How to Save on Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops can add beautiful and durable surfaces to kitchens and bathrooms, but they are known for being more expensive than other countertop options. However, with some savvy shopping techniques and design choices, it is possible to get quartz countertops on a budget. Here are some tips for saving money on your quartz countertop project.

Shop Sales and Discounts

Like most home improvement materials, quartz countertops frequently go on sale. Watch for promotions at big box stores and check with local countertop suppliers for current deals. You may be able to save 10-20% off regular prices, especially if you’re flexible about color and finish options. It’s also worth asking suppliers if they have any remnants available. These are leftovers from previous jobs that can be purchased at a discount.

Choose a Simple Installation

The more complex your countertop layout, the more you’ll pay in fabrication and installation costs. Opting for a simple rectangle or L-shape with clean 90-degree corners will be the most affordable installation. Avoid curved edges, ornate edges, seams, and other special fabrication requests that drive up costs. This will also make do-it-yourself installation more feasible.

Consider Lower Thickness

Quartz thicknesses are typically 1.25″ or 1.5″. Going with a 1.25″ slab will save you about 10-15% compared to the 1.5″ thickness. Keep in mind that the thinner option is only recommended for straight, laminated edges. But for many applications, 1.25″ provides sufficient durability and strength at a better price point.

Select a Lower Price Brand

While Caesarstone and Silestone are perhaps the biggest brand names, there are many quality lower-priced quartz brands such as MSI, Cambria, and Viatera that offer similar aesthetics, durability, and warranties. Comparison shop different brands and colors to find the best deals. Don’t assume you have to stick with the most expensive, premium names.

Negotiate With Suppliers

Don’t be afraid to negotiate, especially if you’re purchasing multiple slabs. Many quartz suppliers are willing to bargain on pricing since their margins are quite healthy on the material. See if you can get 10% or more taken off the total price with some polite negotiating tactics. Cash discounts may also be offered.

Minimize Backsplashes

Integrated quartz backsplashes and accent walls will increase costs. Get basic backsplashes done in a less expensive material like ceramic tile. For a seamless look, choose a finish that closely matches your selected quartz. This � la carte approach will limit how much quartz is needed overall.

Consider Alternative Materials for Parts of Project

Using quartz for the entirety of your counters may be overkill – and your budget may not allow it. Consider doing an island or small section in quartz as a focal point, with a more affordable material like laminate, butcher block, or concrete for the rest. This will let you get the look you want while optimizing savings.

Do Your Own Demolition and Preparation

Knocking out old countertops and cabinets yourself will save on labor fees. Follow online DIY guides for safely removing old materials. Prepare your new install area by cleaning thoroughly, making any repairs, and ensuring the base is level and supported properly. Doing this prep work can make a big difference.

Hire for Fabrication/Install Only

Rather than using a full-service contractor, save by separately purchasing the slabs and hiring a local fabricator/installer. Choose someone who specializes in quartz. Get an estimate beforehand and be clear about what specific tasks you expect from them. This can potentially trim thousands off your total project cost.

Explore Agglomerate Options

Quartz agglomerate uses quartz crumbs and resin to create slabs with the look of natural stone at a lower cost. Brands like Silestone Neo offer greater affordability but avoid major compromises on aesthetics and durability. Make sure to review product warranties, however.

Final Considerations

In the end, don’t sacrifice too much quality just to save on quartz. With some strategic design choices and smart shopping tactics, you can find the right balance of beautiful, durable countertops at a reasonable budget for your home. Consult with professionals and do your homework to get the best deal. Your new quartz surfaces will provide many years of enjoyment when installed properly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Saving on Quartz Countertops

Should I consider materials other than quartz to save money?

Yes, absolutely. Laminate, wood, concrete, recycled glass, and other materials can provide attractive, budget-friendly options. But quartz will offer greater durability and longevity. It depends on your needs and style preferences.

How much can I expect to save by shopping sales and discounts?

Savings will vary, but 10-20% off regular prices is fairly common if you’re flexible. Remnants and discontinued colors can offer even bigger savings in some cases.

Is it okay to go with a lower quartz thickness to save money?

In many cases, yes. A 1.25″ slab is suitable for standard countertop needs for most homes. Just avoid very heavy use areas like floors or outdoor installations.

Should I hire for fabrication/installation only rather than full service?

This can potentially save thousands in labor costs, but make sure your fabricator is qualified, insured, and will properly warranty their work. Managing the process yourself takes more effort too.

Can I install quartz myself? Is it a difficult DIY project?

With simple layouts, DIY quartz installation is certainly feasible. But it requires careful precision so hire experts if unsure. Focus on demo and prep work to save on labor costs.


With some smart techniques like shopping sales, minimizing seams, and hiring specialists for only fabrication and installation, you can install beautiful quartz countertops even on a limited budget. Focus on simplicity of design and finding undiscovered savings opportunities. With diligent planning and comparison shopping, it’s possible to get the high-end quartz look at an affordable overall cost. Just be sure to use qualified professionals and don’t compromise too much on quality. Your new quartz countertops can provide many years of stylish, low-maintenance enjoyment.