to match décor.
  • Anchor corbels securely to cabinetry with provided hardware.
  • Ensure corbels are flush against the underside of the overhang.

Wall Support

  • If overhang is on open side of counter, attach ledge to wall.
  • Build secure wooden ledger to exact overhang width.
  • Attach tightly to wall studs with lag screws.

Cabinet Extension

  • Extend existing cabinets to support overhang.
  • Match cabinet height and style.
  • Integrate overhang support into cabinetry frame.

Install Countertop with Support

  • Lower countertop with overhang gently onto supports.
  • Verify overhang is fully supported and brackets/corbels are flush.
  • Secure countertop tightly to cabinets according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Use clear silicone caulk to seal any gaps between countertop and supports.

Prevent Cracking and Damage

To protect your overhang support system and prevent quartz from cracking over time:

  • Avoid placing excess weight on overhang.
  • Use padding to protect quartz if placing hot pots/pans on overhang.
  • Seal quartz regularly to prevent moisture damage.
  • Inspect supports periodically and tighten if any loosening occurs.

Proper installation is key to creating a strong, lasting quartz countertop overhang. Follow these best practices and your beautiful new work area will provide years of service!

Frequently Asked Questions About Supporting Quartz Countertop Overhangs

How much overhang can quartz support without brackets?

Most manufacturers recommend supporting quartz overhangs longer than 4 inches. Brackets provide the best support for overhangs up to 12 inches. Overhangs longer than 12 inches are not recommended without an extremely thick quartz slab and closely spaced supports.

How far apart should overhang supports be installed?

A good rule of thumb is to install supports every 18-24 inches along the span of the overhang. More frequent supports are better to prevent sagging, cracking or collapse.

What is the best adhesive to attach a ledger board for wall support?

Construction adhesive is stronger and longer-lasting than traditional wood glue when attaching a ledger board to a wall. Look for an adhesive formulated especially for heavy materials like stone.

Should you seal the space between the countertop and support brackets?

Sealing the gaps with a clear silicone caulk is recommended to prevent moisture, spills and debris from collecting in the spaces between the quartz and supports. This will help limit damage.

Can corbels support quartz overhangs as well as brackets?

Properly installed decorative corbels can provide adequate strength to support standard quartz overhangs. Choose solid wood or steel corbels rated for heavy weight. The corbels must make flush contact with the overhang.


Installing sturdy supports for a quartz countertop overhang is an essential step in creating a functional, durable installation. With proper planning and careful bracket, corbel, or ledger board installation based on the overhang length and thickness, you can confidently add beautiful overhangs to customize your countertop. Be sure to follow all manufacturer guidelines and inspect supports periodically to prevent cracking or collapse. With the right supports, your stylish quartz overhang can withstand years of use.