How to Illuminate Quartz Countertops

Installing quartz countertops can give your kitchen or bathroom a luxurious, high-end look. Unlike natural stone, quartz is non-porous, making it stain and scratch resistant. However, quartz is not self-illuminating and needs proper lighting to look its best. With the right illumination, quartz countertops will sparkle and shine, showcasing their natural beauty. Here is how to properly illuminate quartz countertops.

Choose the Right Lighting

Task Lighting

Focus task lighting directly over key areas of the countertops to illuminate food prep and clean up zones. Under cabinet lighting is ideal, providing a bar of illumination across the counter work area. Puck lights spaced evenly under upper cabinets also work well.

Ambient Lighting

Softer, ambient lighting fills the whole room with background brightness. Recessed can lighting, chandeliers and flush or semi-flush ceiling mounts work well. Dimmer switches allow adjusting the mood and brightness as needed.

Natural Light

Nothing beats natural sunlight when it comes to illuminating quartz countertops. Skylights and ample windows help quartz sparkle. Consider reflective surfaces like a backsplash to bounce more sunlight onto the counters.

Layer the Lighting

Combine all three types of lighting for the best effects. Task lighting handles key work areas while ambient lighting fills the surrounding space. Natural light streaming in adds liveliness.

Enhance the Lighting Design

Contrast the Counters

Install a dark quartz on light cabinets or light quartz on dark cabinets. The contrast makes the countertops stand out more under the lighting.

Add Backlighting

Install LED strip lighting along the edges and undersides of wall-mounted floating shelves or bottom edges of upper cabinets. This backlighting illuminates and accentuates the countertops.

Reflective Surfaces

Polished metal and mirrored backsplashes reflect light back onto the quartz. Glass tile and stainless steel make excellent reflective backsplash materials.

Light Colors

Paint surrounding walls and ceilings in light, neutral colors to maximize brightness. Avoid bold dark colors that can absorb light.

Maintain the Quartz Surfaces

  • Clean quartz regularly with a PH-neutral stone cleaner to keep the surface clear of dirt, grime and residues that can diminish reflectivity.
  • Reseal quartz every 1-2 years with a penetrating sealant if needed to restore the polished finish.
  • Avoid chemical cleaners and acidic foods that could etch or dull the surface over time.

Illumination Tips by Quartz Material

Marble-Look Quartz

  • Crisp white LEDs boost contrast against the gray veining for depth.
  • Backlighting makes the delicate veining glow.
  • Polished metal bases and accents play off the luxurious marble look.

Sparkle Quartz

  • Warm white light makes the small reflective flecks shine and sparkle.
  • High luminance task lighting shows off the twinkling mica pieces.
  • Dark grout on the backsplash prevents light absorption around the material.

FAQs about Illuminating Quartz Countertops

How can I make my quartz counters shine?

Use ample task lighting directed right on the counters along with reflective surfaces to bounce light around. Keep quartz clean and sealed to maximize the glossy polish.

What is the best light bulb color for a kitchen with quartz?

Soft white bulbs between 2700K-3000K create a warm ambiance that makes quartz look natural. Crisp cool white lights over 4000K show off sparkly quartz best.

Should I choose a dark or light quartz?

It depends on your cabinets and ambiance. Dark quartz on light cabinets pops while light quartz on dark cabinets gleams.

What lighting works best under kitchen cabinets?

LED strip lights or puck lights provide the most direct task illumination under cabinets. Put the strip along the front edge to cast light right on the counters.

How do I accent the veining in marble quartz?

Use LED cabinet lighting or beams from recessed cans to create directional lighting across the veining. The shadows and contrast make the detailing stand out more.

How do I make sparkly quartz shine?

Aim bright white task lighting on the surface to make the small flecks of mica and quartz really pop and sparkle. Natural sunlight also makes the sparkle shine.


With the right lighting design, quartz countertops can become a shimmering showpiece in your kitchen or bath. Focus ample task lighting on the counters themselves and fill the surrounding space with ambient lighting. Maximize natural sunlight exposure. Strategies like backlighting, reflective surfaces and illuminating veining or sparkle accentuate the beautiful details. With proper care and maintenance, illuminated quartz counters will shine for years to come.