How to Get Quartz Countertops Cheap

Installing quartz countertops can add elegance and value to your home, but they are known for being pricey. With some savvy shopping and strategic planning, you can get high-quality quartz countertops without breaking the bank. Here are tips for getting quartz countertops cheap.

Shop Discount Stores and Warehouse Outlets

Big box home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s regularly run sales, clearances, and specials on countertops. Check their websites and mailers for deals. You can also find discounted quartz at warehouse club stores like Costco. They buy in bulk from manufacturers and pass the savings on. These retailers often have exclusive quartz lines you won’t find elsewhere.

Choose a Simple Shape and Edge

Fancy countertop shapes, edges, curves, and cutouts add to the installation cost. Opt for a simple rectangular shape with a standard eased or pencil edge. This straightforward style is the most affordable. Avoid L-shapes, zigzags, ornate edges, and special cutouts if budget is a concern.

Go for a Subtle Color and Pattern

While exotic quartz patterns and bold colors are trendy, they are more expensive. Opt for a subtle marble or concrete look in a neutral earth tone color. The plainer the aesthetic, the lower the price tag. White quartz is often the most budget-friendly.

Measure Precisely and Order Exactly What You Need

Getting the measurements right the first time prevents having to pay for a second installation. If hiring an installer, have them measure. When ordering slabs, don’t overorder—getting the exact amount you need means no wasted material. Ordering individual customized quartz pieces costs more than ordering uniform slabs.

Compare Remnant Pieces

Check with stone yards, fabricators, and installers to see if they have any remnants available from previous jobs. You can get quartz remnants at a steep discount. Just ensure you have enough for your project and that the remnants are uniform in color and pattern.

Select an Affordable Thickness

Quartz slabs typically come in 3/4 inch or 1 1/4 inch thicknesses. Go for 3/4 inch to save on cost—it’s suitable for most residential kitchens. Only go thicker if you have an extra wide counter span that requires it.

Shop Local Stone Yards and Fabricators

In addition to big box stores, check smaller quartz suppliers in your area. Local stone yards and fabricators that manufacture and install countertops can offer better prices since they don’t have the overhead of a large corporation.

Provide Your Own Base Cabinets

If doing a full kitchen remodel, provide your own ready-to-install base cabinets rather than having the fabricator make them. Cabinets are one of the biggest expenses, so sourcing them affordably yourself saves money.

Forgo the Backsplash

Most people opt to have matching quartz backsplashes installed. You can save money by just doing full countertops and using a different backsplash material like ceramic tile. Coordinating your backsplash and countertops isn’t required.

Do a Partial Installation

If you’re on a tight budget, consider doing quartz only on high impact areas like behind the kitchen sink instead of for the entire project. Or use quartz on the main kitchen surface and do a less expensive laminate or tile on the island.

Consider Quartz Alternatives

There are other engineered stone countertops such as sintered stone that cost 25%-50% less than quartz. These offer a similar look and durability but are less pricey. Laminate and ceramic tiles are also more budget friendly.

Get Multiple Quotes

Shop around and get bids from at least 3 reputable quartz dealers. Compare the estimates and go with the best value. Let them know you’re getting multiple quotes to see if they can match or beat a competitor’s price.

With some savvy techniques, you can install the sleek quartz countertops of your dreams on a budget you can afford. Do your homework and you’ll find the perfect balance between desired aesthetics and cost. With the right planning, spectacular countertops don’t have to break the bank.