How to Repair Quartz Countertop Burn

Quartz countertops are durable and resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. However, excessive direct heat can damage the surface and cause discoloration or burns. Thankfully, there are methods to repair quartz countertop burns to restore its appearance.

Assessing the Damage

When you notice a burn mark on your quartz countertop, first assess the severity of the damage. Light burns may only discolor the surface, while deep burns can create cracks or pits in the material.

Determine if the burn is:

  • Surface discoloration only
  • A light burn with minor pitting
  • A deep burn with cracks or indentations

The depth of the burn will determine the best repair method.

Cleaning Light Surface Burns

If you have a light surface burn, the discoloration may be removable. First try cleaning the burn thoroughly with a non-abrasive cleaner formulated for stone surfaces.

  • Use a soft cloth or sponge and gently clean the burn spot. Avoid scrubbing too harshly.
  • Rinse well and dry the area completely.
  • Inspect to see if the discoloration has lightened or been removed.
  • Repeat cleaning if needed until surface returns to original color.

This simple cleaning may restore your quartz’s appearance for minor surface burns.

Repairing Minor Pitting

For minor pitted burns that don’t smooth out with cleaning, you can use an epoxy-based pit filler made for countertops. This clear compound fills in small pits and gouges to level the surface.

  • Clean and dry the pitted area thoroughly first.
  • Mix the epoxy filler as directed and apply over the burn with putty knife.
  • Fill past the surface level to account for shrinkage as it dries.
  • Let dry completely, usually overnight.
  • Once hardened, sand flush with the surrounding quartz.

The area should now appear smooth. Apply stone polish if needed to blend sheen.

Fixing Deep Burns

For deep burns with cracks or indentations, the quartz may need professional resurfacing. This involves mechanically grinding down the damaged section and polishing a new surface.

An experienced countertop fabrication and repair company can assess the burn and determine if resurfacing is needed. This process involves:

  • Protecting undamaged sections of the countertop
  • Grinding down the damaged area with specialized tools
  • Polishing the refinished section to match the existing finish
  • Sealing and re-polishing the entire surface

Though labor-intensive, resurfacing removes burn damage and provides a smooth quartz surface. The process can restore your countertop’s appearance in cases of severe burns.

Preventing Future Burns

To avoid further burns:

  • Use trivets or hot pads when placing hot pans on the countertop
  • Don’t expose the surface to open flames
  • Avoid prolonged contact with heat sources like crock pots or electric griddles
  • Clean spills immediately to prevent hot liquids from penetrating

With proper care, your quartz countertops can remain damage-free and look pristine for years. But even with burns, there are effective methods to repair quartz countertop damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cleaners for removing minor burns on quartz?

For light surface burns, use a stone cleaner made specifically for quartz and other engineered stones. General household cleaners can be too harsh. Avoid abrasive cleaners.

Can I use a scratch repair kit to fix a burn?

No, do not use scratch repair on burn damage. These kits are only formulated to fix light surface scratches, not resurface deep burns.

Is there a homemade remedy to remove burns?

Home remedies are not recommended. They can damage rather than repair the surface. Consult a professional stone restoration company for the proper repair method.

Can any epoxy filler work for filling small pits?

No, the filler must be an epoxy designed for stone and quartz surfaces. Hardware epoxies yellow over time and will be noticeable.

Will my countertop look obviously resurfaced after professional repair?

With expert work, the repaired section should blend seamlessly with the existing finish. The entire surface is re-polished to unify the appearance.


Burns can happen to quartz countertops, but various methods exist to repair the damage based on severity. For best results, address any burns right away and consult a professional if the burn is deep. With proper care and maintenance, your quartz countertop can always regain its original beauty and function.