How to Repair a Chip in a Quartz Countertop

What You’ll Need

  • Quartz countertop repair kit (available at hardware stores)
  • Acetone
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Sandpaper (120 and 220 grit)
  • Rags
  • Tape (painter’s or masking)
  • Wooden stir sticks

Prepare the Damaged Area

Before repairing the chip, you need to properly prepare the damaged section of the countertop.

  • Clean the area thoroughly with acetone to remove any dirt, debris or oils. Allow to fully dry.
  • Use 120 grit sandpaper to rough up a wide area surrounding the chip, about 1-2 inches beyond it. This will help the repair compound adhere properly.
  • After sanding, wipe the area down to remove dust.

Mix the Repair Compound

Quartz countertop repair kits contain an epoxy resin compound specifically designed for filling chips and cracks.

  • Mix a small amount as directed on the package, using a wooden stir stick.
  • Try to get the color as close as possible to your existing countertop.
  • Mix thoroughly until uniform with no streaks.

Fill the Damaged Section

Now you can fill in the chipped area with the resin compound.

  • Use the stir stick to scoop up the compound and press it firmly into the chip, overfilling slightly.
  • Spread smoothly with the stick to remove excess.
  • Cover with tape and allow the resin to cure fully, usually 24-48 hours.

Sand and Polish

Once cured, you can sand and polish the repaired section.

  • Use 220 grit sandpaper to smooth and level the area.
  • Wipe clean.
  • Use the buffing pad from the kit to polish the repair until it blends seamlessly with the surrounding countertop.
  • Clean well to remove any residue.

With the proper prep work, materials, and techniques, it is possible to repair a chip in a quartz countertop yourself. Just be sure to follow all directions precisely. With a little time and effort, your countertop can look as good as new again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Repairing Quartz Countertop Chips

Can I use regular epoxy instead of a repair kit?

No, you should always use an epoxy resin specifically designed for quartz countertop repairs. Regular epoxy does not provide the right color match or durability needed.

How long does the repair take to cure?

Most quartz repair kits require 24-48 hours of curing time before sanding and polishing can begin. Be sure to allow adequate time for a full cure.

Should I try to match the resin color exactly to my countertop?

Matching the color as closely as possible will provide the most seamless, invisible repair. But getting it slightly off won’t be too noticeable once sanded and polished.

What grit sandpaper should be used?

Use 120 grit to rough up the area pre-repair, then 220 grit to smooth and level post-cure. Higher grits can polish too much.

Can the repaired chip withstand hot pans?

Yes, quartz resin compounds are designed to be fully heat and scratch resistant once fully cured.

How long will the repair last?

Done properly, a quartz countertop chip repair can last for many years before any signs of repair may become visible.

Should I hire a pro for the repair work?

With the right materials and by following instructions, this is a DIY-friendly repair. But for large chips or complex repairs, hiring a pro can be worth it.


Repairing a damaged quartz countertop is definitely achievable with some simple tools and materials. The key is proper surface prep, using the right resin compound, and taking the time to smoothly sand and polish the final repair. With care and patience, the finished results can be almost undetectable. Just be sure to enlist the help of a professional for repairs beyond your DIY capabilities. With the right approach, you can avoid the expense and hassle of a full countertop replacement.