How to Get Crazy Glue Off of Quartz Countertop


Quartz countertops are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their durability, low maintenance, and stylish appearance. However, like any countertop material, quartz can get marks and stains over time. Crazy glue can be especially tricky to remove if it gets spilled or dripped onto the surface. The good news is, with some determination and the right techniques, you can get dried crazy glue off your quartz countertop without damaging it.

What You Need

  • Goo Gone adhesive remover
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic scraper or old credit card
  • Baby oil or mineral oil
  • Soft cleaning cloth
  • Mild dish soap and water

Step-by-Step Guide

Scrape Off Excess Glue

First, use the plastic scraper or old credit card to gently scrape off any dried glue that is easy to remove. Try to remove as much as possible without scratching the quartz.

Apply Goo Gone

Next, apply Goo Gone directly onto the remaining glue residue. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes to allow the adhesive remover to penetrate and soften the glue. Reapply as needed.

Wipe Away with Paper Towels

Once the glue is softened, use paper towels to wipe it away. Apply pressure and make small circular motions to help break up the glue. The adhesive remover will help remove the softened glue as you wipe. Discard soiled paper towels as you work.

Use Baby Oil for Stubborn Spots

For any leftover sticky residue or really stubborn spots of glue, apply a small amount of baby oil or mineral oil. Let it sit briefly, then wipe away with clean paper towels. The oil will help break down the remaining adhesive.

Clean Surface with Dish Soap

When all visible glue is removed, wash the quartz countertop with mild dish soap and water. Use a soft cleaning cloth to remove any residual cleaner or oil. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean towel.

Inspect and Repeat as Needed

Carefully inspect the area where the glue was to ensure it is fully removed. If any glue remains, repeat the Goo Gone, oil, and cleaning process until the quartz countertop is completely clear.

Tips for Avoiding Damage

  • Take your time and be patient during the removal process. Rushing can cause scratches.
  • Apply adhesive remover and oils sparingly to avoid excessive dripping.
  • Always wipe in a circular motion to help break up glue residue.
  • Don’t use sharp tools like metal scrapers or knives which can scratch quartz.
  • Avoid harsh cleansers like bleach or alkaline chemicals.

FAQs About Removing Crazy Glue from Quartz

How long does crazy glue take to dry on quartz?

On quartz, crazy glue will typically dry within about 1-2 minutes. This quick drying time can make it more difficult to remove.

Does WD-40 remove crazy glue?

While WD-40 can be effective at removing some glues, it is generally not recommended for use on quartz countertops. It can leave an oily residue.

What removes dried super glue?

For quartz surfaces, a combination of adhesive remover, oil, plastic scrapers, and mild soap and water can safely remove dried super glues without damaging the countertop.

Can I use acetone to remove crazy glue from quartz?

No, avoid acetone and nail polish remover on quartz. These can damage and discolor the surface. Stick to gentler solutions like Goo Gone.

How do you remove Gorilla Glue from quartz?

Use the same method as for crazy glue. Let Goo Gone sit on the Gorilla Glue residue for 5-10 minutes before gently wiping away. Repeated applications may be needed for thorough removal.

Is there a glue that won’t damage quartz?

Look forquartz-safe adhesives like 100% clear silicone. Avoid super glues, epoxies, and adhesives that contain solvents which could stain quartz.


Removing dried crazy glue from your quartz countertop is definitely achievable with some perseverance and by following these proven techniques. The key steps are: gently scraping off excess glue, applying an adhesive remover like Goo Gone, using oil for stubborn residue, and cleaning with mild soap and water. Avoid sharp tools or harsh chemicals that could scratch or damage the surface. With some time and effort, you can safely eliminate dried crazy glue without harming your beautiful quartz countertop. Be patient, take breaks if needed, and inspect carefully to ensure the quartz is completely clean and glue-free.