How to Make Concrete Countertops Look Like Quartz

Concrete countertops can be made to resemble the look and feel of quartz with the right techniques and materials. Here is a detailed guide on how to make concrete countertops look like quartz.

Choose the Right Concrete Mix

The concrete mix is crucial for achieving a quartz-like finish. Opt for a countertop mix that contains white cement, fine aggregates, and a liquid coloring agent. White cement lends a lighter tone while the fine aggregates like sand result in a smooth finish. Liquid pigments in earthy tones like grays, beiges, and taupes will lend a natural quartz appearance.

Use Quartz Aggregates

Adding crushed quartz will help the concrete better replicate the look of quartz countertops. Opt for finely crushed clear, white, or tinted quartz aggregates. Use about 20-50% of quartz aggregates in the concrete mix for the best effect. The quartz particles will lend an organic, stone-like finish.

Include Release Agents

Apply high-quality release agents like countertop wax to the molds before pouring concrete. Release agents allow the cured concrete to be removed easily. They also create a smooth surface texture, prevent surface imperfections, and bring out the color gradations better.

Vibrate the Concrete Thoroughly

Proper vibration of concrete ensures even distribution of aggregates and a dense, compact finish. Use high-frequency concrete vibrators to settle the mixture. Vibrate for 5-10 seconds in each spot to remove air pockets. Insufficient vibration can cause uneven coloring and a porous surface.

Employ Polishing and Sealing

Once cured, grind and hone the concrete using progressive grit diamond polishing pads – starting from 50-grit to 3000-grit. This exposes the fine aggregates and achieves a smooth, glassy finish akin to polished quartz. Apply a penetrating concrete sealer to enhance the look and protect the surface.

Mimic Quartz Patterns

Add organizer strips or foam tape during the pour to create distinct veins and patterns reminiscent of natural quartz. You can also press molds to imprint realistic quartz-like textures. Use stamping tools like rolling pins to create ripple effects.

Maintain Properly

Quartz-like concrete countertops require proper care to stay pristine over years. Clean spills immediately to prevent stains. Reapply the sealer every 2-3 years. Avoid using acidic cleaners which can etch the surface. Use pH-neutral cleaners and soap-water instead.

Expert Tips

  • Always test a small sample before pouring the final counters for color and finish.
  • Curing the concrete slowly and evenly is key to prevent cracks and achieve desired results.
  • Hire professional concrete contractors for best results if you lack experience.
  • For glossy quartz-like shine, use a wet-polishing process up to 3000-grit.
  • Adding a light tinting pigment can mimic the light veining in quartz.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a quartz-like smooth finish on concrete?

Using white cement, fine aggregates, proper vibration, release agents, and high grit wet polishing gives concrete a smooth quartz-like finish. Adding crushed quartz also enhances the effect.

What is the ratio of quartz to concrete to look like quartz?

Generally a ratio of 20% – 50% crushed quartz by weight of total aggregates in the mix results in a finish that resembles quartz. Too much quartz can make it difficult to work with concrete.

Can concrete counters be made to look like quartzite?

Yes, techniques like adding quartz aggregates, using light tinted pigments, embossing quartz-like patterns, and thorough polishing can make concrete resemble quartzite convincingly.

How do you seal concrete to look like quartz?

Using a penetrating non-glossy sealer designed for concrete countertops helps seal the surface and enhance the coloration and aggregates bringing out a natural quartz-like appearance.

How do you polish concrete to a quartz finish?

Polishing with progressive grit diamond pads from 50-grit to 3000-grit or higher followed by buffing with microfiber pads imparts a glossy quartz-like sheen to concrete countertops.

**Can concrete counters stain like quartz? **

Properly sealed and maintained concrete counters are resistant to stains like quartz. However acids and juices can still etch and dull the surface over time if left to sit.


With attention to materials, adequate mixing, proper curing and finishing, it is possible to achieve stunning concrete countertops that resemble the visual appeal of quartz. Mimicking the patterns and hues along with the smooth polished finish results in durable and beautiful concrete counters that look remarkably like real quartz. With some skill and effort, concrete can provide a lower-cost alternative to natural quartz countertops.