How to Get Curry Stains Out of Quartz Countertops

Curry stains can be tricky to remove from quartz countertops, but with a little elbow grease and the right cleaning solutions, you can get them looking brand new again. Here are some tips for removing stubborn curry stains from quartz.

What Causes Curry Stains on Quartz?

The spices and oils in curry can really stick to surfaces and stain. The main culprits are turmeric and curry powder, which contain pigments that can discolor quartz. Cooking oils like olive or coconut oil also leave an oily residue. When these ingredients get splattered or spilled on quartz countertops, they soak into the porous surface and cause yellow-orange stains.

Removing Light Curry Stains from Quartz

For light stains that are fresh, you may be able to remove them with some gentle cleaning:

  • Blot up any excess curry with a paper towel immediately. Don’t rub, as this can drive the stain deeper into the quartz.
  • Mix a mild soap like dish soap or Murphy’s Oil Soap with warm water. Use a soft sponge or cloth to gently scrub the stain. Rinse well.
  • Try a baking soda and water paste. Sprinkle baking soda onto the stain and use a damp sponge to rub it in. Let it sit briefly before rinsing. The baking soda can help lift stains.
  • Use an all-purpose cleaner like Mr. Clean or Lysol to spot clean. Spray onto the stain, let sit briefly, and wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  • For oil stains, sprinkle some cornstarch onto the stain to absorb excess oil, then wipe away.

Removing Set-In Curry Stains from Quartz

For stubborn, set-in stains:

  • Make a cleaning paste with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Spread onto the stain and allow to sit for 15 minutes before scrubbing and rinsing away.
  • Use an oxygen bleach cleaner like OxiClean. Dampen a cloth with the oxygen bleach and place it over the stain. Allow it to sit for up to 8 hours. This can help lift deep stains.
  • Try a mix of dish soap and vinegar. Apply it to the stain, allow to sit briefly, then scrub and rinse. The acid in vinegar can help cut through discoloration.
  • For really stubborn stains, use a quartz polish like Gel-Gloss or a mild abrasive cleaner like Bar Keepers Friend. Use a soft cloth to gently rub in circular motions, then rinse. Use abrasives sparingly to avoid damaging the quartz.

Tips for Preventing Curry Stains

To help prevent future stains:

  • Wipe up spills immediately with a paper towel or cloth. Don’t let curry sit.
  • Use a quartz sealer every 6 months. This creates a protective barrier against stains.
  • Avoid using oils directly on quartz. Opt for cooking sprays when cooking.
  • Use trivets and hot pads when placing hot pans on quartz. Heat can make stains worse.
  • Clean quartz regularly with a gentle stone cleaner to prevent buildup.

With some patience and the proper cleaning methods, you can get curry stains out of quartz counters and restore their beautiful shine. Act quickly when stains occur, and be gentle when scrubbing to prevent damaging the quartz. With routine care and sealing, you can minimize stains and keep quartz looking its best.

Frequently Asked Questions About Removing Curry Stains from Quartz

Can I use bleach to remove curry stains from quartz?

No, avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals like ammonia or acetone. They can damage and discolor quartz. Opt for milder cleaning solutions.

What is the best homemade cleaner for curry stains?

Baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or lemon juice can make effective DIY cleaners for lifting curry stains on quartz.

How can I get turmeric stains out of my quartz countertop?

For turmeric stains, make a paste with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Apply to the stain and let sit before scrubbing and rinsing. Oxygen bleach cleaners also work well on turmeric stains.

How do you remove oily curry stains from quartz?

Sprinkle cornstarch on oily curry stains to absorb the oil, then wipe away the cornstarch. An all-purpose cleaner or degreasing dish soap can also help cut through oily residue.

Why won’t my curry stain come out of the quartz?

If a stain won’t budge, try using a quartz-safe abrasive cleaner like Bar Keepers Friend or a mild scrubbing pad to gently rub the stain away. Avoid excessive scrubbing to prevent dulling the quartz.

Can I use Magic Eraser on quartz countertops?

Yes, Magic Eraser sponges can be used to remove stains from quartz. Dampen the eraser and gently rub stained areas. Rinse well afterwards. Be careful not to rub too hard.

Will sealing quartz help prevent stains?

Yes, sealing quartz every 6 months forms a protective barrier that makes it more resistant to stains. Sealing makes cleaning easier too.

How long does it take to remove curry stains from quartz?

It depends on the stain, but most can be removed with some elbow grease in 30 minutes or less. For really stubborn stains, you may need to let a cleaner sit overnight before the stain disappears.


Curry stains don’t have to be permanent on quartz counters. With prompt blotting and the use of cleaners like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or oxygen bleach, you can lift fresh and set-in stains. For best results, wipe up spills immediately and regularly seal quartz surfaces. With some periodic maintenance, your quartz counters will keep their luster and remain resistant to stains.