How to Shine a Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertops are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their durability, stain resistance, and stylish appearance. However, like any surface, quartz countertops require regular cleaning to keep them looking their best. With the right products and techniques, you can keep your quartz counters sparkling. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to shine a quartz countertop.

Cleaning Supplies You Will Need

Before starting the shining process, make sure you have the proper supplies on hand:

  • Microfiber cloths or soft rags
  • Mild liquid dish soap or stone cleaner
  • Clean water
  • Glass cleaner (optional)
  • Soft bristle brush (optional)

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

It’s important to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on quartz surfaces as they can damage the finish. Stick to mild dish soaps or specialty stone cleaners. Stay away from products containing acids, ammonia, bleach or vinegar as these can etch or dull the quartz over time.

Step 1: Remove Surface debris

First, remove any debris or dirt from the countertop. Wipe away crumbs and spills with a dry microfiber cloth or paper towel. This prevents abrasive particles from scratching the surface while cleaning.

Step 2: Wash with Mild Soap and Water

Fill a bucket or spray bottle with warm water and a small amount of mild liquid dish soap. Use a soft microfiber cloth, sponge or soft bristle brush to gently wash the entire countertop surface.

Apply light pressure as you scrub in circular motions to lift dirt and grime. Take care to get into the detailed edges and corners. Rinse well with clean water to remove all soap residue.

Step 3: Disinfect and Deodorize (Optional)

For an occasional deep cleaning and disinfecting, use a non-bleach stone cleaner or glass cleaner. Spray directly onto the countertop and wipe clean with a fresh microfiber cloth.

This helps sanitize the surface and remove odors from foods or spills. Rinse thoroughly afterwards. Let the countertop air dry completely.

Step 4: Remove Stubborn Stains and Spots

For stubborn spots or etched areas, use a damp magic eraser sponge. Gently rub in a circular motion to lift stains without damaging the finish.

For water spots, wipe with equal parts water and vinegar. Rinse immediately so the vinegar does not linger on the surface.

Step 5: Buff and Shine

The final step is to buff and shine the countertop. Use a dry microfiber cloth and rub in broad circular strokes across the entire surface.

Applying elbow grease really brings out the sheen! Replace cloths often for best results.

Finish by using a glass cleaner and new microfiber cloth for added sparkle.

Tips for Ongoing Maintenance

  • Wipe up spills immediately to prevent staining
  • Clean quartz regularly with mild soap and water
  • Avoid harsh chemicals, bleach or abrasive pads
  • Use a cutting board to protect the surface
  • Reseal with a stone sealer every 1-2 years
  • Check manufacturer’s care guidelines

Common Questions

How often should I clean quartz countertops?

It’s best to clean quartz every 1-2 weeks with mild soap and water. Quick daily wipe downs keep surfaces free of messes that can stain.

What is the best cleaner for quartz counters?

Look for mild liquid dish soaps, specialty stone cleaners or glass cleaners marked safe for quartz. Avoid bleach, acidic or abrasive cleaners.

Can you use vinegar to clean quartz?

Pure vinegar is too acidic for quartz. For water spots, mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part water and rinse immediately. Never let vinegar sit directly on the surface.

What is the best way to remove dried food from a quartz countertop?

Use a damp microfiber cloth and mild liquid soap. Gently scrub in circles to lift dried-on messes. Avoid using scrapers or abrasive pads.


Regular cleaning and polishing keeps quartz countertops shining like new. By using mild cleaners and gentle scrubbing, you can easily remove dirt and stains. With the proper care, your beautiful quartz counters will stay sparkling for years to come. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to safely clean and maintain the finish.