How to Install Corbels for Quartz Countertops

Installing corbels under quartz countertops can add an elegant and decorative look to your kitchen or bathroom. Quartz is an engineered stone that is very popular for countertops due to its durability, low maintenance, and stylish appearance. Corbels are decorative brackets that can support extended countertop overhangs, creating the look of a mantel or architectural detail. With some careful planning and the right techniques, you can install corbels to make your quartz countertops really stand out.

Choosing the Right Corbels for Your Quartz Countertops

When selecting corbels for quartz countertops, you’ll want to consider:

  • Size – Measure the overhang where you want to install the corbels and choose a size proportional to your countertop thickness and overall look. Standard corbel sizes range from 4-12 inches.
  • Style – Corbels come in a wide variety of shapes and decorative styles. Choose a style that matches your kitchen’s design and aesthetic. Classical, modern, cottage, and craftsman styles are popular.
  • Material – Corbels are commonly made from wood, iron, polymers, concrete, or polyfoam. Consider the pros and cons of each material regarding durability, weight, and installation method.
  • Load capacity – Verify the corbels you select are rated to handle the weight of your quartz overhang. Quarts is very heavy compared to other countertop materials.
  • Quantity – Space corbels every 12-24 inches for proper support. Measure to determine how many you’ll need.

Preparing for Installation

Installing corbels for quartz requires careful preparation:

  • Have the countertop fully installed first. It must be securely fastened to cabinets below.
  • If possible, have corbels added to the design plan and factory cutouts created before quartz fabrication. This provides the best support.
  • Ensure mounting surface is level and has adequate structural support. Reinforce if needed.
  • Use a countertop support, like a jack, to temporarily hold overhang while installing corbels.
  • Have all tools and materials ready – corbels, deck screws, construction adhesive, tape measure, electric drill, level, pencil.

How to Install Corbels

Once fully prepared, follow these steps to install corbels for quartz countertops:

Step 1: Mark Corbel Placement

  • Measure length of overhang and mark placement every 12-24 inches where corbels will go.
  • Double check marks are level using a spirit level tool.
  • Lightly mark screw hole locations on mounting surface through corbel holes/slots.

Step 2: Apply Adhesive

  • Run a bead of construction adhesive along the top back edge of each corbel.
  • Also apply adhesive to corbel mounting points on surface.

Step 3: Mount Corbels

  • Have someone hold corbel in place or use temporary support.
  • Drill pilot holes if needed. Insert deck screws through corbel holes/slots into mounting surface.
  • Only partially tighten screws until all corbels set, then fully tighten.
  • Fill any gaps behind corbels with adhesive. Allow adhesive to cure fully.

Step 4: Finish Installation

  • Carefully remove any temporary supports once adhesive has cured.
  • Caulk along the seam between the corbels and countertop to create a smooth finished edge.
  • Make any final adjustments so corbels are properly aligned and securely installed.

Tips for Installing Corbels with Quartz Countertops

  • Allow plenty of time for adhesive to fully cure before applying weight on corbels.
  • Take extra care when drilling pilot holes in quartz. Use low speed and light pressure.
  • Get help lifting quartz countertops safely. They can be very heavy. Don’t risk injury.
  • For best support, install corbels with the provided factory cutouts in the quartz.
  • Wood corbels should be pre-drilled to prevent splitting and finished to protect from moisture damage.

With some careful planning and patience during the installation process, corbels can add a really beautiful custom touch to your new quartz countertops. Just be sure to follow all the proper steps and safety precautions. If you ever have any doubts, don’t be afraid to call in a professional countertop installer for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Installing Corbels with Quartz Countertops

Can I install corbels myself or do I need to hire a professional?

It is possible for a skilled DIYer to install corbels on quartz countertops themselves, however it is a challenging job. Getting the corbels properly leveled, reinforced, and adhered requires know-how. Professionals have the right techniques and tools, like jacks, to safely install corbels properly on heavy quartz.

How much overhang can corbels support on a quartz countertop?

Most corbels can support a 6-12 inch overhang on standard quartz countertops. Larger overhangs may require additional support or more substantial corbel designs rated for heavier loads. Consult with an engineer or fabricator to confirm corbel specs match the planned overhang.

Should I install corbels before or after the countertop is in place?

The best practice is to install corbels before the countertop is permanently installed. This allows the corbels to be screwed into the cabinet framing below for maximum support. If a factory-cut corbel detail was not done, then corbels can be adhered after.

What’s the best adhesive to use to attach corbels to quartz?

Use a high-quality construction adhesive made specifically for stone materials. This provides a strong permanent bond. Some top choices include polyurethane or silicone adhesives, or epoxy resin. Always follow adhesive manufacturer guidelines.

How do I cut corbels if needed for the perfect fit?

Carefully measure and mark cut lines on corbels. Make simple straight cuts with a miter or chop saw. For curved or detailed cuts, use a jigsaw with a fine-tooth blade suitable for the corbel material. Take safety precautions against breathing dust.


Adding corbels can take your quartz countertops to the next level. With an eye for design and proper installation techniques, you can enjoy the stylish detail and added functionality they provide. Just be sure to choose the right corbel style and dimensions, reinforce the mounting surface sufficiently, adhere them securely, and take your time to install them properly. With the right approach, you can enjoy stunning corbel-enhanced quartz countertops that will impress for years to come.