How to Pick a Backsplash with Quartz Countertops

Choosing the perfect backsplash to pair with quartz countertops can really bring your kitchen design together. With the right combination of materials, colors, and patterns, the backsplash and countertop will complement each other beautifully. Here are some tips on how to pick a backsplash that will look stunning with quartz countertops.

Consider the Quartz Color and Pattern

The first step is to look at the specific quartz you’ve selected for the countertops. Quartz comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, from solid whites and creams to bold blues and grays with crisp, graphic veining.

  • Neutral countertop colors like white, gray, or beige are easy to match with almost any backsplash tile. Feel free to get creative with vivid glass or ceramic tiles, natural stone, or metal backsplashes.
  • For a quartz countertop with a distinct veining or pattern, select a backsplash that picks up one of those colors. This creates a cohesive look. A heavily patterned quartz might look best with a solid backsplash color.
  • Darker quartz colors like black, deep blue, or brown have fewer backsplash options that don’t clash. Stick to neutral, lighter backsplash colors.

Select Backsplash Materials

Think about the look and feel you want for the kitchen when choosing backsplash materials.

  • Ceramic or porcelain tile: A very popular choice that comes in endless colors, sizes, shapes and patterns. Easy to clean and durable. Modern styles available.
  • Glass tile: Provides a glossy, sleek look. Translucent options available. Comes in vivid colors and prints. Highly decorative.
  • Natural stone: Options like marble, travertine, and granite bring texture. Works well with stone-look quartz. Can be pricey. Needs sealing.
  • Metal: Great contemporary option. Stainless steel, copper, brass, and other metals make a statement. Can be used full wall or as an accent.
  • Mosaic tile: Small tiles in exciting patterns. Can be ceramic, glass, or stone. Provides visual interest. Fun for a focal wall.

Choose Appropriate Backsplash Colors

The colors you choose for the backsplash and countertop should complement each other.

  • Matching the backsplash color to a secondary hue in the quartz countertop brings the whole look together. The colors connect but don’t directly compete.
  • Try varying shades of the same color family. Light blue backsplash tile paired with deep blue quartz is crisp and coordinated.
  • Don’t overlook neutrals. White or off-white backsplashes are safe choices that let dramatic quartz take center stage.
  • Varying materials in the same color can add subtle interest. Gray glass backsplash tile with gray quartz countertop, for example.
  • Make sure colors have similar undertones (warm or cool). This creates harmony in the kitchen.

Consider Backsplash Shape and Size

The shape and size of the backsplash tile will also impact the overall look with the quartz countertops.

  • Smaller backsplash tiles like mosaics or 3×6 subway tile have visual movement that balances solid, wide countertops.
  • Larger tile sizes, 12×12 or greater, pair well with heavily patterned quartz surfaces. This contrast makes the quartz stand out more.
  • Horizontal rectangular tiles help open up a space visually and work with linear or mid-century modern kitchen elements.
  • Square backsplash tiles in brick patterns or peninsula shapes provide direction and lines that draw the eye.
  • Make sure the scale of the tile size and grout lines fit the scale of the space. Don’t overwhelm a small kitchen with oversized tile.

Incorporate Accent Materials

Adding an extra material into the backsplash is a great way to tie everything together.

  • Use quartz-colored glass, stone or ceramic tile as an inlay border or decorative mosaic accent.
  • Incorporate metal tile trim, shelves, or a range hood in a metal that coordinates with the countertop and backsplash.
  • Add quartz, marble, or stone slab inserts into ceramic, brick, or glass tile backsplashes for contrast.
  • Install a decorative medallion, niche or tile inset that brings the two key elements together.

Design the Whole Space

Look at the backsplash and quartz countertop combination in context of the overall kitchen design.

  • Coordinate additional kitchen elements like cabinetry, flooring, lighting and paint colors into a cohesive theme.
  • If your style is ultra-modern, for example, sleek quartz and metal backsplash will jive seamlessly with the kitchen’s contemporary vibe.
  • Don’t treat the backsplash as an afterthought. Make creative use of backsplashes on multiple surfaces and walls throughout the kitchen.

With some thoughtful planning and design consideration, it’s easy to pick a creative, gorgeous backsplash that pairs perfectly with quartz countertops. Use colors, materials, shapes and accents to bring these two elements together into one beautiful, unified kitchen look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What backsplash goes best with a white quartz countertop?

White quartz countertops provide a neutral backdrop that supports nearly any color backsplash. Vivid glass or ceramic tile, natural stone like marble, or metal like stainless steel all pop against white quartz. Neutrals like grays, beiges and soft blues also complement white quartz elegantly.

Should you match the countertop and backsplash?

It’s not mandatory to match your countertop and backsplash exactly, but some coordination looks best. Try matching the backsplash to a secondary color in the countertop’s pattern. Varying tones and textures of the same color family, like light green glass backsplash with dark green quartz, also marries the elements nicely.

What if my quartz has a busy pattern?

For quartz with dramatic veining or a graphic pattern, stick to solid backsplash colors for contrast. Busy backsplash tiles might compete too much with an already bold countertop. Let the quartz take center stage and choose a backsplash in white, gray, or another neutral solid color.

Can you use polished marble or shiny tile with quartz?

Definitely. Polished marble backsplash tile and glossy glass backsplashes pair beautifully with many modern quartz styles, adding extra radiance and elegance to the kitchen. Just make sure all the color tones work cohesively between the materials. The sheen of the tile can make a nice contrast with the matte finish of most quartz.

What tile sizes work with quartz?

Smaller backsplash tiles like subway tile and mosaics keep the eye moving around the kitchen. Larger tiles, especially 12 inch squares or bigger, create a wonderful contrast with quartz countertops. The quartz looks more like a furniture-piece floating atop the tile expanse. Mixing small and large tiles can be attractive too. Scale matters so be sure oversized tile isn’t overwhelming.


Choosing a backsplash to match quartz countertops follows many of the same design principles you’d apply to any kitchen makeover. Take into account the color palette, styles, textures, and visual weight of all the materials and make them work in harmony. With the versatility of backsplash tile options today and the range of modern quartz styles available, you’re sure to find the perfect pairing that brings your dream kitchen to life.